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Kogan no Mouten 2


+ posted by yukihito as translation on Feb 21, 2010 21:39 | Go to Kogan no Mouten

-> RTS Page for Kogan no Mouten 2

Thanks to mikkih for help on a few of the sentences.

For imangascans



2nd of August, 9.18 pm
Ayabuchitei Boarding House

Akihiko: Is it alright for you to drink that much?

Text: The perfect plan?!

Akihiko: Your friend is visiting tomorrow evening, right?


Text 1 [top of page]
Original work & General Editor: Tennosuke Shouyado
Artist: Seri Hayama
Chapter 2: Execution

Text 2:
To protect everything…
Abandon everything…

Text 3:
Kogan no Mouten
Otaro Okonogi’s Incident Register


Isaku: Hmph! It’s nothing for you to worry about. // I came here to relax, what’s it got to do with you if I drink as much as I like?

Akihiko: That’s true… // But please take it easy.

Isaku: Ah…Lake Kagami always looks wonderful. // You should be proud. // It’s admirable that you improved it this much from its pitiful state.

Akihiko: …Thank you very much.


Isaku: Aren’t you a little too overprotective though? // You seem to be acting like “The Knight of the Lake”, but I don’t think it’s like that. // You’re just pleased about having the lake to yourself.

Akihiko: Give me a break!

Isaku: You’re not helping the environment, you’re just helping yourself! / And doing that takes money! // Who do you think supported your lifestyle?!


Akihiko: …Inuzuka-san. // I am indebted to you and I’m very grateful.

Isaku: Then how about you listen to my plan?

Akihiko: I can’t. / The lake isn’t some kind of show.

Isaku: A beautiful lake is a valuable thing. // It was my intention to make a wonderful plan that’d benefit you too. // My company has agreed to it too.


Isaku: I’ll create jobs for the people around here too. // My company continues to grow, even in the recession. Consider what that means. / We aren’t always overbearing. // If I can’t make everyone happy, I’ll be penniless.

Akihiko: …I’ll acknowledge your ability. You’ve been successful because a lot people wanted that.

Isaku: Right?

Akihiko: But… / That only made people happy.


Akihiko: It’s not like you were helping nature.

Isaku: You could say that…

Akihiko: …Inuzuka-san, where are you going?!

Isaku: The restroom.

Akihiko: …I see…


Text 1: Inuzuka’s friend will be visiting tomorrow evening.

Text 2: If I don’t do it tonight, when will my next chance be…?

Text 3: …It’ll be difficult to make the perfect plan succeed if he isn’t completely drunk.

Text 4: I’ll get him to drink

Text 5: so much that he won’t wake up, no matter how much you shake him…


Akihiko: That took a long time… // However, Inuzuka-san shouldn’t wake up, no matter what I do…



Text 1: I’ll wash the bottom of my shoes with water so they don’t leave any prints.

Text 2: The flashlight is a waterproof one that can shine through the rain.

Text 3: Matches and lighters won’t be any good on an evening where there’s no moonlight.

Text 4: And Inuzuka’s shoes…

Text 5: Alright.


Akihiko: This atmosphere…it’ll start raining soon. // I’ve got to hurry…


Akihiko: Next thing is… // He’s fast asleep…


Text 1: That’s right…the incident will occur with the assumption that Inuzuka went out alone…

Text 2: It’d be suspicious if his fingerprints weren’t on the doorknobs inside the building.

Text 3: If I don’t be careful…


Text 1: A stone…

Text 2: The doorknob…

Text 3: The other places where I need to leave fingerprints are the storehouse and the pier…


Text 1: This is the main part of the plan!

Text 2: I can’t make any mistakes.

Text 3: I’ll make sure Inuzuka’s footprints are there!


Text 1: …Calm down.

Text 2: I’ll move the car around a little during the evening.

Text 3: There aren’t any obstacles.

Text 4: It wouldn’t be strange for Inuzuka to step in the gasoline while he’s drunk…

Text 5: Alright…I’m going…

Akihiko: It’s started raining…


Akihiko: I’ve got to hurry.


Text 1: …Are the footprints there?

Text 2: Inuzuka’s normal footprints will be left there.

Text 3: They’ll know it’s fake if the pattern is different from how Inuzuka normally walks.

Text 4: At this rate…

Text 5: At this rate…


Text 1: Don’t panic…

Text 2: Remember how Inuzuka walks…

Text 3: If this doesn’t go well, the plan will end in failure…

Text 4:
Just a little more…
Three steps…
Two steps…


Akihiko: huff // huff // huff… // …Did it work out?


Akihiko: Hahaha… // It’s perfect! // There’s no mistake…

Text: But it’s not over yet…


Text 1: I haven’t forgotten anything…

Text 2: …Then all that’s left is to drown Inuzuka.


Text 1: There’s a reason I chose the south western part of the lake.

Text 2: The currents in the north eastern part of the lake are weak and capsizing would be unlikely. However, the south western part is between two rivers, depending on the place, there are strong currents.

Text 3: If it drifts over to the north eastern part of the lake, the canoe will end up on the north eastern shore.

Text 4: If it drifts to the south western part of the lake, it could wash up on the south western shore or travel down Kiyomi River and move away from the lake.

Text 5: In other words, the area where the canoe is discovered can be used to determine roughly where it capsized.

Text 6: If he’s found in the south western part of the lake, and not the north eastern part, which has weak currents, the police won’t investigate too thoroughly.

[the building] Ayabuchitei
[river on the left] Tamano River
[river at the bottom] Kiyomi River


Akihiko: Around here should be fine…


Text: Don’t get emotional…


Text 1: Everything will melt into the darkness…

Akihiko: huff… // huff

Text 2: If I kill him…

Akihiko: huff…

Text 3: Everything will be resolved…

Isaku: Ah…


Isaku: Wha… // Help… // Ah… // ….


Text: I killed him…


No…not yet…
The plan isn’t complete yet…


Text 1: The flashlight!!

Text 2: The police will search the 23rd canoe…but they won’t find a flashlight…

Text 3: …Won’t that be suspicious?

Text 4: If there wasn’t any light, he couldn’t have got a paddle from the storehouse! He wouldn’t row in the dark to begin with…

Akihiko: This is really bad! // I should have brought one more…!! // Should I go back and get one? Will I make a mistake by doing that? // …I don’t know. / What’s the best thing to do?!


Akihiko: Ah…ah…no, it’s okay…

Text 1: If they don’t find one, it’d be normal for them to think that it fell into the lake with Inuzuka…

Text 2: Lake Kagami is huge, completely searching it would be impossible…it’s the same as there being no proof.

Akihiko: That’s right…it’s okay. / There’s no problem. // Haha…


Akihiko: Come to think of it…where am I now? // This is the south western shore? // I drifted over here at some point… // …Hmm? // Trash…?


Akihiko: Some bad mannered person threw it away? // What do they think Lake Kagami is? // Tch… // …I’m going back…


[No text]


Akihiko: Heh // Haha…

Text: It’s perfect!!


Otaro: This is how Akihito Ashikuni murdered Isaku Inuzuka, the manager of Inuzuka Resort Development.


Otaro: When Ashikuni had made all the preparations, he immediately carried out the crime. // He made use of footprints and water to fake a capsizing accident… // It should have been… // the perfect crime.


Otaro: Try and think about // the mistake he made.

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