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Kogan no Mouten 3

A Chance Meeting

+ posted by yukihito as translation on Feb 21, 2010 21:41 | Go to Kogan no Mouten

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Thanks to mikkih for help on a few of the sentences.

For imangascans



Isaku: Help… // Ah…

3rd of August, 8.39 am
Ayabuchitei Boarding House

Text: He appeared before the man who committed a crime…!


Akihiko: Please wait a minute. // I’ll open up now.


Kogan no Mouten
Otaro Okonogi’s Incident Register
Chapter 3: A Chance Meeting.

Original work & General Editor: Tennosuke Shouyado
Artist: Seri Hayama


Otaro: Ah // I’m sorry to have come so early…

Akihiko: …Who are you?

Otaro: I’m a policeman. // Are you Akihito Ashikuni-san?


Text 1: A policeman?

Text 2: If someone drowns, the body shouldn’t appear for two or three days.

Text 3: I was originally planning to ask the police to carry out a search when Inuzuka went missing, so that the footprints on the pier wouldn’t disappear.

Text 4: But why is he here when I haven’t reported Inuzuka missing?

Akihiko: Ah… / Could you show me some I.D. just to be on the safe side?

Otaro: Yes // My name is Otaro Okonogi.


Text 1: A detective…

Text 2: He looks so disorganised…well, that can’t be helped.

Text 3: What’s with his sleepy eyes and relaxed look though?


Text 1: He maybe a detective, but he doesn’t seem at all motivated…

Text 2: Well, this might work to my advantage…

Text 3: If I tell this detective that Inuzuka disappeared, there’s no doubt that I can guide things.

Otaro: Ah…I came here because I heard Inuzuka-san was staying here…

Akihiko: Hmm? Has Inuzuka-san done something?


Otaro: Sorry, could you check if he’s in his room?

Akihiko: Inuzuka-san // Are you awake? / Someone from the police is here to see you. // Inuzuka-san?

Otaro: Could you check inside the room just to be sure?

Akihiko: …Okay.


Akihiko: Inuzuka-san, I’m coming inside, okay? // …His things are there, but he’s not in. // He probably went out.

Otaro: Was he here this morning?

Akihiko: Yes…I’ve just woken up though…


Otaro: Which means you didn’t see him go out… // Inuzuka-san was staying here yesterday, wasn’t he?

Akihiko: I believe so.

Otaro: …What do you mean?

Akihiko: I went to sleep before him… / So I wouldn’t know if he had gone outside late at night.

Otaro: Well, that’s unfortunate… // About what time did you go to sleep?

Akihiko: …I don’t know. / Yesterday, I went to sleep after drinking, so I’m not sure of the time. // I think it was around 11 pm…

Otaro: Inuzuka-san was here until then?

Akihiko: Well, we were drinking together.


Otaro: Did he say he was going out anywhere?

Akihiko: No

Otaro: How long was Inuzuka-san planning to stay?

Akihiko: Until the 10th of August…that’s what he said…

Otaro: I see…

Text: Hmm…?

Akihiko: Umm…detective? // What on earth has happened? What do you want with Inuzuka-san?

Otaro: Ah… // Well, you see…


Otaro: Three men who came to go fishing this morning… // pulled up Inuzuka-san’s body from Lake Kagami.


Text 1: Wha…

Text 2: What…?

Akihiko: Is that…true?

Otaro: His licence was in the wallet found on the body. // The man in the photo and the body were identical. I believe it is him… // It’ll take some time for his relatives to arrive, so there hasn’t been an official confirmation yet. / I want you to meet them.


Otaro: …Were you friends with Inuzuka-san?

Akihiko: …He treated me very well.

Otaro: Well…I’d like you to come with me and see the body…

Akihiko: …Alright. Please wait a moment, I’ll get changed now.


Akihiko: …. // This is really bad! // Of all things, Inuzuka’s body was pulled up! // That’s why I hate fishing! It’s ruining the lake and my plan! // There are signs banning fishing on Lake Kagami anyway! // Damn it!


Text 1: Calm down…there’s no point in getting angry over this…

Text 2: It’s just that the body turned up sooner than expected…

Text 3: Rather than worrying about that…


Text: It’s important for me to respond carefully from now on…


Text 1: Come to think of it…

Text 2: The police coming here means that…the gasoline stain

Text 3: doesn’t seem to have been discovered yet.

Akihiko: Well, it doesn’t matter if they find it quickly…


Text 1: If the police had arrived later…

Text 2: Wouldn’t there have been the possibility of someone stepping on the pier and destroying the footprints I went to the trouble of faking…?

Text 3: The body was found sooner, so the police became involved sooner. It was unexpected, but there’s no doubt it saved me…

Otaro: Sorry…I want to warn you about one thing. / On the way there, I’d like you not to walk in places where you’ll leave any footprints. // Ah, the only thing here is the footprints I made earlier, so it’s okay.


Akihiko: …Footprints?

Otaro: It might turn out to be a case, so just to be on the safe side. // Has it been raining since yesterday? // When the ground gets muddy, clear footprints are left behind. // They may be Inuzuka-san’s footprints.

Akihiko: He’s taking the bait!


Text: If no footprints are found at Lake Kagami, I can lead them to think that I wasn’t walking around after the rainfall…

Akihiko: Are footprints important? Does that mean it was actually murder?

Otaro: It seems as if that’s a possibility.

Akihiko: …So you’re investigating the incident?

Otaro: I was sent here just in case. // What’s understood is that he drowned… // We still don’t know if it’s murder.


Akihiko: …It’s not an accident? // Suicide is unthinkable.

Otaro: …Of course it could be that. // But I can’t say for sure yet…


Text 1: Judging by his unmotivated attitude, he probably doesn’t think it’s murder…

Text 2: To think that the detective who came all the way here

Text 3: The way things are,

Text 4: the incident might be judged as an accident quicker than I thought!

Box: The crime has already been discovered…

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