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Hajikeshi Oneshot : Hajikeshi Oneshot

+ posted by yukihito as translation on Apr 4, 2010 21:15 | Go to Hajikeshi

For imangascans



Text 1: Is there something embarrassing you want to erase?

Box: An up-and-coming mangaka makes their first appearance on GanGan Online!

Text 2: Hajikeshi


Title: Hajikeshi

Author: Nishizawa Shuuji


Shinzou: I'm gonna wash it away!


Mizuhara: Tamiya-kun is so clumsy!

In panel: Cute!

In panel:
Shinzou is cute!


Text 1: It's not like that, Mizuhara-san!

Text 2: I panic when I'm around you...!

Shinzou: Okay...

Text 3: Now today's embarrassment is forgotten.

Shinzou: In my mind. // Ah...


Ryouko: I've got good news for you!

Shinzou: Gyaaa! // You pervert!

Ryouko: We used to take baths together, didn't we?!

Shinzou: That was more than ten years ago! // Anyway...what's the good news, Ryouko-san? // The usual "Information about Mizuhara-san"?

Ryouko: No, that's not why I came today.


Ryouko: You might be able to give up that awful routine.

Shinzou: Awful?! // Anyway, I'll hear you out for now.

Ryouko: My fee. // Hmm... // That's right, a bakery just opened around here.

Shinzou: Damn it! // Fine!

Ryouko: Thanks for your business!


Is there something embarrassing you want to erase?

Ryouko: I heard about it from a friend of a friend.

Shinzou: That information just sounds suspicious! / I really wanna go home!

Ryouko: Huh? We've got this far already! // I've heard that it really works.

Shinzou: Eh~~~ // Ah! // He saw us... [He's telling us to come over!] // Well...let's just go in.


Takada: Sir, Madam...welcome. / I'm the secretary, Takada.

Shinzou: Secretary?

Ryouko: It said "office" on the front, right? [So wouldn't there be one?]

Takada: President Hime // You have a customer.

Ryouko: President Hime?!

Shinzou: The way he said "Hime" and "President"?!


[No text]


Takada: Just as the reading suggests // Hajikeshi is / the task of erasing shame...

Takada: If there's something you are ashamed of, // then we can make arrangements / for it to disappear completely, whatever it is.

Takada: However, / we will make a deal. // Only the people in this room will remember the incident. // Is that acceptable?

Shinzou: T-This is suspicious!


Ryouko: Try it, Shinzou!

Shinzou: She just came here to play around from the start?! [With me!]

Takada: You don't believe it, do you? // In that case, how about we erase one for free?

Ryouko: Really? // Umm... / Then... // The embarrassing poem written in Shinzou's student notebook... [Make it disappear.]

You are a white lily.
A poem about Hotaru Mizuhara-san
Shinzou Tamiya

Shinzou: How did you know about that?!


Shinzou: I want to go home and take a bath...

Takada: It's okay. / It's times like this that we erase your shame. // Come on, // look up.


Shinzou: Owww! // Something came out?!

Hime: This is

Shame: You are // a white lily!

Hime: your shame.

Shame: Small and cute... / I like you!


Shame: White...

Takada: Look at your student notebook.

Shinzou: Ah, okay! // The poem from my heart is disappearing...?!

Takada: It'll remain inside your heart.


Takada: Thanks for waiting.

Ryouko: Hey! // Are you done already?

Takada: What's written in this notebook?

Ryouko: Huh...? // The school rules...?


Shinzou: Wow! It's the real thing! // Thank you...thank you, Ryou! // Now I can get close to Mizuhara-san more quickly!

Ryouko: That's great!


Ryouko: My fee.


Ryouko: My fee.


Shinzou: What's the matter, Ryou?

Ryouko: Nothing! / About Mizuhara-san... // She seems to think your clumsiness is interesting. // You've been going to Hajikeshi recently, haven't you?


Mizuhara: Tamiya-kun... // doesn't seem as brilliant as before.

Ryouko: That's what she said.

Shinzou: That's so harsh!

Ryouko: So...it's better if you stop going to Hajikeshi, okay? // Anyway, I've got to stop by somewhere!

Shinzou: Okay...


[No text]


Shinzou: Hey. // You talked me out of it so you could come here and erase something? [You...]

Ryouko: There's no way I could have told you!

Shinzou: I'm going to forget anyway, it doesn't matter! // Show me something good for once!

Ryouko: Will you go home if I tell you?


Ryouko: I got rejected when I confessed to the guy I like. // Get it now? // Go home...

Shinzou: Your hair...

Ryouko: Huh?


Shinzou: You've always had a habit of touching your hair / when you're lying. // It's not unusual for you to lie, // but you wouldn't use someone else as an excuse.

Shinzou: You were trying to make me keep my distance // until I said Mizuhara-san's name?


Mizuhara: Ah~! / I want to become the kind of girl that Ryou-sama is!

In panel: Cool~

Ryouko: Even I want to be like you! // Despite your height, your armspan is 170cm!

In panel: Even though you have it pretty good...

Mizuhara: But you have someone who understands you, right?

Ryouko: Who?

Mizuhara: Eh? // Hmm? // You're dating Tamiya-kun, aren't you?

Ryouko: That's what she said!


Ryouko: It's embarrassing, right?! It's depressing, right?! // Apparently that's what everyone was thinking! // Because I was actually always around you, // I won't be able to deny it convincingly!

Ryouko: My honest opinion is that // there's still some hope for you and Mizuhara! // But it definitely won't go well at this rate!


Hime: Then... // Now that you feel ashamed of the time you spent together until now, // you're going to erase that shame?

Shinzou: That means...

Takada: Yes... / We can't say for sure...


Takada: but there's a high possibility that // it will be as if you two were never friends to begin with. // I explained that to her earlier.


Shinzou: You were going to... // do that without saying a thing?!


Takada: In that case... // Will you two have your shame erased together? // You should be the only ones who know about your relationship, / because the memories of the people in this room won't disappear.

Shinzou: That's right... // It's simple! // Ryou...?

Hime: Takada.

Ryouko: You're wrong.


Shinzou: Eh...? // Wait... // Ryou?!

Ryouko: Takada-san! / I'll pay for it! // Erase his shame!

Shinzou: There's no way you can do that! [Not the way things are going!] // Listen to me!


Mizuhara: You like Tamiya-kun, don't you? // I can tell just by looking. // That's so cute!

Mizuhara: I'm actually // a little jealous. // But... // I can't get in your way.


Ryouko: I honestly // expected this to happen. // Without thinking, I said that // I'd support you and followed you around. // I thought it was a good opportunity.

Ryouko: I want us to spend some time apart.


Ryouko: Let me // give up completely!


Ryouko: It's okay! // You'll remember it, you see. // If things work out with Mizuhara... // Just talk to me! // I'll be your friend again.


[No text]


Takada: Is that alright?

Text 1: I'm sorry.

Text 2: Ryou...


[No text]


Shinzou: Uhh~

Ryouko: I haven't forgotten! // You ran away after all, didn't you?! You useless guy! // Go there again!

Shinzou: There's no point.


Takada: Hime, Hime. // They won't disappear.

Shinzou: Being with her...


Shinzou: There's no way that // I'm ashamed of being with Ryouko.


Shinzou: Thanks. // You really were thinking of me... // I'm sorry, though. // All your preparation ended up going to waste.


Shinzou: We're friends, so will you accept me?

Ryouko: Huh?! // You're asking me out? / Ah..well... // Are you okay with that?!

In panel: I'll get mad!!

Shinzou: Well...

Ryouko: This is the first time I've heard something that sounds so much like a confession... [My heart is beating so fast...]

Shinzou: They told me to give you the fee back.

Ryouko: This is the wrong time to be returning it to me! [That's a terrible drawing!]


Shinzou: I guess I should write poems about you in my notebook now...

Ryouko: Huh? That's just creepy... // I'd forgotten about it!


Ryouko: I decided to // start dating Shinzou.


Mizuhara: O-Oh? / Oh no...

Ryouko: A-Ah...I'm sorry!

Mizuhara: Even though I was sure you'd given up... // Ryou-sama...

Ryouko: Me?! // W-Well...let's be friends from now on!

Mizuhara: Hmm~

Shinzou: I'm really glad that it didn't work... // I'm crying because I'm so relieved. [I'm sure that's it...]

Mizuhara: You're Tamiya-kun's girlfriend and a sister to me... // Sorry...I'm talking too much!


Hime: I'm hungry.

Takada: That's because you ended up not getting to eat any shame yesterday. // It's unfortunate that I can't feel full // because I don't know the feeling of shame.

Hime: What a useless secretary.

Takada: But if I was able to fall in love once, // then I might be able to experience shame.

Hime: You haven't fallen in love before?

Takada: Real love has always been most important to me.

Hime: I wish you'd just die.

Takada: Ah...your eyes are colder than ever.


Hime: At this rate, I'm going to die!

Takada: It seems like things will be okay.

Shinzou: You were there that time! / It got embarrassing all of a sudden!

Ryouko: I said it doesn't matter!


Shinzou: Please erase our shame!

Text: Their memories will never disappear...

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