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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Hakuouki Jurenka Special : Hijikata Toshizou Hen Part 2

+ posted by yukihito as translation on Jan 28, 2010 15:39 | Go to Hakuouki Jurenka

I labelled it wrong and this is actually part 2 of Hijikata's story, not Heisuke's story. Sorry for my silly mistake. >_<



Kondou: What's going on?!

Hijikata: We’re surrounded by the new government army!

Box: Hijikata and the others are surrounded by enemies!

Hijikata: There are two or three hundred of them… // We could do something if there weren’t hundreds of them.

Chizuru: No…!


Text 1: A bloodstained mark remains.

Text 2: In that mark

Text 3: is a handful of memories.


Hijikata: Tch… // Anyway, I’ll hold them back! // You two leave through the back entrance and meet up with the troops in Ichigawa right away!

Chizuru: No…that’s impossible alone!

Hijikata: I won’t know if I don’t try! // We can’t let all of us get caught here.

Chizuru: But…


Kondou: Toshi // I’ll go to their stronghold.

Chizuru: Eh?

Hijikata: What?!

Kondou: Of course, I won’t say that I’m Kondou from the Shinsengumi. / I’ll pretend to be someone else, it’ll buy some time for you guys to run away easily.

Hijikata: What are you saying?!


Hijikata: You’ll be found out right away!

Kondou: Even if I’m found out, I’ve been given the rank of daimyo by my superiors, so I won’t be refused like that.

Hijikata: That’s worth nothing to them! // Hey… / You’re joking, right? Kondou-san // Do you think we’d let you go knowing you’d be killed?

Kondou: Sorry, Toshi… // But I’ve already decided.


Chizuru: This is the first time I’ve seen them like this… // But why, Kondou-san?

Text: Surrendering now would be like going to be killed…

Hijikata: Don’t… // be ridiculous! // The Shinsengumi is nothing without its general! / You’ll come with us, even if it means dragging you!


Kondou: In that case, it’s an order. // Vice Captain Hijikata // Take Yukimura-kun and meet up with the troops in Ichigawa!


Hijikata: You’re… // giving me an order?

Kondou: The chief’s order is absolute. // Isn’t that right, Toshi? // Hey, Toshi… // Isn’t it about time you relaxed? // You’ve had a fierce look in your eyes, supporting me…the Shinsengumi and you’re all worn out… // It honestly hurts me to see you that way.


Kondou: I’m not a man you need to make that much effort for…

Hijikata: No! // I don’t care about that. // It’s because…I thought both of us would be happy. / That’s all it was…

Kondou: Yes… // I completely understand. // But that’s enough. // That’s enough, Toshi. // I’m really sorry for everything until now.


Kondou: And… // Thank you.

Text 1: Then…

Text 2: We left Kondou-san behind and broke free from the enemy’s siege.

Box 1: As the other soldiers left Kanekotei, / I could only think “Isn’t there a better way?”

Box 2: However, Hijikata-san kept going forward.


Text: It was as if he was severing his doubts.

Chizuru: Ah!

Hijikata: Hey! / Are you okay? // Pull yourself together! Can you stand?

Chizuru: Yes, I’m okay. // Anyway, let’s hurry on ahead. // For Kondou-san too, he went to the trouble of helping us escape… / Ah…

Hijikata: Let’s go!


Chizuru: Hijikata-san…

Hijikata: This is… // for Kondou-san? // Then what were the things I did before? // Greater than any military commander he respects… / I believed we could be like that if we were together…


Hijikata: Then why did I // hand him over to the enemy?! // I left Kondou-san behind and only saved you! // Isn’t that just the same as what the Tokugawa lords have done to us?!

Text: Hijikata-san…

Hijikata: That’s not what a courageous warrior does! / I’m just a coward!

Chizuru: Hijikata-san!


Chizuuru: Kondou-san said this… // When I told him “It’ll be okay if we leave it to Hijikata-san”, // he told me that was cruel… // I think he did that because he thinks you’re important! // It definitely doesn’t mean this was anyone’s fault!


Chizuru: Hijikata-san…

Text 1: Listen…

Hijikata: If that’s the case… // Now that the Shinsengumi’s Isami Kondou isn’t here, how should I live? // Pushing him to the top was my reason for living. // If he’s not here, // aren’t I just an empty shell?!

Text 2: No!

Text 3: You’re still alive, you see.

Text 4: I’m sure the Shinsengumi can continue as long as Hijikata-san is here!


Text 1: But…

Text 2: Whatever I say probably won’t get through to him…

Text 3: If Hijikata-san could turn around, then I’m sure…

Hijikata: Jeez… // Kondou-san / You’re always getting me into dangerous situations. // I’m not a jack-of-all-trades…


Box 1: Then…

Box 2: We met up with the troops in Ichigawa and headed to Edo at once.

Box 3: In Edo, Hijikata-san appealed for Kondou-san’s life to be spared, but the former Shogunate were slow to respond.

Box 4: On the other hand, even Edo Castle had been surrendered to the new government.

Box 5: Even though the Tokugawa Shogunate has collapsed, the former Shogunate army have not given up.

Box 6: Whilst we were on our way to Aizu after meeting the Denshuutai, Utsunomiya Castle was attacked.

[TN: Denshuutai - a group of elite soldiers belonging to the Tokugawa Shogunate.]

Box 7: Hijikata-san, a member of the advance guard, fought like a demon god.

Box 8: When it was thought to be only a matter of time before the castle fell…


Chikage: Ah… // You’re finally here. // I’ve been waiting for you, Hijikata!

Chizuru: Chikage Kazama! / What’s he doing here?!

Hijikata: Well, well… / I can’t say that I wanted to see you…you lazy demon!

Chikage: You’re all talk! // I’ll have revenge for the way you disgraced me right here!


Hijikata: You seem to want to experience pain again! // As you wish, I’ll cut you to pieces! // Tch…!

Chikage: What’s the matter? / Is that all you’ve got? // Ah… / Your powers are weakened during the day, aren’t they?


Chikage: How pathetic! / This is all a fake could do to begin with!

Hijikata: Ugh…

Chizuru: Hijikata-san!

Hijikata: Ugh…


Text: His wounds aren’t healing?!

Chikage: Hahaha! // How does it feel to taste the treasured blade of the Kazama family? // “Doujikiri Yasutsuna” is a legendary blade that is said to have killed the demon “Shuten Douji”. // A sword used to kill a real demon is definitely sharp enough to kill a fake!

Hijikata: Tch…

Chikage: The look on your face is amazing… // But it’s not enough! // Cry out! / Beg for your life!


Hijikata: Ugh!

Text 1: No…Hijikata-san!

Text 2: Hijikata-san is going to die!

Chizuru: Stop!


Soldiers: It’s a fire! // The government forces have set fire to the inside of the castle! // Run!

[sfx] huff [x2]

Chikage: Tch… / It’ll be meaningless if the escape route is cut off. // I’ve got no choice…I’ll leave this fight. / Be prepared to lose your head at any time!


[sfx] huff [x3]

Chizuru: Hijikata-san! // Hijikata-san!

Text 1: Before long,

Text 2: Utsunomiya Castle fell as a result of Hijikata-san’s furious efforts.


Box: However, four days later, / a 20,000 strong reinforcement army arrived and the castle was taken back in the blink of an eye.

Text 1: While the former Shogunate were targeting Aizu,

Text 2: Hijikata-san, who had been heavily wounded, was recovering in Nikko.

Chizuru: Hijikata-san / It’s time to change your bandages… // Ah! / What are you doing?!

Hijikata: I’ll be done writing soon!


Chizuru: No! // You only just managed to get up and you’re already overdoing it!

Hijikata: It’s okay, this is just a scratch.

Chizuru: How is that just a scratch?!

Hijikata: Alright, I get it! // Jeez…!


Chizuru: Everyone’s waiting for Hijikata-san to get back. // Me too, of course… // Anyway… / When you’re done writing that document, rest right away! // Even a little cold will affect an injury.


Hijikata: I’m sorry…

Chizuru: Eh…?

Hijikata: When I think about it, I’ve caused you quite a lot of trouble.


Hijikata: But you always stay by my side. // I’m grateful for that… // Thank you.


Hijikata: Hmm? / What’s wrong? // Is there something on my face?

Chizuru: No! [It’s not like that!]

Text 1: I feel so happy.

Chizuru: …..

Text 2: Just by hearing those words!

Chizuru: Hijikata-san / I don’t need anything else. // Just being by your side…


Text: Afterwards…

Box 1: Hijikata-san recovered and joined Saitou-san at Aizu, where they suffered an overwhelming defeat.

Box 2: Saitou-san said he wanted to see Aizu’s fate, so we parted ways.

Box 3: Then,

Box 4: We were informed that Okita-san had died and Kondou-san had been executed…

Box 5: At Sendai, even further north, / what awaited us was a sorrowful parting with Sannan-san and Heisuke-kun, who had become Rasetsu.


Text 1: However, unlike before, there was no hesitation in Hijikata-san’s eyes.

Box 1: The life and feelings entrusted to me…

Text 2: He only looked straight ahead.

Text 3: What he carried on his back was not sadness, but everyone’s feelings.

Text 4: The Shinsengumi would continue existing with him…

Box 2: End

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