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Undertaker Riddle 8

+ posted by yukihito as translation on Feb 17, 2010 11:34 | Go to Undertaker Riddle

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Text: Undertaker Riddle

Box 1: The holder of the Twilight Key, Hayato Sakura. / You have been invited to our catacomb.

Box 2: By all means come with your contractor, Undertaker Riddle. / I’ve been longing to meet you… King of the Catacombe, Faust


Text 1: Volume 1 goes on sale 22nd of February!

Text 2: In return for charming hospitality…

Text 3: Undertaker Riddle

Text 4: Funeral 8 – The Undertaker Guides.

Text 5: Akai Higasa


Brad: That’s all the king said.

Hayato: Umm, that means… / the boss is calling me? // The one who might get my soul back… // Which means I’ve already achieved my aim!

In panel: I did it! Yay!

Hayato: My efforts have finally been recognised!

Brad: It doesn’t mean that…


Brad: It means that the boss wants to meet Hayato-sama, the holder of the Twilight Key.

Hayato: H-Huh? I see… // Oh well, as long I get to meet the boss… // Anyway, you’ve been calling me “Hayato-sama” for a while. / It’s creepy.

Brad: It’s natural to respect the holder of the Twilight Key. // What’s wrong with that?

Text 1: What kind of amazing power is the Twilight Key?

Text 2: In that world, it means that I’m called “Hayato-sama”, I get invited by the the boss and I’m suddenly great?

Text 3: It doesn’t feel real, it feels creepy.


Riddle: Ah, you have a worried look on your face. / You’re not going to accept the invitation?

Hayato: I’ll go! It’s the perfect chance to get my soul back, you see! // So where is the catacomb? Let’s go there right away!

Brad: Hayato-sama…don’t you know? // The catacomb is the where you go when you’re dead.

Hayato: Umm…but I’m still alive…

Brad: Don’t worry. / In your case, it doesn’t mean you’ll be dying, you’ll definitely return to the human world.

Hayato: So there’s no need to worry! / Okay! Remember what you said!

Riddle: If you’re that worried, then you don’t have to go…


[sfx] reach

[sfx] slash

Brad: Well, I’ll open up the entrance to the catacomb then. / Please come this way.

Hayato: Uh… // What are you doing?

[sfx] drip

Brad: We promise that our blood is loyal to the king…


Brad: In the name of our master…

[sfx] whoosh

Brad: Open the gates of eternal rest!

[sfx] slide

Hayato: Eh?! / Ah…!

[sfx] glow


[sfx] zoom

Brad: This is the entrance to the catacomb.

Hayato: Wow…a massive building appeared in an instant… // [Hmm?] This is the entrance, but I don’t see a door anywhere…


Brad: Gloria in excelsis Deo

[Glory to God in the highest]

[sfx] reach

Brad: Glory to the catacomb!

Riddle: Let’s go, Hayato-kun.

Hayato: Eh… / No way…


Hayato: The entrance is below us?! // Uh… // Uwaaaaah!


[sfx] thump

Hayato: Gyaah!

Brad: Are you alright, Hayato-sama?

Hayato: Oww… / Is this makeshift entrance all you’ve got?!

Riddle: Ah…you just need to get used to it. // I was surprised at first too. // Anyway, look in front of you, Hayato-kun. / A beautiful scene just right for the world of the dead.

Hayato: Eh?

[sfx] jump

Hayato: The beautiful scenery in the world of the dead…something like a field of flowers?


Riddle: Welcome to the final destination of the dead.

[sfx] whoosh

Riddle: The catacomb of the souls.

Hayato: Uh….

[sfx] shiver

Hayato: Uwaaaaah!


Riddle Ah, you don’t have to be so frightened… / You’re unexpectedly delicate.

Hayato: No…a normal person would be scared! // Anyway, this massive castle is too atmospheric… // It wouldn’t be strange if a vampire lived here…

Brad: It’s the castle of judgement. / It’s where the King of the Catacomb lives and where the judgement of souls takes place.

Hayato: Judgement of souls?


Brad: Souls from all over the world are brought to this castle. / Then the king judges whether they will go to heaven or hell.

Riddle: By the way, souls that don’t go to heaven or hell end up working in this castle. / Brad and I are those incomplete people.

In panel: I’m not like you…

Hayato: Hmm… // In other words, the king is a huge demon… // What should I do? I’d be scared if something like that appeared…

Brad: Please come inside the castle.

Hayato: Ah…okay.


Hayato: Waah…it’s huge!

Brad: Please watch your step.

Hayato: Scary… / It’s extravagant, but so creepy…

Brad: This is the King’s office.

Text 1: The king is on the other side of this door…

Text 2: Finally…we’ll finally meet…


Hayato: No matter how big and scary he might be… // I’ve got to say that

[sfx] squeeze

Hayato: I want my soul back…!

Brad: I’ve brought Hayato Sakura-sama.

[sfx] knock knock

Faust: Come in.

[sfx] click

Brad: Excuse me.


Faust: This is the first time we’ve met. // My name is Faust.


Faust: I’m the king of this catacomb.

[sfx] smile

Text 1: Eh…

Text 2: Eh…eh…

Hayato: Eh?! / The king is a woman?!


Text 1: She’s really pretty though…

Text 2: Uh oh…my heart is beating really fast…

Riddle: Ah, what an amazing pile of documents…you’re busy as usual.

Faust: Sorry, even though you came all the way here, / I’m not ready to take a break from my work yet… // Could you wait over there?

Hayato: Over there?

[sfx] mess

Faust: Brad

Brad: Roger!


[sfx] reach

[sfx] tap

[sfx] clatter

[sfx] rustle

Brad: Please sit down, Hayato-sama.


Brad: The chef’s special choux cream, made with the finest milk, has been prepared for you today, Hayato-sama.

Hayato: Wow! / Can I eat this? All of it?!

Brad: Please have it with this aromatic Earl Grey.

Riddle: You’re always such a brilliant worker. / Just what you’d expect from a workaholic.

Brad: Not really. // It’s natural for a secretary to support his master. // I’m nothing like a certain lazy undertaker.

Riddle: Well, my goodness!

[sfx] hehehehe

Hayato: Scary… [They really don’t get on well…]


Faust: Sorry to keep you waiting.

Hayato: King! Good day! It’s an honour to meet you!

[sfx] shock

Faust: Hehe, what an interesting person you are. // You don’t have to be so formal.

[sfx] reach

Faust: It was actually me who wanted to meet you.

[sfx] thump

Hayato: Eh…


[sfx] annoyed

[sfx] grab

Riddle: Well…what did you want to talk about? / You didn’t call him here just to drink tea, did you?

Brad: Riddle, you… / How dare you talk to the king like that!

Faust: It doesn’t bother me. // That’s right…let’s get down to business right away. / Hayato Sakura // No…


Faust: The Crown Prince, future King of the Catacomb. // My successor.

Hayato: …Eh…?


Hayato: Umm…is this some kind of mistake? / I’m just a normal person…

Faust: No // The Twilight Key you hold qualifies you to become king. // Of course, I have one too.


Faust: The Twilight Key is a “god’s power”, one with the ability to destroy or create worlds. / Only the chosen ones are born with this power in their bodies. // Generations of people who possessed the Twilight Key have ruled the catacomb and supported it with that power.

Hayato: A god’s power…the Twilight Key is something so important…


Faust: However, the catacomb has been damaged by attacks from evil spirits. // At this rate, it’s clear that I won’t be able to keep supporting it with my Twilight Key… // That’s why I want you to become the next king and using a new power, support the catacomb instead of me.


Faust: As the king, I have a duty to protect the catacomb. // Please, Hayato Sakura.

Hayato: If you ask one of the other Twilight Keys…

Faust: People born with it don’t appear often…it’s just you and me right now.

Hayato: N-No…


Faust: But… / You’re not ready to become king yet.

Hayato: Eh…

Riddle: Part of your soul is missing, which means that the Twilight Key is incomplete. // Well, the king who stands at the summit of the souls should be able to solve that.

Hayato: That’s right! I came to ask about that!

[sfx] jump

Hayato: The missing part of my soul already ascended…so the king should be able to return it!

Faust: Yes…if it came here, then it should have been dealt with… / Brad

Brad: Roger!

Hayato: If it came here…?


[sfx] grab

Brad: This is a list of the souls that have come here over the past few months. // From among those, these are the ones from Japan… / Tokyo…

[sfx] grab

[sfx] rustle

Brad: Names beginning with “S”…

[sfx] thud


Brad: If the missing part of your soul ascended, your name should be written here. // Please check it by yourself.

Hayato: …. // Wha… / Why…

Riddle: Hayato-kun?


Hayato: It’s not here… / My name isn’t written here…

[sfx] grab

Riddle: That can’t be… / I’m sure we saw it ascending. // But it hasn’t come to the catacomb, which means…

Faust: Yes…in other words…


Faust: Hayato Sakura’s soul has // been stolen by someone else.


Faust: It’s likely to be the enemy / of the catacomb and us undertakers… // An evil spirit…

Text: The whereabouts of the stolen soul…this is the worst thing that could happen!

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#1. by xxgunxx ()
Posted on Feb 17, 2010
indeed, I was waiting for this one ;__;
#2. by Ayumiya ()
Posted on Apr 11, 2010
Thank you!^^
I've been waiting for this! Love this series!!^^
Once again TQ!

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