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Are You Alice? 9

Bubblegum Music

+ posted by yukihito as translation on May 27, 2010 23:51 | Go to Are You Alice?

-> RTS Page for Are You Alice? 9

English: Scarlet Carnival

French: Zero Fantasy Scans // Oleo



Text 1 (page centre) Everything’s ready, let’s charge!!

Text 2:
Art: Katagiri Ikumi
Story: Ninomiya Ai


Box: The Mad Hatter’s past…

White Rabbit: Have you forgotten your name? // In that case, I’ll tell you.

White Rabbit: Your name is… // “Mad Hatter” // Hatter…


White Rabbit: Isn’t it perfect for you?

sfx: clatter

Queen of Hearts: “The Mad Hatter is the only one who can kill those hostile towards Alice.” // Only you can become Alice’s strength, Hatter.

Mad Hatter: Ridiculous. Why do I have to kill for someone I don’t even know? // I don’t even know who I am.

Queen of Hearts: You will listen to my orders, whether you like it or not.


Queen of Hearts: In Wonderland, it is only your time that is accurate. // If you ever want to stop it moving, then come to me anytime, Hatter. // I’m counting on you.

Text: This game won’t be over until the real Alice is found.


Text 1: What is Alice?

Text 2: Where is the real Alice?

Mad Hatter: Please stop // my time.

sfx: click


Duchess: Are you alright, Cheshire Cat?

Cheshire Cat: Yes.

Text: “Do what you want with him.”

sfx: clink

Mad Hatter: If this guy / isn’t Alice… // Then where is the real Alice now?


sfx bubble: sigh

Alice: Ah…

Fish: Glub.

Alice: Glub…

sfx: gyaaaaa

sfx: crash


Alice: D-D-Don’t s-s-scare me!!

sfx: punch

Fish: It was rude of you to try and punch me all of a sudden. / Glub.

Duchess: Alice!

Alice: You…

Duchess: I’m glad you’re awake!

sfx: flump

Duchess: I’m glad…


Alice: Ah…what about that guy?

Cheshire Cat: If you’re talking about my master, he was dealt with by the White Rabbit.

Alice: White / Rabbit?

Cheshire Cat: By the way, the Hatter is

In panel:
drinking tea.

sfx: clink

Cheshire Cat: I’ve got an appointment, so I’ll be leaving. // Take care, little Alice.

Alice: Ah… / Hey…

Duchess: Alice.


Duchess: It’s okay, let him go.

Alice: …

Duchess: …Bye bye, / Cheshire Cat.

sfx: slam


Cheshire Cat: Goodbye, / Mistress.

sfx: ting-a-ling

Duchess: Alice. / Thank you for this. [I made sure to clean it.]

Alice: A-Ah. [Thanks.]

Duchess: …I’ll tie it for you.

sfx: creak


Duchess: You’re feeling better now? / Tell me if you feel any pain.

Alice: No, I’m not hurt at all… // Anyway…what on earth happened? // Did I… / do something?

Duchess: You don’t / remember?

Alice: …Oh. // Oh? // So the White Rabbit dealt with him…

Duchess: Yes. / He cut him to pieces with a big sword.

Alice: Why…?

Duchess: Because he wasn’t useful anymore, / I suppose.

sfx: tighten


Alice: …Then you don’t have to be the replacement anymore.

Duchess: That’s right.

Alice: So you can live happily in Wonderland.

Duchess: …Yes.

Alice: …I see. / That’s great.

Duchess: Hey, Alice. I asked you this, didn’t I?


Duchess: Do you still want to become Alice?

Duchess: If you can live without looking back at the past... / If you want to become Alice, // you’ve got to keep moving forward. // No matter what.


Alice: …Yeah, I know. / I will // become Alice // so that my name won’t be taken away again.


Duchess: ….Okay.

sfx: clink

sfx: slurp

Mad Hatter: This has no flavour. // This is why I don’t like other people pouring me tea. / It’s not sweet at all. // Sugar, sugar…


Text: In my house, there’s no sugar for anyone who won’t pour tea for Alice.
By the Duchess

Mad Hatter: I’ll / make / that kid / cry one day!

Alice: What are you doing?

Mad Hatter: Alice…

Alice: Is it really the time for you to be relaxing and having tea? // You’re going to / kill the White Rabbit, aren’t you?


Duchess: You don’t need to go to this trouble.

sfx bubble: bow

sfx: pat pat

Duchess: Don’t apologise. // Useless people shouldn’t be in Wonderland. // It would be no good if I got in the way of Alice / reaching the goal…


Duchess: So my turn is already over.

sfx: tap

Duchess: A new Duchess will become Alice’s replacement.

Text 1:
89th Alice.
Will you be able to end this story?

Text 2:
Cheshire Cat.
Please help Alice.
Only you can help Alice.


…I know your regrets that want to forget Alice.
I know your nightmare that cannot forget Alice.

Duchess: Could you / tell that to my lovely pet?


Queen of Hearts: Even if he is unnecessarily tormented by that?

Duchess: …Well. // I wasn’t / able to become Alice. // I didn’t want to trouble him like Alice did. // So I kept on enduring it… / But…

Duchess: I should have let myself be jealous. // I should have acted like a spoilt child. // Those are / my regrets.


Queen of Hearts: I’ll make sure / to tell him.

Duchess: Thank you very much. / Your Majesty.

Duchess: Cheshire Cat.


Text: I love you.

Woman: …What’s wrong?

Cheshire Cat: Nothing… / I just felt a little lonely.


Cheshire Cat: Where will I go home to now?


Duchess: Hey. // There’s something I’d like you to tell me before I disappear. // You were the only one whose figure I didn’t see inside of the pitch black ink. // Your regrets. // Your past.


Duchess: Mad Hatter. / Why are you in Wonderland?

Box: Will the question be answered?

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#1. by Asdys ()
Posted on Jul 27, 2010
yay thanks!
and one thing, why does it say in chap 10 that the page doesn't exis?
#2. by yukihito ()
Posted on Aug 2, 2010
You mean the translation page? It does exist, I just made it private because someone was using the TL without permission. But I can PM you the link if you want, just let me know~

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