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12 Nin no Yasashii Koroshiya ―LEO MURDER CASE― 10

Tohru (Part 2)


-> RTS Page for 12 Nin no Yasashii Koroshiya ―LEO MURDER CASE― 10

I did say 9 was my last chapter for this series, but I'm posting this one to help Muffin out~

This is the last chapter (kind of sad to see it go >_<), but it is an exciting one!



Text 1: “Stars”

Text 2: “The gears of destiny.”

Text 3: “The balance of fate.”

[sfx] tap

Yosuke: Welcome…

Text 4: On the slanted scales, there is only one weight you can choose…

Yosuke: …Leo.


Text 1:
The two who are guided.
The two who wander.

Text 2: CASE FINAL - Tohru (Part 2)


Woman: Are you serious…?

Tohru: Yes… // I’ll try to minimise the / inconvenience to the club as much as possible… // I’ll // quit being a host…

Woman: Wait! // What is this?! Explain it…!!


Women: Tohru told me he’s leaving the club!! // Hey…out of my way! // Is it true?! // Waah…Tohru! // Don’t grab me!

Makoto: Ah…well…

Women: No matter how many times I call, Tohru doesn’t answer! // What about Takashi?! Takashi hasn’t come in at all, right?! // Takashi might know something, right?! // Get him out here!

Rei: Takashi is… / That’s right! He has influenza!

Woman: Huh?! He has influenza now?! How long will this continue?!

Rei: Umm…

[sfx] tch


Maya: Hey. / I know you’re angry, but don’t let the customers see.

In panel: Oh no

Maya: Makoto-senpai // You’re scary.


Makoto: This might be / the end of the club. // You should probably think what you’ll do next…

Maya: I don’t think so… // I believe…


Yosuke: You can / take off the mask. // Today isn’t about work. // I called you here for a personal matter, Kotarou-kun. / Please take a seat. // Will you… / talk for a while…?


Yosuke: What are you thinking?

Takashi: The worst thing… // I’m an assassin… / I thought I was able to understand “that”… // It wasn’t something to “understand” though…

Yosuke: And what is “that”?


Takashi: Hate // The intent to murder…

Yosuke: Kotarou-kun / Seeing as you have come to the fortune teller, how about I tell your fortune once? // A one card // tarot reading.


Yosuke: Come / Please choose one card. // I’m sure that your “star”… / Your “choice” will shine…and become a fire.

Sensei: Are you really okay with that?

Tohru: Yes

Sensei: Namie-san has always been here… // Considering her condition, I think it’s better for her to be here… / You’re still going to transfer her…?


Sensei: Your heart’s already set on it… / I understand… // I’ll ask at the hospitals I know.

Tohru: Thank you very much.

Sensei: Hey… // Yuu-kun…


Sensei: Who are you // doing this for…? // You’re the type // who does things for other people’s sake. // So, for whose sake are you / abandoning your friends and the place you belong?


Sensei: Hey…why don’t you be // a little more honest about what you want? // Even if you choose that for someone else’s sake, / isn’t it that person who’ll take responsibility for that choice? // Because it’s you…


Sensei: So that you // don’t regret anything… // If there’s something you want, // then it’s okay to want it.

Tohru: Sensei


Tohru: Can I // see my mom?

Yosuke: “Strength”


Yosuke: This is your “star”… // The “strength” card depicts a ferocious lion baring its fangs and a woman holding its jaw. // The lion represents an aspect of their heart that someone cannot accept. / The shadow of the heart…it represents the dark side of a person…


Yosuke: The lion trapped within the cage of reason. // The many targets you have buried did not realise the existence of this beast. / As they did not realise, they were lead…


Yosuke: Only the hunters who possess “strength” // can proceed into the darkness and encounter // the lion that resides there. // The existence of that beast… / The truth of your heart…


Yosuke: Before long… / The pursuer that encounters the lion will desire control of that… // And the card shows this…the “strength” to control the lion is not the “cruelty” of a warrior…


Yosuke: It is…the “kindness” / symbolised by the woman… // Leo… // You stand before two choices… // Follow the beast’s voice and choose revenge… // Or abandon the “hate” that has held you up and forgive her…


Yosuke: Your choice doesn’t matter… // There is no right answer. // Each of our choices are small decisions, before “the will of heaven” they are equal to nothing… // Regardless of your choice, // the eventual outcome will not change…


Yosuke: But you must still make a choice. / The scales have become unbalanced. // You must choose one of two weights. / Whichever you choose, you will lose the other. // Make your choice… // As your heart desires…


Yosuke: But… // Kotarou-kun // There may be a small star / that is saved by your small decision. // Fate is that kind of thing…

Sensei: Her self mutilation has gotten worse… / She’s been restrained…

Tohru: Alright…


Tohru: Mom

Namie: Don’t…

Tohru: Hmm?

Namie: Don’t come near me… // You’re not…my son. / You look like “that man”…a loser! // You’re not my son!


Namie: I’m not a loser! I’m not a loser! I’m not a loser! I’m not a loser! I’m not a loser! I’m not a loser! // Kyaaaaa!

Tohru: Mom…

Namie: Kill…! // Kiiiillll! Kiiill…

Tohru: Mom…!


[No text]


Tohru: Kota…

Takashi: Don’t move…! / Don’t move…Tohru! // Why did you // kill my mom?


Takashi: Answer me!

Namie: Kill…


Takashi: I… / Unlike your son, I wasn’t always a nice guy… / I…

Boy: Waaaah!

Woman: What’s wrong?!

Boy: Ahhhh!

Woman: His arm…! Someone call the hospital…!

Boy: Ahh…it hurts…

Woman: Kotarou-kun…why did you do that?!


Woman: What’s the problem with your son?! / Breaking another child’s arm like that…!

Ayumi: I’m really sorry…!

Women: Demon…! // Kotarou-kun…is normally really cute… / But he’s kind of scary sometimes…


Kotarou: Mom…

Ayumi: Kotarou-kun… / Why did you do that…?

Kotarou: He called mom a mistress! / He made fun of you! He called you dirty! I’m gonna kill…

Text: Demon…!


Kotarou: Uh…uh…

Ayumi: Hey, Kotarou / Inside people’s hearts there are devils and angels…inside of me and you too… // When you make a friend cry or hurt them, one of those angels dies. / If you do that, everyone will hate you and you’ll be alone…are you okay with that?

Kotarou: I don’t want that…

Ayumi: Then become a // kind person, Kotarou…


Tohru: Kotarou…

Takashi: I’ll…


Takashi: I’ll forgive you… // I… / forgive you…

Tohru: ….

Text: It should be okay like this…mom…


Text 1: What an unfortunate person…

Text 2: Namie-san

Text 3: Do I look happy?

Text 4: That’s right…I’m definitely happier than you. You see…I noticed!


Text 1: “Happiness” is stretching out your hand and only finding places you can reach.

Text 2: I’m sure that Namie-san will also notice that someday…

Namie: Yuu…

Tohru: Mom…

Namie: I… // I… // killed someone.


Policeman: Are you the doctor in charge?

Sensei: Yes

Policeman: In that case, could you accompany us for the time being?

Sensei: There’s one more person…

Tohru: Sensei / I’ll come along later.


Sensei: Eh…?

Tohru: Kotarou…

Takashi: Tohru / You said this, didn’t you?


Takashi: That you’d return // what your mom took away…

Tohru: Yeah…

Takashi: That’s why you always helped me…?

Tohru: Yeah

Takashi: So that’s why you listened to my selfish requests?

Tohru: Yeah / That’s right…


Takashi: Tohru… / Thank you. // I’ll return…what you’ve given me so far.

Text 1: This is

Takashi: So listen to

Text 2: my choice.

Takashi: my last selfish request.


Takashi: Stay by my side from now on!


Takashi: Got it?

Tohru: Yeah…!

Text: Dawn is breaking.


Tohru: As you wish… // King…!

Maya: Ah…jeez! / Our top two really caused us trouble!

Makoto: Takashi…do you know how much trouble we were in?!

Takashi: I’m sorry…that’s enough, isn’t it?! / Why am I the only one being told off?!

Maya: Ah, Tohru-san…it’s about time!

Tohru: Takashi // I won’t // hold back anymore.


Maya: Oh no…you were holding back?

Makoto: It’s as if Tohru-san is feeling like No. 1 again. / Isn’t your place as king in danger, Takashi?

Takashi: Perfect…! // Good evening!

Text: The gears keep turning and morning comes.

Tohru: Welcome to Overlord!

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#1. by Queenofmuffins (MH Senpai)
Posted on Feb 28, 2010
Yuki-nee is da bomb! (I don't care how lame that sounds, it's true! :3)
#2. by yukihito (Registered User)
Posted on Feb 28, 2010
Thank you! XD
I hope you're having an awesome time out in Japan, Muffin-chan~ :3

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