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Uta No Prince-sama 3

+ posted by yukihito as translation on Apr 4, 2010 13:10 | Go to Uta No Prince-sama

-> RTS Page for Uta No Prince-sama 3

Page 0.

Text 1 [top of page]
No Music, No Life
16 pages of Melodious Academy Love!

Haruka: Ittoki-kun... // Ah...umm...cheer up...

Text 2:
Uta no Prince-sama
Yukihiro Utako

Haruka: You just happened to do badly this time...I'm sure that next time...

Otoya: What do you mean "next time"?! // If this was a real audition, there wouldn't be a next time!

Box: Otoya realised the difference between their singing skills...

Page 1.

Haruka: Ittoki-kun...

Uta no Prince-sama
Art: Yukihiro Utako
Original Work: Kunozuki Kanon, Broccoli
Character Design: Kurahana Chinatsu

Tomochika: [Hey! Hey!] How did the test go? Haruka wrote your song, there's no way you didn't pass!

Masato: O-Of course I passed. / What about you?

Tomochika: Hehehe! I passed, of course!

In panel:
[Tomochika] Getting the top grade is really different! The top grade!
[Masato] Oh...?

Natsuki: I passed too~!

Tomochika: Ah...Nacchan!

Natsuki: I baked a cake to celebrate~ // Let's eat it together!

Page 2.

Tomochika: Hmm? // It feels really depressing in here all of a sudden...

Natsuki: Will you eat it with us, Otoya-kun?

Tomochika & Masato: He really doesn't understand the situation! / Pay attention to what's going on!

Otoya: I'm sorry, I don't have the right to eat that yet.

Tomochika: Ah...maybe I wasn't very considerate...

Masato: That's right...your punishment is to eat all of Shinomiya's cake!

Tomochika: Eww!!

Natsuki: Punishment?!

Page 3.

Otoya: We're not meant to be meeting up for another hour...

Haruka: Ittoki-kun... // I wondered if I could make some kind of plan for the test in two weeks... // So I came here a little early.

Page 4.

Haruka: You're coming to practice early too, Ittoki-kun? // Let's practice together then!

Otoya: I was always so proud... // I thought that my songs would be good if I believed they were. // But I was wrong. My singing was only as good as karaoke. // Even though I didn't want to, I realised that when I heard Tokiya singing. // At this rate, there's no way I'll become an idol like that person...

Page 5.

Haruka: That person? // Ah...I'm sorry, I asked a personal question.

Otoya: It doesn't matter... / It 's okay. Will you listen to my story?

Haruka: Y-Yes!

Otoya: I don't have any parents, so I was raised in an orphanage. // That's why I don't have many memories of my mom. // The only thing I remember was that she liked music / and she would often sing the songs by her favourite idols. // Idols give people dreams and hope, right? / Mom looked really happy when she was singing their songs...

Page 6.

Otoya: That's why I thought I'd like to become that kind of idol.

Haruka: I see! // So that's why your singing is so passionate!

Otoya: My singing is?

Haruka: Ah...yes! I understood your feelings completely! // I think that / even though you might not be as skilful as Ichinose-san, // your singing has heart.

Text: Heart...

Page 7.

Haruka: I think that's why even Ichinose-san couldn't stop looking at you.

Text: Tokiya...?

Otoya: But my recording was a mess... // Ichinose-san said that I wasn't even using half my ability that time.

Haruka: Just as I thought, he was acknowledging something about you. // Something that he didn't have... // I think that's your greatest asset.

Otoya: My...asset...

Haruka: There's no need for everyone to sing the same way! // You must have your own song.

Page 8.

Haruka: So how about we find it together? / Your song!

Otoya: Nanami... // Thank you...I'll try my best!

Haruka: Yes, let's try our best together!

Page 9.

Box: So we used as much of the remaining time as we could to practice together.

Otoya: Ah...the range is completely different from before! That's amazing, Nanami!

Haruka: I learned a lot of new things from reading books too... // But I think it's become even easier for you to express your feelings now.

Otoya: Up until now, I was just using my intuition to sing. / I understand that skill is necessary to express feelings after all. // Thanks, Nanami. I'm sure I just got discouraged because I was alone.

Haruka: That's not true...

Otoya: I'm glad I met you. I'm really glad I started attending this school.

Haruka: Me too, Ittoki-kun!

Otoya: Nanami...

Page 10.

Otoya: U-Umm... / If I pass the test... // No, never mind! I'll try my best in the test!

Haruka: Okay!

Page 11.

Ryuuya: Ah, he's changed a lot in two weeks!

Text 1: Ittoki-kun's singing is so carefree. He may not be as skilled as Ichinose-san, but he can captivate people with his singing.

Text 2: A song that makes you happy when you hear it.

Ryuuya: Following the written music isn't everything. He'll continue to change even more.

Natsuki: We've got to try our best too.

Masato: We definitely can't be careless.

Tomochika: Haruka, you're amazing! You stayed up late and helped!

Haruka: Thank you, Tomo-chan!

Tokiya: Skill is just a way of showing your feelings after all... / Which means that's what I don't have.

Page 12.

Otoya: What are you talking about? I wouldn't have been able to sing like this without hearing you sing. // You're amazing after all, Tokiya!

Tokiya: Otoya...

Otoya: Still, I don't have any intention of stopping yet! // I've got Nanami. // As long as I've got Nanami, I can aim higher! // Just you wait, Tokiya!

Tokiya: Yes...I'll look for it too... / My own song...

Haruka: Congratulations on passing the test.

Page 13.

Otoya: It really was thanks to you, Nanami.

Haruka: No, it's because your singing really was amazing!

In panel: I was fascinated! And...

Otoya: I didn't think I'd be able to sing like that. // Thanks, Nanami.

Text: Ittoki-kun's hand is warm...

Otoya: Nanami...your hand is so cold! What's wrong?!

Haruka: Umm...maybe because I was so nervous earlier?

Otoya: Were you nervous because of me?

Page 14.

Haruka: U-Umm...

Otoya: Hey...Nanami... / Can I call you something else?

Haruka: Eh?

Otoya: I want to...call you Haruka.

Page 15.

Cloud Text: You can't fall in love.

Haruka: Wow! The principal even watches over the students from the skies!

Otoya: I say it's more like he's checking up on them... [That was my chance...]

In panel:
[Haruka] Chance...?
[Otoya] Ah, nothing...

Otoya: Anyway, never mind about that!

Box: Everything's okay, right? Otoya passed the test and summer is finally here!

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