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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Undertaker Riddle 9

+ posted by yukihito as translation on Feb 17, 2010 11:35 | Go to Undertaker Riddle

-> RTS Page for Undertaker Riddle 9

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Text 1:
Volume 1 goes on sale 22nd of February!
There’ll be a signing on the 27th of February!

Text 2:
You’re everything to me.
I’m everything to you.

Text 3: Akai Higasa

Text 4: Funeral 9 – The Undertaker Binds.


Text: A new truth is understood…

Faust: Hayato Sakura’s soul has been stolen by someone else. // The enemy of the catacomb and us undertakers… // An evil spirit…

Hayato: No…I was going to get my soul back if I met the king…why did an evil spirit…

[sfx] clatter

Hayato: Why…? What for…?!


Riddle: I see…Hayato-kun’s soul is stronger than those of other humans… / If part of his soul is missing, he can’t become king and the catacomb will be destroyed. // Which means that they have the upper hand.

Hayato: Why are you impressed?! // Damn it…now’s not the time to be relaxing and drinking tea! // I’ll find that evil spirit and get my soul back for sure! / Let’s go, Riddle!

[sfx] click

[sfx] bang


Hayato: Wha…

Brad: The enemy is sure to come looking for the rest of your soul…what good is carelessly going back to the real world? // If you’re serious, then you’re even more stupid than a monkey!

[sfx] annoyed

Hayato: What the hell do you think I should do then?!

[sfx] dash

[sfx] reach


Brad: Just stay here.

[sfx] sway

Hayato: Wah…! // Eh… // What do you mean…?

Faust: All the undertakers are already looking for your soul. // Please leave the rest to us undertakers. // All you have to do is wait for good news.

Hayato: B-But…


Brad: Do you have any problem with that?

Hayato: N-No…I’m really grateful for that…

Text 1: Never mind how dangerous it is, is it really okay for me not to do anything?

Text 2: Even though it’s my soul…

Faust: Riddle, you take part in the search too. // We won’t miss anything if there are a lot of people searching.

Riddle: Well, well…I don’t mind…

[sfx] clatter


[sfx] bang

Riddle: But you can’t be suggesting // that I go alone?

Faust: What are you trying to say, Riddle?


Riddle: As you know, when an undertaker shares their soul, they are one existence formed of two people. / They can only use half of their true power if they’re just a fragment. // Making me go like this

[sfx] hehe

Riddle: is the same as sending me to die.

Hayato: R-Riddle! / I’ll go too!

[sfx] clatter

Faust: Wha…


Faust: You can’t do that, Hayato Sakura!

Hayato: I’m sorry, King…but I want to go! // I don’t like to admit it, but I’m actually indebted to Riddle because he’s done a lot for me! And… // I can’t just watch while someone is working for my sake!! // I can’t stand doing something so pathetic!


Hayato: I want to go with Riddle too… / Please…!

Riddle: Hayato-kun…!

Faust: I don’t have a choice. / Riddle’s got his reason too…fine.

[sfx] sigh

Hayato: ….

Faust: Since you said that, you must have quite a lot of confidence in your skills. / Hayato Sakura

[sfx] shock

Hayato: Eh… // W-Well…about that…


Text 1: I haven’t done kendo or judo…

Text 2: The battles I’ve had with evil spirits so far…they were more like running away while waiting for the right opportunity…

Hayato: The king’s smile…her smile is scary!!

[big sfx] rumble

[small sfx] eeeek

Hayato: I can’t say it…I’m really not confident…but I can’t say that!

[sfx] shiver

Faust: I understand, we’ll do it like this then.

[sfx] shock


Faust: I’ll teach you how to fight. // If you can successfully learn that, then you’ll go to the real world as an undertaker. // It’d be no good if you fell into the hands of an evil spirit. / Is that okay?

[sfx] smile

Hayato: King…

Riddle: Well, that’s much appreciated. / You must have her teach you, Hayato-kun.


Hayato: King… / Ah… // Thank you very much!

[sfx] crash

Hayato: ~~~~ / ~~~~

In panel:
It hurts, it hurts!

[sfx] hehe

Faust: Ah!

Text 1: I thought the King was a scary person, but she’s a nice person after all. She’s taking care of all these things…

Hayato: I don’t know anything about fighting, but I’m good at sports!

Text 2: Okay! I’ll take whatever special training they throw at me!


Faust: Well, let’s start right away…Brad.

Brad: Roger! // Excuse me.

[sfx] grab

Hayato: Eh…


Hayato: Eh…wha…what are you doing?

[sfx] shake

Brad: Riddle…help me.

Riddle: I don’t have a choice then.

[sfx] swish

Riddle: Please stay still. / Hayato-kun

[sfx] clank

Hayato: Eh?!


Hayato: W-What are you doing?! / K-King?!

Faust: Hehe…this is an interesting sight. / It won’t hurt if you stay still.

[sfx] reach

Hayato: Eh…wait…

[sfx] glow

Faust: Twilight Key, resonate with my power. // Release this being, now…

[sfx] roar


Hayato: Uh…

Text: Huh…my chest feels warm…

[sfx] glow

Hayato: Eh… // W-What is this…? // A rose mark?!


Faust: I partially activated the Twilight Key inside you.

Hayato: Activated it?

Faust: I said I was going to teach you how to fight, didn’t I? // As I explained, the Twilight Key has the power to create and destroy worlds… // Shall we try it out? // First, touch that vase with your hand.

Hayato: L-Like this?

Faust: Yes, then visualise breaking it. / If you do that, the vase should break.

Text 1: This is a way of fighting…?

Text 2: As if this could be real…


[sfx] silence

Text: See, I knew it…

[sfx bubble] crack

[written sfx] crack

Hayato: Wha… // Eh… / Hey…


[sfx] crash


Hayato: No… / way… // Uh… // Uwaaah!

Riddle: Hayato-kun!

[sfx] slam


Faust: Hayato Sakura!

Riddle: …It’s okay. // There’s no need to worry. // He seems to be safe.

[sfx] dangle

Hayato: How… / does it look like that?!


[sfx bubble] huff

Faust: That’s the destructive power of the Twilight Key. / It was your first time, so it seems you weren’t able to control it.

Hayato: D-Did I really do that? // I-I’m sorry, King. I don’t really get it, but I destroyed the room…

Faust: It’s okay. At times like this, use the power of regeneration. // Visualise what it was like before it was broken and get it back to normal.

Hayato: Okay… / Got it…

[sfx] reach

[sfx] glow


[sfx] rumble

[sfx] clatter

Riddle: Ah, it was a great success this time.

Hayato: Wow… / It went back to normal all of a sudden!


Hayato: This is the Twilight Key…

Riddle: Hayato-kun, that mark…doesn’t it look different from before?

Hayato: Eh? // It’s true… // I’m sure it was a big rose earlier…! Why…?

Faust: I have a warning for you. // You can only use the Twilight Key three times in one go. / When you’ve used it three times, all the petals disappear. // It’s a sign for you to rest.


Faust: If you use the Twilight Key anymore than that while your soul is missing, your body won’t last. // Please just remember that…alright?

Hayato: O-Okay… / Which means I can only use it once more today.

Faust: Yes // There are limits, but if you use it carefully, I’m sure it’ll be useful.

Hayato: That’s right…with such an amazing power, I might be able to take on evil spirits like Noir…!

[sfx] blush


Hayato: Wow…thank you so much, King!

[sfx] grab

Faust: Hehe…I’m so glad you’re happy!

[sfx] annoyed

Riddle: Hayato-kun, please let me relax a little now. / All you could do before was run around, you see.

[sfx] squeeze

Hayato: Wha… // How can you talk like that when you’ve been working me so hard?!

Riddle: But it’s the truth!

Hayato: Wha…why’d you get angry all of a sudden anyway?

In panel: Calm down!

[sfx] dash


[sfx] blam

Secretary: King…Brad-sama…this is bad! / It’s a state of emergency!

Faust: Ah…the secretaries! What’s the matter?

Brad: How insolent! You’re in front of the King! / Calm down and explain what happened.

Secretary 1: Well, something terrible is happening in the real world…!

Secretary 2: Ah, that’s not fair…I got here first!

Secretary 1: What’s that got to do with it? Our department is having a hard time! Give it to me!

Secretary 2: If you put it like that, then we…

[big sfx] gyaaa

[small sfx] grab

Secretary 1: No, our department has a wider range! Give it to me!


[sfx] thump

Brad: Keep quiet, you trash!

[sfx] rumble

Brad: You didn’t hear what I said…?


[sfx] smack

Secretaries: We’ll explain carefully!

Secretary: A-Actually, the number of deceased suddenly increased…

Brad: There’s no shortage of deaths in the real world…it happens everyday…

Secretary: No, you see… // The deceased… / are all people who weren’t scheduled to die!


Faust: How awful…

Hayato: What does it mean?

Faust: The destiny of humans is decided in advance. / For example, it’s so absolute that it’s decided whether the death is accidental or not.

Brad: Unscheduled deaths one after another… / What on earth could be going wrong…?

Evil spirit: That’s simple.


[sfx] bang

Evil spirit: I was the one // who took all those souls.


[sfx] smile

[sfx bubble] crunch

Hayato: Why is there an evil spirit here…?!

[sfx] tap

Faust: How convenient that he appeared of his own will! // Catch him!

Brad: Roger!

Riddle: Let’s go, Hayato-kun!

Hayato: Okay!


[sfx] dash


Hayato: Eh… // Ah

[sfx] step

Evil spirit: Okay, Twilight Key. // You’re the only one I’ll tell. // The next playground will be here.

[sfx] boom


Text 1: W-What…I can see a scene in my mind…

Text 2: A cross…a school?

Riddle: Hayato-kun!

[sfx] whoosh

[sfx] slam

Hayato: Wha…

[sfx bubble] kaw


Text 1: Have you memorised that scene?

Text 2: Then hurry up and come to play!

Text 3: I have one of the things you’re looking for…

Hayato: ….


Hayato: What I’m looking for… // It can’t be…he has my soul?

Riddle: Hayato-kun…what did the evil spirit show you earlier?

Hayato: Umm…I think it was the real world. It was like a school…or a church… // It isn’t a place I know, but I feel as if I know where it is.


Riddle: I see…he’s gone to the effort of politely inviting us… // Without a doubt, // he’s challenging us to a battle. // There’s a high possibility of it being a trap…it’s very dangerous. / What will you do, Hayato-kun?

[sfx] crush

Hayato: That’s obvious!


Hayato: Perfect! // We’ll go there and give him the last rites, just like he wants! // To prevent anymore people dying… / To get my soul back… // And…

Riddle: And…?


Hayato: Giving evil spirits a funeral is an undertaker’s job! // Right…?

[sfx] heh

Riddle: Yes / …Well, let’s go to the real world together.


Riddle: Exorcise that pitiful / lost child’s soul!

[sfx] zoom

Text: Now we’re flying down to the human world…

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#1. by xxgunxx ()
Posted on Feb 17, 2010
thank you so much!!!!!!!!
i luv this series!!!!!!!!!
thanks for translating it, making it readable for not-japanese-speakers :DDD
you rock!!!!!!!!!! thankssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *again lol*
#2. by yukihito ()
Posted on Feb 17, 2010
Thanks for your comment~ ^^

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