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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Will o' Wisp 4

+ posted by yukihito as translation on Feb 17, 2010 11:33 | Go to Will o' Wisp

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For Twee Quidam Scans



Text: Chapter 4

Will: I thought you’d be here…

Hannah: Will…

Will: No matter how much you stare at her, she won’t move. // You know that…


Will: She wasn’t an elemental doll to begin with. // What kept her moving until now was your power / and the strength of her feelings. // That’s all… That expressionless doll wanted to be by your side.


[Page not in the raw]


Box: After that, no matter how much I wound her up and no matter what I researched, / she wouldn’t move.

Hannah: Emily…

Text: I’m sure that Emily’s presence was inside that doll…but it’s not there anymore.

Hannah: Why…?


Text: Emily…where did you go?

Gyl: How are you feeling, Princess?

Gloria: Gyl…where were you?

Gyl: I’ve brought the letters that arrived. / It seems that there are several invitations to evening parties and letters regarding charitable contributions.

Gloria: Please turn all the invitations down.


Gloria: I’m not in the mood to see anyone.

Gyl: Princess…

Box: The Ripper has appeared…


Rudy: Hannah, where are you going? It’s dangerous for you to go alone, I’ll come too.

Hannah: Thank you, Rudy… // Sorry, but I feel like going alone.

Rudy: Hannah…! // Eh…ah! / Will?! // Okay, okay…I’ll keep watch while you’re out.


Text 1: That’s right…

Text 2: Her grandfather just died recently…


Hannah: This is my grandfather’s grave. // You followed me because you were worried? Thank you…

Will: You noticed? // I told you not to go out without telling me, right?

Hannah: I’m sorry…I really wanted to come and see my grandfather… // It was only two weeks ago… // But I was thinking that everyday has been so busy and so much fun since I met you and the other dolls…

Will: What was your grandfather like?

Hannah: Hmm…


Hannah: He was a kind person. / He was a quiet person, so we didn’t talk much when he was making dolls… // But he’d quietly stay by side and stroke my hair when I got lonely. // His hand was large and warm…

Will: I knew he was a skilled doll maker when I looked around the workshop. // A doll maker that works sincerely is someone to be respected.


Will: Even if they don’t have a special power like yours…

Text 1: Grandfather…what should I do?

Text 2: I lost my first friend.

Text 3: The first friend I made when I had none…


Text 1: When we were happy, when we were having fun, when times were difficult…

Text 2: She was always by my side.

Text 3: Even when my grandfather died.

Text 4: She stayed by my side and supported me more than anyone.

Text 5: Lady Hannah

Text 6: Lady Hannah

Text 7: Emily…


Text 1: I didn’t want us to separate like this!

Hannah: Emily?!

Text 2: No…


[No text]


Text 1: What is it?

Jack: Crows have a special meaning here in England.

Text 2: W-Who is it?

Jack: Crows are kept at London Tower and the folk belief that London will be destroyed if a crow is killed still lives on. / Taking a mere superstition seriously and believing in a nonexistent curse is quite frightening.

Text 3: This feeling…


Jack: Don’t you think humans are quite strange?

Text 1: An elemental doll?

Text 2: Eh? He’s asking me?!

Hannah: You look quite strange to me too.

Jack: I do…?

Will: You did suddenly start talking to someone you don’t know about crows… // That makes you quite strange.


Hannah: Eh?! I-I didn’t mean it like that…

Jack: Is that so? That’s useful to know.

Will: You’re not supposed to agree! // You haven’t changed, Jack.

Jack: I see…you don’t look like you’ve changed either, Will.

Will: Oh, really…

Text 1: Then…

Text 2: He really is an elemental doll too.

Text 3: Will, Rudy,

Text 4: Gyl, Ignis

Text 5: and Jack.

Text 6: The last doll made by Shamrock!


Victor: What are you doing, Jack?

Jack: You’ve already finished what you were doing?

Victor: Yes // Who are they?

Jack: A doll and a doll maker. // This is my owner, Victor Redmond.

Text: Jack’s owner…


Victor: To think that I would meet another doll…

Text: Could he be a noble or a member of the gentry?

Hannah: Pleased to meet you. I am Hannah Ellington.

Victor: Sorry, but I’ll have to take my leave now.

Jack: The carriage is ready.

Will: Neither of you are very sociable.

Jack: I don’t really feel inconvenienced that way. // Well, I’ll take my leave too. // Ah…I forgot to say this. // It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a doll maker inherit Shamrock’s powers…


Jack: But will you be able to make elemental dolls like us?

Hannah: Make elemental dolls?!


Will: Hey

Jack: If you have the same level of power as Shamrock, then I think it’s possible. / Have you tried?

Hannah: I haven’t…

Jack: I see.

Text 1: If…

Text 2: If I could make elemental dolls like Will and the others…

Rudy: Remake Emily?


Hannah: Yes…

Text: I want to see Emily again, no matter what!

Hannah: If I have that power…

Rudy: In the end, I did think that was the only way…

Hannah: Rudy…

Rudy: It’s true that doll’s body can’t be used anymore. / If you bring back her soul, it’ll soon reach its limit. // So the only thing you can do is to prepare a body like the ones us elemental dolls have.


Rudy: A container for Emily’s soul.

Text: A container for her soul…

Will: Don’t be so irresponsible about encouraging her.

Rudy: Of course, I’ll make sure to help too. I am one of her dolls, you see. // I want to make my precious owner’s wish come true.

Will: Anyway, didn’t your grandfather stop you making dolls?

Hannah: ….


Text 1: Grandfather…

Joseph: You mustn’t make dolls again!

Text 2: That time, I didn’t want to see my grandfather’s unhappy face anymore…I hadn’t considered the reason at all…

Text 3: What do you want to do?

Hannah: I…

Emily: Lady Hannah


Hannah: Even if it means breaking the promise to my grandfather, / I want to see Emily again…

Will: If you say that you’re serious about remaking her as an elemental doll, then I won’t stop you. / Unless you order me to help, this is the end.

Hananh: I won’t order you to help!

Will: I know. // But it’s impossible with just your powers.

Hannah: Eh…


Rudy: Will is so unkind. // You realise what’s necessary, don’t you? // If you don’t have it, then you just have to get it.

Hannah: Something I don’t have?

Will: Hannah // If all you’re going to do is make it, then that’s definitely possible. I’ll help if you insist on doing it. // But even if you make a body, // what are you going to do if she doesn’t want to become a doll?


Text 1: If Emily doesn’t want to…?

Text 2: I just wanted to see Emily, but I didn’t consider that at all…

Text 3: What if Emily and I don’t feel the same?

Text 4: Emily…

Text 5: I didn’t want us to separate like that…

Text 6: I want to see her again and talk properly…

Text 7: But…


Hannah: If Emily doesn’t want to, then I’ll give up. // I don’t want Emily to hate me.

Will: Okay, I get it. // So stop making that face. That’s not a decent thing to see!

In panel: He meant that it was cute.


Text: Thank you Rudy, Will…

Hannah: No… / Can’t you give her a message?

Man: I’m sorry, Lady Gloria won’t meet with anyone at the moment.

Hannah: What should I do?


Text 1: To fix Emily’s body, I have to see Lady Gloria, no matter what…

Will: The problem isn’t making the body, / it’s the power to seal the soul inside of it.

Text 2: The power to seal the soul?

Will: Even though you’ve inherited Shamrock’s powers, your power is still weak. // No matter how many containers you make, it’s meaningless if you can’t seal them.

Hannah: What should I do?

Rudy: If you obtain elemental dolls, your power should increase little by little. / Haven’t you felt that?

Hannah: My power will increase?

Text 3: It’s true that I can see the light more clearly and I’m more sensitive to its presence since I awakened Will…


Rudy: The reason for that is within our keys. // These stones contain Shamrock’s power.

Will: Your power is affected by these stones and gradually gets stronger. // Right now you have two, mine and his…

Rudy: If you have one more stone, / then won’t you be able to make her into an elemental doll?

Text: In other words…


Text: I have to get another elemental doll?!

Hannah: If I talk to Lady Gloria about this, she might give me hers.

Rudy: If you aren’t intending to choose the way of doing it, then there are plenty of other methods.

Hannah: R-Rudy? // Lady Gloria has been very kind to me…so… // Oh…where’s Will?

Rudy: He was here a moment ago…I’m not good enough then?

Hannah: Eh…I didn’t mean it like that…


Rudy: I’m just joking. It looks like someone’s here to help us.

Gyl: Welcome, young lady doll maker.

Text 1: Gyl…

Gyl: I’m surprised that you came with Rudy though.

Rudy: There are a lot of reasons…you could say that I gave into her charms.

Hannah: Eh?! // Umm…I wanted to see Lady Gloria.

Gyl: Princess hasn’t been feeling well for a few days… / But I think she’d be glad of your visit.

Text 2: Gyl…?


Gyl: Princess…I’m back.

Gloria: Gyl? / I was worried because you went out all of a sudden.

Gyl: Princess, I brought the young lady doll maker.

Hannah: I’m sorry for coming round to visit so suddenly.

Text: Lady Gloria?


Gloria: Sorry, I don’t feel like talking to anyone. / I can’t really entertain you, is that alright?

Hannah: Yes…

Text 1: Lady Gloria seems different from usual…

Text 2: But…

Text 3: Alright…

Text 4: Except for Ignis, all the other dolls already have owners.

Text 4: Getting their keys means

Text 5: taking them away from their owner.

Hannah: I came here today because I have a request.


Hannah: Could you give Gyl to me?

Gloria: What do you mean?

Hannah: Actually…


Rudy: Just what you’d expect from the home of a count…

Text 1: Will…?

Text 2: That’s…


Gloria: I can’t do that.

Hannah: Just for a little while! / Just while I remake Emily…a doll…

Gloria: I’m sorry, Hannah…I can’t do that. // Gyl protects my dreams. / If I let him go, my world will be covered by darkness. // So…


Gloria: I won’t give him to anyone.

Hannah: Lady Gloria…

Text: She’s acting somewhat strange.

Hannah: Umm…I’m sorry for making an impolite request.


Hannah: Umm… / Gyl?

Gyl: I’d like to talk to you for a little while, is that okay? // You’ve probably noticed that Princess’s spirit is in a very insecure state…

Hannah: What on earth is wrong with Lady Gloria?

Gyl: It’s not something I should be saying, but… // Princess was very hurt by a certain incident and has withdrawn from social life. / She hardly leaves the mansion these days.


Text 1: “If I let him go, my world will be covered by darkness.”

Text 2: Right now, the only thing that calms Lady Gloria is her time with Gyl…

Text 3: Even so, I asked her to give Gyl to me…

Gyl: At first she only intended to take a short break… // But…


Text 1: What’s wrong?

Text 2: Gyl…

Text 3: Don’t betray me…

Text 4: Never…

Text 5: As Princess wishes…


Gyl: My existence might have distorted her heart…

Hannah: Gyl…

Text: Even Gyl should understand it’s no good like this…

Hannah: Are you alright with things this way?

Gloria: Gyl, you’re here…I was looking for you.


Hannah: Lady Gloria!

Gloria: Come, Gyl…show me a dream.

Gyl: Princess…

Text: A black mist…

Gloria: Come here, Gyl…

Hannah: Gyl

Gyl: Young lady doll maker… // Dolls make their owner’s wishes come true. / If Princess continues to desire this situation, // I will continue to obey.


Hannah: Then… // Why do you have such a painful expression on your face?!

Gloria: Hannah…you’re still here? / Please get out of here immediately! Gyl and I are the only ones allowed to be here.

Hannah: Lady Gloria…why are you doing this?

Gloria: You’re even trying to get into my dreams without permission! // You’re so unpleasant!

Gyl: Princess?!


Hannah: …. // Lady Gloria…please come to your senses!

Gyl: Young lady…

Gloria: I’ve told you, but you don’t seem to understand…so I’ll make you understand!


Gloria: Right…Gyl?

Gyl: Princess…


Text 1: Gyl?!

Text 2: Will O’Wisp 1 - END

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