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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Will o' Wisp 2

+ posted by yukihito as translation on Feb 6, 2010 01:12 | Go to Will o' Wisp

-> RTS Page for Will o' Wisp 2

For Twee Quidam Scans

I'm not 100% sure on the romanisation of Rudy's name (ホブルディ). The official site says "Hobblrdy", but I'm sticking with "Hobbyrdy" at the moment.



Text 1: The ones who inherited Shamrock’s powers…

Text 2: It’s my mission to destroy them.

Text 3: Chapter 2

Text 4: What?

Text 5: What’s going on?!


Text 1: Ignis - an elemental doll created by Shamrock.

Text 2: He’s somewhat different from the elemental dolls I’ve met so far.

Will: I don’t know about your mission, // but if you say you’re going to kill her, I’ll stop you!

Hannah: Will…

Ignis: Hmm…so it was that girl who awakened you.


Ignis: A sinful owner is suitable for a sinner!

Will: Shut up, Ignis!

Text: A sinner?!

Ignis: Doll maker girl…I’d like to kill you now, // but I’ll let you live a little longer because of Shamrock’s orders.

Hannah: Shamrock’s orders…? // It can’t be…


Ignis: Be thankful to the doll maker who is nothing but a symbol of sin. // You should be happy that your life has been extended. / As you have awakened Will, it looks like I’ll be able to fulfil my original aim.

Will: Ignis, wait!


Will: Ignis!

Emily: Are you awake?


Emily: You’re probably tired from being out late last night. / Shall I bring your breakfast here?

Hannah: …No, it’s okay.

Text 1: I mustn’t make Emily worry.

Emily: I thought I’d make your favourite tart this afternoon…

Text 2: Never mind mentioning that my life was in danger…

Emily: Lady Hannah...?


Hannah: Eh…sorry, Emily. I’ve been invited to see Lord Irvine today.

Emily: I see…

Will: Are you okay?

Hannah: Y-Yes… // Will…about Ignis…

Will: Forget about what he said.

Hannah: B-But…

Will: It might be okay for a little while, but that doesn’t mean he’s given up on killing you. / From now on, don’t go out without asking me first…got it?

Hannah: Hey…


Hannah: Why is he trying to kill me…?

Text 1: Is my power forbidden?

Hannah: Because I have the same power as Shamrock? / The only thing I did was see that light and hear that voice…

Will: Hannah // You still don’t know anything about elemental dolls. // We’re not as easygoing as you think…

Text 2: Will…


Text 1: What is Ignis’s aim?

Text 2: He called Will and I sinners…

Emily: Lady Hannah

Hannah: Eh? // Ahh!

Emily: I’ll braid your hair.

Hannah: Thanks…

Emily: Okay!

Text 2: I can’t do anything alone…


Rudy: We meet again, lovely young lady.

Hannah: Thank you for inviting me, Rudy.

Rudy: It hasn’t been long since we last met…was it an inconvenience?

Hannah: N-No…I’m happy to see you!

Will: Ah, that’s right.

Text: It’s just like Will said, I still don’t know anything about elemental dolls. If I had a few more chances to meet the other elemental dolls…


Text: Rudy might know what Ignis’s aim is.

Rudy: I’m happy you said that. // Well, I’ll go and get Lord Irvine.

Hannah: Rudy really is like a prince.

Will: You’re pretty calm considering your life is in danger.

Hannah: Eh…I suppose so…

Will: Even though your life was in danger, you probably don’t think another doll will harm you.


Hannah: That may be so…

Text: Even if my life is in danger, I can’t truly hate Ignis…

Hannah: But…I’m sure that you, Rudy and Gyl… / were all made because Shamrock wanted you. // You didn’t become a doll to fight with your owner, right?


Hannah: I think dolls meet their owners so they can enjoy their time together. // Because I think that, Ignis could also…

Will: It’s useless thinking that you’ll be able to persuade him.

Hannah: Will…

Irvine: You came! / I’d really like you to see my collection.

Hannah: Thank you for inviting me, Lord Irvine.


Irvine: It’s amazing, isn’t it? A collection of magical dolls from all over the world!

Will: What a creepy hobby…

Irvine: You’ll be lucky just by owning this doll! // This doll sobs every night and cries tears of blood! // And that one over there…

Hannah: What should we do? He won’t stop.


Text 1: Even so, it’s kind of difficult to breathe…

Irvine: I feel kind of calm when I have dolls near me. // I feel as if they’ll protect me from anything. // As long as I have dolls, the things I don’t like disappear. // Don’t you think so too?

Hannah: Eh…

Text 2: Lord Irvine?


In panel: It’s not like that…

Text 1: It’s true that I feel calmer when I’m with Emily and it’s reassuring to have Will there…

Text 2: But…

Hannah: Is it really like that? // I don’t think everything will be solved just by having dolls near you.

Irvine: No…! Those dolls really are amazing!

Rudy: It might just be that they have a special meaning to you.

Irvine: T-That’s right, isn’t it?! They’re my dolls, so they’ll protect me!


Text: I didn’t mean it that way…

Will: Hey! // Hannah?!

Rudy: Young lady!


Rudy: I’m glad you came to…

Hannah: Ah… / Umm…

Rudy: You collapsed because you were affected by the dolls’ malicious feelings…

Hannah: I’m sorry for causing trouble…

Rudy: Please don’t think that you’re causing trouble.


Rudy: I’m happy just because you looked at me again. // I’m the one who should be blamed. I should have noticed that you were sensitive to dolls’ feelings…

Hannah: I-It’s okay now.

Rudy: I’m really sorry.

Hannah: Eh…come to think of it… // There’s something I want to ask you.

Rudy: If it’s something I’m able to answer…

Hannah: Well…


Hannah: …What is Ignis trying to do?

Rudy: You met Ignis?!

Hannah: Y-Yes…

Rudy: Did anything happen to you?!

Hannah: What do you mean?

Rudy: He has an unnatural dislike of the doll makers that inherited Shamrock’s power.

Text: I knew it…

Hannah: It’s okay…Will was there, so I was only a little shocked…

Rudy: I see…I’m glad nothing happened to you.


Rudy: If you were my owner…

Hannah: …Eh?

Rudy: I could always be by your side protecting you.

Hannah: R-Rudy…?

Rudy: I… / have a genuine and personal… // love for you.


Rudy: Am I causing you trouble by feeling this way?

Hannah: R-Rudy…umm…


Rudy: I’m sorry, please forget that. // I didn’t intend to cause you any trouble.

Text 1: Rudy…

Text 2: Ah…no matter how many hearts I had, there wouldn’t be enough!

Rudy: About Ignis… // We encountered him several times during the hundreds of years that Will was sleeping…

Hannah: Hundreds of years…?

Rudy: Will didn’t tell you?


Rudy: He hasn’t woken for hundreds of years.

Will: It’s already this late…

Text 1: We’ll go home as soon as she wakes up…

Text 2: What?


Irvine: Rudy?! / Where has Rudy gone?!

Maid: Rudy has gone to check up on the guest…

Irvine: I-I can’t do anything without Rudy…

Maid: Lord Irvine…

Irvine: Your gaze…you’re comparing me to my brothers again! // Hurry up and bring Rudy here!

Maid: Y-Yes…

Irvine: Rudy…how cruel of you to leave me on my own!


Rudy: I’m glad it was easy to find.


Text 1: Will hasn’t woken for hundreds of years…

Text 2: What does that mean?

Text 3: No one could find Will when he was sleeping?

Text 4: But he can’t have been in my basement for hundreds of years…

Text 5: If it was more than a hundred years ago, there won’t be anyone who knows his previous owner…


Text 1: His previous owner…

Text 2: The person who owned Will before me…

Text 3: I think that Gyl and Rudy must have had many owners…

Text 4: Sleeping after having had many owners for hundreds of years…

Text 5: Then waking up again…


Text 1: What does that mean?

Text 2: “We’re not as easygoing as you think…”

Text 3: I don’t know what it is…

Text 4: But there’s a future that elemental dolls desire.

Text 5: If there’s some meaning in the relationship between dolls and their owners…

Text 6: Then what about Ignis?


Text: He doesn’t have an owner.

Hannah: Huh…what’s wrong?


Will: Hey…are you awake?

Hannah: Will… // Rudy is…

Irvine: Rudy, that’s no good… // Because you tried to escape from me…


Rudy: Lord Irvine…

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