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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Hakuouki Jurenka Special : Todo Heisuke Hen Part 1

+ posted by yukihito as translation on Jan 26, 2010 22:44 | Go to Hakuouki Jurenka


Text 1: Shinsengumi

Box: A certain situation has led to me living with this organisation.

Text 2: I was given a room

Text 3: and warned not to leave without permission.

Text 4: but I can’t just stay here doing nothing…

Text 5: I was told that I can’t go out…?!


Text 1: The season when flowers blossom.

Text 2: The sakura in full bloom

Text 3: and the smiling faces.


Hijikata: Don’t wander around, got it? // Stay inside your room!

Box: The demon vice-captain

Text: Even if he says that…

Chizuru: A little while should be okay. // I don’t even know what the barracks I live in look like. // No one’s keeping watch either! // I’ll be careful so the other soldiers don’t see me…

Heisuke: Oh? // Chizuru-chan? / What are you doing?

Chizuru: Kyaaa! // Right after I just said that…!


Chizuru: I’m sorry! / I went out of my room without permission…

Text 1: He is Heisuke Toudou-san, the captain of the Shinsengumi’s 8th troop.

Text 2: As would be expected from someone who is a leader at such a young age, his swordsmanship is impressive.

Chizuru: I just thought I’d look around the barracks… / I’ll go back.

Text 3: I’m scared.


Heisuke: Go back…to your room?

Chizuru: Yes… // It’d be no good if I was seen by the other soldiers, just like now. / I’m glad it was you…

Heisuke: Well, I suppose… // Ah! / I’ve got a good idea! // I’ll show you around!

Chizuru: But…

Heisuke: Something might happen if you’re alone, / but if you’re with me, it doesn’t matter if you’re seen.

Chizuru: That’s true, but…


Chizuru: I’d be causing trouble for Toudou-san…

Heisuke: That’s it! // Stop calling me “Toudou-san” like I’m a stranger!

Chizuru: Well…

Heisuke: Just call me “Heisuke”. / We’re going to be living together for a while~

Chizuru: Alright… // Heisuke… / kun?


Heisuke: Alright! / I hope we’ll get on well! // Okay then, let’s get going right away!

Chizuru: Ah!


Heisuke: Well, not that I can take you far.


Text 1: I thought the Shinsengumi were all scary people…

Text 2: but I guess that’s not the case…

Sanosuke: Oh…Heisuke? // Chizuru too!


In panel [Heisuke] Uwaa!

Heisuke: Sano-san! Shinpattsan!

Sanosuke: What are you doing?

Shinpachi: It can’t be…! // You’re getting ahead of us…?

Heisuke: That’s not it! / I was just showing her around the barracks!

Shinpachi: Oh really? / There’s nothing strange going on?

Heisuke: You pushy old man!

Sanosuke: Be careful, Chizuru!

Chizuru: Ah…

Text 1: Those three

Text 2: really are good friends…


Sanosuke: [Ah] It’s too bad you’re wearing guys’ clothes though. / It’d be nice to see you wearing girls’ clothes.

Heisuke: Ah! / I’m sure it’d be cute too! // When things calm down, let’s see you wearing a furisode!

[TN: Furisode - a kimono with long sleeves, meant to be worn by unmarried women.]

Shinpachi: That’s a great idea, Heisuke!

Chizuru: Wait… / That’s so sudden…

In panel [Chizuru] Even if you expect that from me…

Chizuru: Uh… // I can’t refuse…


Chizuru: Ah… // Someday… // If there’s an opportunity… / Okay? // Jeez…

Sanosuke/Heisuke/Shinpachi: Alright!

Chizuru: They seemed really happy…

Box 1: Living here, the future is uncertain

Box 2: but being with them

Box 3: is kind of


Chizuru: Hehe

Text 1: fun…

Heisuke/Shinpachi: She / laughed!

Text 2: Thanks to Heisuke-kun and the others, I got used to things more quickly than I thought I would.


Text: One day, after breakfast…

Chizuru: I’ve poured some tea.

Hijikata: These barracks are getting quite small. / If we don’t move somewhere bigger…

Okita: So, do you know somewhere that would accept the Shinsengumi?

Hijikata: Nishi Honganji.

[TN: Nishi Honganji - A temple established in 1602 by the Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu, in order to reduce the power of the main Honganji temple.]


Okita: There…? / Won’t the monks hate it?

Hijikata: Nishihonganji is sympathetic to Choshu and has hidden ronin before. / Getting their agreement won’t be simple though.

[TN: Ronin - a masterless samurai.]

Shinpachi: But if we move, Choshu will lose a hiding place!

Okita: If they’re against it, will you do things by force? / That’s just what I’d expect from you, Hijikata-san.

Kondou: What’s everyone getting excited about?

Okita: Kondou-san!

Kondou: Sorry to interrupt, / but there’s someone I want to introduce to you.


Kondou: This is Kashitarou Itou-sensei. // He’ll be a Shinsengumi officer from now on.

Itou: Pleased to meet you.

[sfx] glare

Itou: Hmm… // This place is just like the rumours suggest.

Kondou: Hmm? / Ah…


Kondou: Ah… // Itou-san / Would you come and watch the soldiers sparring?

Itou: Ah… // That is a wonderful invitation. // Being immersed in men’s sweatiness is quite pleasant!

Kondou: Sweatiness…? / Well, I suppose the dojo does get hot…


Kondou: Well then, this way…

[sfx] shut

Okita: Ah… / He’s a suspicious guy!

Saitou: I heard that Itou-san supports the Emperor and the expulsion of foreigners… / He’s come around to associating with us…

Shinsengumi: He probably agreed with Kondou-san about the expulsion of foreigners. // Can that kind of guy get on with us? // Anyway…


Chizuru: It looks like things have gotten a little complicated…

Box 1: From then on, I often saw Itou-san arguing with the officials…

Box 2: However, Heisuke-kun returned from his journey to Edo.

Box 3: I thought that the days would be like they had been before…

Chizuru: Oh?

Box 4: But…

Man: Shimada-san and Inoue-san?


Chizuru: Umm… / Has something happened?

Man 1: Yukimura-kun… // Well… / Itou-san said that he’s leaving the Shinsengumi…

Chizuru: Eh…?

Man 2: He’s trying to create a new group called the “Goryoueji”.

Chizuru: [Ah] Then won’t that be the end of what everyone’s so tense about? // Is something the matter?

Man 2: [No] It wouldn’t matter if it was just Itou-san leaving, / but some of our soldiers will go with him.


Man 1: Toudou-kun and Saitou-kun are leaving with him.

Box: No…

Chizuru: It can’t be!!

Man 2: Are you alright, Yukimura-kun?

Chizuru: … / I… // I’m going to check it out!


[sfx] huff [x2]

Text 1: Hijikata-san said that it would be forbidden to associate with the Goryoueji from now on.

[sfx] huff [x5]

Text 2: Why…?!

Heisuke: Chizuru…


Heisuke: [Hey] Are you okay?

Chizuru: Heisuke-kun… / Saitou-san… // Is it true? / About the Goryoueji…

Heisuke: You heard about it? // It’s true.

Chizuru: But… // Why?! // We were getting on so well… / Even everyone else wants you two to stay!

Heisuke: Chizuru…


Saitou: Is that all?

Chizuru: Eh?

Saitou: We decided to leave here of our own will. / We’re prepared to abandon any feelings we’ve had up until now. // I’ll be leaving now.

Chizuru: Ah…

Heisuke: He’s a strong person…


Chizuru: Heisuke-kun…

Heisuke: Chizuru / Come and sit here for a while. // Ah… // It’s gotten pretty hot. // It’s not like I gave my answer right away. / I was confused… // But I’m going with Itou-san after all.


Heisuke: I’d actually like to keep having fun with everyone else, // but Itou-san is a senpai from my school / and I was the one who invited him to join the Shinsengumi. // I think it’s my duty to go with him.


Heisuke: I know that Itou-san might be planning something, / but I don’t think he’s wrong about everything. // As for supporting the Emperor and the Shogunate, you won’t know what’s right unless you try. // I want to see what’s necessary for the country.


Heisuke: I’ve already made up my mind…

Chizuru: But… / If I could… // be with you for longer…

Heisuke: No… / It’s not like I’ve gotten to hate everyone! // But… / That’s…


Heisuke: Well… // If I said that leaving you didn’t make me lonely, / I’d be lying… // I’ve already made up my mind though. / I’m a man, you see…

Text 1: Heisuke-kun is the same.

Text 2: It’s painful and lonely for him too.

Chizuru: Okay… // Thank you for / telling me how you felt.


Chizuru: Heisuke-kun // Be careful.

Heisuke: I promise. // I won’t do anything like throwing away my life for no reason.


Sanosuke: Take care, Heisuke.

Heisuke: You too, Sano-san. // Ah… // Shinpattsan! / Don’t drink too much and cause trouble for everyone around you!

Shinpachi: Tch…


Heisuke: Uwaa…he’s so mean!

Sanosuke: Well, he’s got his own way of being lonely. // I have too. // Take care then.


Shinpachi: Damn it!

Sanosuke: Shinpachi…

Shinpachi: I can’t stand that / we’ll be enemies the next time we meet!

Text: It’s like the Shinsengumi is being broken apart

Text 2: and an indescribable doubt grows greater…


Box 1: It feels as if something is going to happen…

Box 2: While Chizuru worries, an unthinkable incident…!

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