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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Will o' Wisp 3

+ posted by yukihito as translation on Feb 17, 2010 11:32 | Go to Will o' Wisp

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For Twee Quidam Scans



Hannah: A dark mist…

Will: From the dolls’ room, huh?

Text 1: What on earth is happening?

Text 2: Chapter 3


Will: Don’t let go.

Hannah: O-Okay.

Text 1: The light that appeared in front of me then showed me

Text 2: Rudy, who had a painful expression on his face…

Text 3: If something happened to him…

Will: I’m opening the door.


Text 1: It’s frightening and I’m finding it difficult to breathe…

Text 2: What is this place?!

Hannah: Rudy! Are you here? / Answer me if you are!

Irvine: Hey, Hannah…you’re feeling better already?

Hannah: Lord Irvine!

Will: Hey!


Hannah: Rudy?!

Rudy: Ah…you’re here. You came into the darkness for me… / Or is this just an empty dream that shows my desire?

Text 1: Rudy!

Will: So he’s the one who created this messed up room…

Text 2: Lord Irvine?!


Text: Why did he do this?!

Hannah: Lord Irvine, please let Rudy go.

Irvine: No, I won’t. // It’s Rudy’s fault. / I can’t do anything without Rudy. // I was scared. If Rudy leaves, then I’ll… / That’s why I thought I should stop Rudy from being able to escape…

Hannah: But why would Rudy be leaving?

Irvine: Because he tried to take the key…


Irvine: Rudy tried to escape from me!

Hannah: Rudy tried to take the key?!

Irvine: You’re wrong, Lord Irvine. / I wouldn’t run away from my precious owner… // ….

Hannah: Rudy! // Will! Can you save Rudy?!


Hannah: Will?


Text: Ignis!!


Hannah: Why is he here?!

Will: Here comes trouble. // You didn’t learn from last time! Are you trying to attack Hannah again?! / Or did you come to take Hob’s key?

Ignis: I do want Hobbyrdy’s key, / but even you know that an elemental doll can’t become the owner of another elemental doll.

Text: What does this mean?! Ignis wants the elemental dolls’ keys?

Ignis: I have another aim.

Will: Did you trick that useless four eyes?

Ignis: Irvine is definitely useful to me… / But the one who caused his madness…


Ignis: is Rudy, who tried to take the key.

Hannah: Doing something to betray his owner… / Is there a reason?

Text: Rudy did that?!

Rudy: This was the perfect chance… / But something got in my way…


Text: Eh?

Rudy: The effort I put into that performance has gone to waste. / I was even tied up and managed to get her sympathy.

Irvine: R-R-Rudy…


Text 1: Rudy?

Will: Are you done with that ridiculous performance?

Rudy: I was expecting you to help me! That’s pretty cold, Will.

Hannah: Eh?!

Will: You wicked prince…

Text 2: Ehhh?!


Ignis: Irvine…are you okay with that? Your Rudy is going to escape.

Irvine: M-My Rudy…

Rudy: I’m grateful that you awakened me. / To thank you, I showed you the dream you wanted. // But… // Any more than this would be too much, right? // Society is about give and take. It’s logical that you return what is given to you. / I should have already paid you back for awakening me.


Rudy: That’s why I desired my next owner. // She is the best one for that.


Text: Is that really Rudy?!

Irvine: No way… / This can’t be…


Ignis: Don’t worry. Whatever Hobbyrdy says, / you’re his current owner. // Elemental dolls can’t disobey their owners. // Hobbyrdy is obedient, just order him to do what you want. // Everything will be the way you want it.

Irvine: T-The way I want it?


Hannah: Rudy?!

Will: Stop!

Hannah: Will?!

Will: The strength of the order is proportionate to the owner’s will.


Text: A contract!!

Will: We can’t disobey it.

Hannah: Lord Irvine, please stop! He’s in a lot of pain!

Irvine: Shut up! You’re trying to take Rudy away from me!


Hannah: T-That’s not it! / Even dolls have hearts! Forcing them to do this…

Ignis: Doing as their owner wishes is a doll’s destiny. // Dolls and their owners have such a sorrowful relationship.

Hannah: It’s not like that!

Text: It’s not such a one-sided relationship!

Hannah: There are times when dolls help us. / There are people who honestly think they’re precious…


Hannah: I… / I think that if you want someone to acknowledge you and to be with you, // you’ve got to make an effort too.

Text 1: If Lord Irvine gave him an order, then I’m sure Rudy would do what he wants…

Text 2: But nothing would change that way!

Irvine: I-I can’t! // That’s impossible for me!


Irvine: You don’t understand my feelings! / My brothers are all amazing and my family is proud of them, it’s only me who’s a burden! // It’s only me…

Family: What an incompetent child! / He’s an embarrassment to the family!

Young Irvine: I can’t do it after all…I can’t! // I’m sorry! / I’m sorry!

Irvine: I can’t do anything by myself…

Hannah: Lord Irvine… // There are a lot of things I can’t do by myself either. // I can’t braid my own hair. I leave the housework to Emily, I can’t do most of it.

Will: You…

Hannah: But…


Hannah: I want to be able to braid my own hair someday… / I want to at least be able to cook… // Because I want to be like that… // Please don’t give up without trying. // Believe in yourself more…


Irvine: Believe in myself…

Ignis: Ridiculous! // You shouldn’t listen to the nonsense that doll maker girl says! // It only takes one command for Hobbyrdy to return to you! / Don’t you want to keep enjoying your days with him like you have before?!

Text: Ignis…


Ignis: What’s wrong, Irvine? Why are you hesitating?! / You can’t do anything without Hobbyrdy… // It should be you who understands this the most!

Text 1: You really can’t do anything.

Text 2: You can’t do anything by yourself.

Irvine: Be… / quiet!

Text 3: Lord Irvine?!


Irvine: Be quiet! Be quiet! / Shut up! // It’s because of people like you who decide I can’t do anything! / That’s why the only thing I could do was lock myself away! // ….

Hannah: Lord Irvine…

Irvine: E-Even I always thought that I wanted to change…


Hannah: The mist…

Ignis: What a boring person…

Will: Ignis?!


Text: What on earth is he doing?

Irvine: R-Rudy…I…


Rudy: It’s not like I was bored all the time I was with you.

Irvine: Rudy…

Rudy: I didn’t notice it… / But I think you have your own special good points. // I’m sure that someday there’ll be someone who really likes you as you are. / It’s unfortunate I couldn’t do that.


Will: You’re okay with / becoming his owner?

Hannah: Lord Irvine made an important decision, so we’ve got to support him. // You’re giving me Rudy’s key?


Irvine: I-I think I shouldn’t always rely on Rudy… // I want to change too.

Will: You’re good natured, so you’d probably get tricked right away.

Rudy: That’s mean! I’m a kind doll who can befriend anyone.

In panel: Is something the matter?

Hannah: I-I’ll try my best not to be fooled easily. // After all, // I’d rather believe than doubt.


In panel: Hmm?

Will: Try your very best then.

Hannah: Umm, Emily…

Emily: Lady Hannah


Emily: This might be harmful, but it’s better than that.

Rudy: So this is Hannah's house...

In panel:
[next to Rudy] This
[next to Will] That

Rudy: The room you prepared is clean and homely, I like it.

Emily: I’m glad you like it.

In panel: That’s very different to how she treats me.

Hannah: But I’m glad our family has grown.

Rudy: It makes me happy to hear that.

In panel: Tch


Emily: Lady Hannah, would you like some Turkish Delight? // I’ll pour some of your favourite tea to go with it.

Hannah: Thank you, Emily. // Will…where are you going?

Rudy: Maybe he’s sulking because he’s treated differently?

Hannah: Ah… / Sorry, Emily. I’m going to cheer Will up. I’ll take my time having some tea later.

Emily: Lady Hannah?!


Hannah: Emily, I’m sorry! / I ended up telling Rudy about the workshop after that… // I’ll take my time having tea tomorrow…

Emily: Yes…please don’t worry about it.

Hannah: Also… / From now on, I think that I’ll do things like braiding my hair by myself.

Text: I can’t keep relying on Emily forever.


Hannah: Even if it’s only a little, I’d like to be able to do it myself… // Of course, I won’t be as good as you right away… // Emily…?

Emily: You don’t need me then…

Hannah: Emily?

Emily: You could be even a little less lonely because I stayed by your side… / That’s what I thought… // But…


Emily: No matter how much I stay by your side, / I understand that it’s something I can’t do alone.

Text: She’s different to how she usually is…

Hannah: Emily…what’s wrong?

Box: I have a bad feeling about this.

Emily: You’re everything to me, // but you don’t just belong to me. // Why didn’t I realise something so obvious? // I… / I…

Hannah: Emily?


Box: At the same time she said those empty words, Emily’s body slowly fell. / All I could do was watch that in shock.


Hannah: Emily?

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