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12 Nin no Yasashii Koroshiya ―LEO MURDER CASE― 9

Tohru (Part 1)


-> RTS Page for 12 Nin no Yasashii Koroshiya ―LEO MURDER CASE― 9

This is the last chapter of Leo Murder Case that I'll be doing (Muffin will be doing the other two :3), I'm kind of sad to see it end because I really enjoyed it~



Box 1: There’s not much I remember about my mom.

Kei: Waaaah! // Waaah! / Waaah…

Woman: Ah…are you okay, Kei-kun?!

Kei: Waaaah!

Woman: That hurt, didn’t it? Don’t cry!

Kei: Waaah!

Box 2: She died when I was a kid…

Woman: Kotarou-kun! You hurt another kid again! / Don’t your parents teach you anything?!

[SFX] tap

Ayumi: It’s just a fight between kids! / You don’t have to get so angry!


Woman: Ayumi-san!

Ayumi: Yes! / I’m sorry!

Woman: Honestly, that boy… // Even his personality is like yours!

Box 1: I have a strong impression of her though…

Ayumi: Kota~ // Why did you fight?

Kotarou: He… // took Mari-chan’s candy away! / So I took them back!

Box 2: My mom was / “light” itself…


Ayumi: So… // That’s why you fought.

Box 1: Strong

Ayumi: Does it hurt?

Kotarou: It doesn’t!

Ayumi: Are you going to cry?

Kotarou: I’m not!

Ayumi: You’re so cool, Kotarou! / Shall we have omelette rice today because Kota’s so cool?

Box 2: Bright

Box 3: and warm…


[No text]


12 Tender Killers-Leo Murder Case-
Character Design: Higuri Yuu
Founder masaki
Artist: Takahashi Ryouou

CASE FINAL: Tohru (Part 1)

[SFX] click (last panel)


Tohru: Sensei // You’re not supposed to smoke here, are you?

Sensei: Hmm? // Ah! // Yuu-kun, you came! Keep this a secret~ A host shouldn’t say such strict things!


Sensei: Ah…I should have // called you Tohru-kun, not Yuu-kun…right?

Tohru: Well, seeing as it’s you // I don’t mind which one.


In panel: You shouldn’t be working!

Sensei: [Well] Time to go see Namie-san. // Shall we go together?

Tohru: Sensei…

Sensei: Ah… / You want to know how Namie-san is feeling? // She hasn’t been well recently. / If something happens again, we’ll have to transfer her to the isolation ward.

Tohru: I see…

Sensei: Ah…Yuu-kun! How is Takashi?

Tohru: Huh…?


Sensei: Ah… / I shouldn’t call him “Takashi” / You talk about him so much, it feels like I know him too!

Tohru: Do I… // really talk about Takashi that much?

Sensei: Hm… // I guess you do?

Tohru: That’s right… // He’s important to me.

Sensei: You’ve / got to take // care of Takashi-kun… / I’m sure that’ll become necessary in your life…


Sensei: Namie-san doesn’t have that… // That’s why she’s tied to the past… // I’m sorry… / That was insensitive of me.

Tohru: No…

Takashi: Tohru… / My mom wasn’t the type to commit suicide. // My dad / told me that when he died…


Takashi: My mom didn’t commit suicide! // She was murdered… // I’ll find her killer someday… // I’m sure of it…


Nurse: Sensei! / Something terrible happened!

Sensei: Calm down! What’s wrong?

Nurse: Namie-san…

Sensei: Yuu-kun! // I’m sorry, Yuu-kun. We’ll call the police for now.

Tohru: Wait!


Tohru: I know where she might have gone.

Sensei: Wait, Yuu-kun! I’ll go too! / Kudou-kun, contact the hospital chief! / And…

Text: Mom…


Takashi: It’s been a while since I came here…it brings back memories… // Tohru told me to rest, but being outside is great after all… // Uh… / Oww!

In panel: My injury…

Yuka: Hey, mister! // ….. / Does it hurt? Are you okay?

Takashi: I’m okay… / Thanks.

[SFX] pat

Mom: Yuka-chan!


Yuka: Mama / He said he’s okay.

Mom: I’m glad.

Takashi: Haha… // It’s true that you remember the past when you’re feeling weak…


In panel:
Welcome back, Kota-chan!


Namie: She… // She / is… // smiling at me… / kill…yumi


Aya: Hey! // Why are you guys here? What’s Tohru doing?!

Makoto: Well, Team Bidou’s assistant is here, so let’s get to it! // That’s right! We’re doing this just for you! // This is how important you are to Tohru!

Aya: Well, that can’t be helped. It is Tohru, so he must have a good reason... // Hey…it can’t be… // It’s not Takashi, is it?!


Aya: Takashi’s in bed with mumps or something…? / Did Tohru…leave me behind… / so he could look after Takashi? // That’s all too likely!

Makoto: Calm down…

Aya: Don’t tell me to calm down! I jokingly told Tohru that I’d change my designated host to Takashi… / What do you think he said?! // If that’s what you want, I’ll arrange it! // Even though I’m trying my best to make Tohru No.1!

Tohru: I appreciate your feelings. / I don’t have any intention of competing with Takashi though.


Aya: That idiot! I don’t care anymore!

Makoto: Aya-san!

Hosts: Aya-san! // Wait a minute! / Aya-san…

Makoto: What’s going on, Tohru-san? / This isn’t like you…

[SFX] tch

Sensei: Is it here? // Yuu-kun


[Nameplate] Daigo

Takashi: Hey… / Who are you going to kill? // Hey… // Why do you hate them?


Namie: She // comforted me… // She comforted me…comforted me… / She touched my shoulder that time… // and said “I feel sorry for you.”


Namie: She’s laughing at me… // So I have to kill her… // It’s strange… / I’m sure I killed her… // I still remember the feeling of strangling her… // But I can hear her laughter… / So she’s still here…

Text: What…?


Text 1: She…

Text 2: Who is she going to kill?

Text 3: Where is she going?

Bubble 1: Kota

Bubble 2: Kotarou

Text 4: This place is…


[Nameplate] Daigo


[Nameplate] Daigo

Takashi: Tohru…?

Tohru: Kotarou…


Namie: Ko…ta…rou…? // I knew it… / You’re still alive… // Ayumi!


Tohru: Mom!

Namie: Don’t… / look at me like that! Don’t laugh at me! // I’m not pitiful! I’m not that kind of woman!

Sensei: Namie-san! Stop that!

Namie: Ah… / Let go of me!


Namie: Ayu…mi… // How selfish of you…

[SFX] cough

Namie: Throwing me away and picking up a man… // I’m better than you… / Ah…


Tohru: Kotarou // Are you okay?

Takashi: Tohru…

Tohru: The wound / on your chest opened up, didn’t it?

Sensei: Takashi-kun…?


Sensei: Your injury // Come here / I can only do a little, but I’ll treat it.


Sensei: Ah… / Getting such a serious injury… // This makes me worry about Tohru-kun too! [I won’t ask about what happened.] // Okay! // Hmm?


Sensei: Oh? // You’re a lot quieter than I heard you were. // Tohru-kun talks about you a lot. // So, you’re Takashi-kun?

[SFX] pat

Sensei: Please be kind to Tohru-kun. [Okay, I’m done!]

Nurse: Yuu-kun


Nurse: Your mother / has been transferred to the isolation ward.

Tohru: Okay… // Kotarou


Takashi: What does it mean? // Why were you there? / Ayumi is… // my mom’s name! // That place…that house… // was my home!


Text: Mom…


Tohru: My mom // married a man she didn’t even love / for the sake of her career… // Then / I was born…


Tohru: After that, my dad’s business failed and he was out of work. // My mom took me and abandoned my dad.


However, my mom’s business also failed soon after and she lost everything. // But my dad found love with another woman in the midst of his despair… / He was able to be happy…


Tohru: Then their child // was you, Kotarou.

Takashi: Wha… // What… / are you talking about?

Tohru: Kotarou / I…


Tohru: When Saeki-san brought you to Overload

Takashi: I’m Kotarou Daigo! // My stage name is Takashi Bidou! / Nice to meet you!

Tohru: I decided / on the day I met you… // I’d return what my mom took from you // even if it was only a little. // But today is // the last day. // I won’t see you again.


Tohru: Takashi…the one who killed your mom…


Tohru: was my mom…


Yousuke: By chance, the story encountered // his star…

Text: Leo

Box: Kotarou and Tohru are half brothers! Next time, the story will come to an end that not even God could create!

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#1. by Queenofmuffins ()
Posted on Dec 23, 2009
*glomps Yukihito*

Awww~! Nooooooooo! Not the end!! D:
#2. by yukihito ()
Posted on Dec 24, 2009
I know, it's too bad it's the end. ;_;
I wasn't expecting it to be only 10 chapters.
#3. by Queenofmuffins ()
Posted on Dec 24, 2009
I'm still hoping there's gonna be a sequel. Or that they're just on a break. XD
#4. by yukihito ()
Posted on Dec 25, 2009
I hope so too! It would be awesome to see more of Takashi, Tohru and the others~ :O

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