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Are You Alice? 8

Bad End

+ posted by yukihito as translation on Feb 28, 2010 23:08 | Go to Are You Alice?

-> RTS Page for Are You Alice? 8

English: Scarlet Carnival

French: Oleo



Box: A sudden reunion…

Alice: Big… / sis…

[sfx] hehe

Girl: Alice, that’s no good. // You shouldn’t be taking a nap here. [Your back is covered in leaves.]


Yellow text: Wonderland’s mysterious fate…?

Blue text:
Art – Katagiri Ikumi
Story – Ninomiya Ai


Girl: You’ve got leaves all over your back.

Alice: A-Ah… [Sorry…]

[sfx] pat

Alice: That’s right… // I was…

Girl: You had another dream, didn’t you? / Alice


[sfx] riing


[sfx] rooooar

[sfx] click

Duchess: So why are / you doing that?! // You can’t shoot, Alice is in there!

Cheshire Cat: I didn’t think he’d actually get eaten.

In panel: Or perhaps I should say he was literally eaten!


Duchess: Cheshire Cat

Cheshire Cat: I’m okay.

Mad Hatter: He probably really didn’t look like Alice…

Duchess: …I don’t think so. // When I stopped him from going berserk… / many different thoughts entered my mind. // Those were the past and the regrets that had been abandoned by the people of this country…


Text 1: Sad and painful…

Text 2: “Nightmares”

Duchess: Everyone’s…feelings towards Alice. / “The Real Alice” should understand those more than I do. // I’m just a replacement.


Girl: Ta-da!


Girl: Ta-da!

Alice: Umm…I get it already! // What is this?

Girl: If there’s no bread, eat cake!

Alice: You made way too much again… / Your teacher loves sweet things, doesn’t he…

Girl: T-That’s not it! / I wanted Alice to eat them too. // Anyway, he’s / out today…


Alice: I’ll eat it, so give me a fork.

Girl: Okay!

[sfx] clink

Alice: I don’t need that many!


Alice: Anyway, you shouldn’t walk around outside by yourself.

Girl: Why not?

Alice: You mustn’t, no matter what.

Girl: But Dinah is with me, / I’m not alone.

Alice: So what if you got into a lot of trouble?

Girl: Like what kind?

Alice: Don’t keep interrupting!

Girl: But it’s bothering me…

Alice: Okay. // Well, for example…


Alice: You were // about to be killed by someone. // She probably wouldn’t be any use then.

Girl: …It’s not like that.


Girl: The Cheshire Cat always saves me when I’m in trouble.

Alice: …Cheshire Cat?

Girl: Yes // Wonderland’s Cheshire Cat. // He always looks like he’s having fun teasing people, // but the Cheshire Cat offers a lot of advice in order for Alice to reach the end of the story.

Alice: …He helps you?

Girl: That’s right.

Alice: But… / I’m Alice.


Girl: Hey, Alice… // Give me back my name.


Alice: Big sis…?

Girl: I’m Alice, you see. / I’m Alice in Wonderland. // Not you.

Alice: Hey / Wait, big sis! // I… // I won’t give that name to anyone. One Alice is enough and I’m that Alice.


Alice: I… / I’ve had enough of no one calling my name…no one acknowledging my existence… // I don’t want to live like / a piece of scrap paper anymore… // Didn’t you promise to / give me a name…big sis?

Alice [thoughts] No…I…! / Huh…? I can’t…

Text: speak properly!


Alice [thoughts] My body is moving by itself…

Alice: You’ve lived happily enough, right? / It’s my turn now.

[sfx bubbles] scratch

Alice: I’m…

Text: Wait…stop!

Alice: going to become Alice!


Text 1: Stop!!

[sfx] scratch

[sfx] thud

[sfx bubbles] scratch

Box 1: The man shot Alice and took away everything that belonged to her.

Box 2: Her happiness, her name

Box 3: And…

Text 2: even the story of Alice in Wonderland, whose fate it was to be happy.

Alice: Wha… / Huh… // Why… // Why…


Alice: This is / wrong… // I didn’t kill // Alice here… // It always rains / in the world // where I was born…

[sfx] shaaa


[sfx] shaaa

Alice: That’s right. // This is the right “story”…


White Rabbit: No, it’s not.

[sfx] slash

[sfx] crumble


[sfx] splash

[sfx bubble] tap

Mad Hatter: White Rabbit…


[sfx] thud

Duchess: Alice!

White Rabbit: …He’s not Alice.


White Rabbit: Hurry up and admit that!

Cheshire Cat: How unusual for you to meet us here, Little Rabbit. // I’ll come round to eat again soon.

[sfx] clank

Cheshire Cat: Ah! / He ignored me.

White Rabbit: I’ve got to hurry up and find a replacement… // I don’t have anymore time…


[sfx] sigh

Mad Hatter: He’s not Alice…? // What is he talking about? // He was the one who brought him here!

Cheshire Cat: The 89th Alice came to Wonderland of his own will.

Mad Hatter: Huh? // You’re keeping important things from me again…!

Cheshire Cat: Oh, I didn’t tell you?

Mad Hatter: The Queen of Hearts doesn’t know either…

Cheshire Cat: Of course not.


Cheshire Cat: You can do what you want with him. / Hatter

Duchess: It’s okay, he’s breathing. / Can you carry him to my house?

Cheshire Cat: Of course, mistress.

Mad Hatter: Hey! Don’t just do whatever you want!


Duchess: No one would get better in your dusty house!

Mad Hatter: Alice…

White Rabbit: Ah, I’m so very busy!


[sfx] tap

White Rabbit: Just how many pawns have died today? / If I don’t hurry up and bring my mistress…

[sfx] tap

White Rabbit: If I don’t complete the story, // Wonderland will disappear. // That’s right, I’ve got to find a replacement for the Duke. / The past and the regrets aren’t necessary in Wonderland, you see. // I’ve really got to hurry…

[sfx] tap


[sfx] shock

White Rabbit: *huff* / *huff* // Damn… / it…

[sfx] drip

White Rabbit: I’ve / got to // find Alice soon…

[sfx bubble] thud

White Rabbit: Don’t cry, Mary Anne… // You don’t have to worry about anything…


White Rabbit: The story where you continue to be killed… / I’ll… // put an / end to it… // I’ll… / save // you…

Text: Alice...

Box: Where is the real Alice…?

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