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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Hakuouki Jurenka Special : Todo Heisuke Hen Part 2

+ posted by yukihito as translation on Jul 8, 2010 14:52 | Go to Hakuouki Jurenka


Text 1: Since that day 6 months ago when Heisuke-kun and Saitou-san left the Shinsengumi as Goryoueji

Text 2: I’ve had a feeling

Text 3: that something bad might happen…


Text 1: That time

Text 2: I missed your

Text 3: bright

Text 4: and heartbreaking

Text 5: smile.


Text 1: Since Heisuke-kun went away, life seems very quiet.

Text 2: I miss the times we were together…

Text 3: Heisuke-kun…

Chizuru: It’s no good / thinking that/ I want to see him… // Ah! / Sorry.

Saitou: It’s alright.


Chizuru: Sa… / Saitou-san?! // Why are you here…? / Didn’t you become a member of the Goryoueji?!

Text: “Contact between the Shinsengumi and the Eji is forbidden!”

In panel text: Seppuku

[Seppuku – Ritual suicide practiced by samurai.]

Saitou: The captains were saying that / the leaders will meet together soon.


Kondou: So… / You joined Itou and the others as a spy.

Saitou: By being a member of the Goryoueji for half a year, / I understood that Itou-san and the others are clearly hostile towards the Shinsengumi.

Saitou: And… / They are also planning to kill Captain Kondou.

Hijikata: Unfortunately, / the only thing we can do it kill Itou-san.

Text 1: The truth told to us by Saitou-san upon his return…

Text 2: Hijikata-san immediately gave the order to suppress the Goryoueji.


Hijikata: Saitou-san and I will call for Itou and entertain him, then kill him when he is drunk.

Hijikata: After that, we will use Itou’s body as a reason to summon the rest of the Eji, then we will beat them in one go. / Shinpachi and Harada will be the ones to do that…I’m counting on you.

Chizuru: Wa… / Wait. // The Goryoueji…what will you do about Heisuke-kun?

Hijikata: If he attacks us, then we will kill him.

Chizuru: No… / You’re saying it doesn’t matter what happens to him?!


Kondou: Yukimura-kun. // It’s okay. // Even Toshi’s true feeling is that he wants to help Heisuke-kun.

Kondou: If he didn’t he wouldn’t have gone to the trouble of choosing Harada-kun and Nagakura-kun.

Chizuru: Ah… // I’m sorry for getting angry…

Kondou: Everyone likes Heisuke-kun so much. / Harada-kun, Nagakura-kun…we’re counting on you.


Chizuru: Umm… / Please wait.

Box 1: If Heisuke-kun can be convinced,

Box 2: then he should return to the Shinsengumi.

Chizuru: Please let me go too.


Harada: They should be coming soon… / Are you okay, Chizuru?

Chizuru: Yes. // Heisuke-kun… // I’m going to save you!

Harada: They’re here. // Let’s go!


Men: Shinsengumi!! / Itou-sensei’s enemies!

Chizuru: Heisuke-kun! // Heisuke-kun! // Heisuke-kun!

Heisuke: Chizuru?! // You…


Heisuke: You idiot! / Why did you come to such a dangerous place?

Chizuru: Heisuke-kun… / I… // I… // I want you to come back to the Shinsengumi…

Chizuru: Kondou-san and even Hijikata-san feel the same way. / Everyone does… // Everyone is waiting for you.


Heisuke: But it’s too late… // I thought that I was following Itou-san for the sake of the country…

Chizuru: You still think that now?!

Heisuke: Well…

Man: Toudou!!


Man: What are you doing?! / She’s a Shinsengumi too! // I’ll kill her! // Move!


Heisuke: Ugh…

Man: Gah…

sfx bubbles: huff

Chizuru: Heisuke-kun!!


Heisuke: Uh… / Damn it…

Chizuru: Hold on…

sfx bubbles: huff

Heisuke: I attacked one of my allies! // I’m a failure as an Eji. // I ended up following Itou-san…but that doesn’t matter to me now…

Heisuke: Now…I just wanted to protect you…


Chizuru: Heisuke-kun?!

Heisuke: I wanted to… / protect you more… // Hehe… / So uncool…


Box 1: If Heisuke-kun comes back to the Shinsengumi…

Box 2: We could be together again, like before…

Text: Together…


Box: After that…

Text 1: On the verge of death from his injuries. Heisuke-kun took the “Ochimizu”.

Text 2: His wounds healed in an instant and he returned to the Shinsengumi unbelievably quickly.

Text 3: But as a “Rasetsu”…


Box: “Rasetsu”

Text 1: A forbidden existence that gains superhuman powers such as increased strength and healing powers from a medicine called “Ochimizu”.

Text 2: However, people who have become “Rasetsu” cannot be active during the day.

Text 3: When they transform, they are no longer themselves and lose their humanity.

Text 4: Also…

Text 5: Using their power drains their life.

Text 6: It is their fate to eventually turn to dust and disappear.


Chizuru: Heisuke-kun…are you there?

sfx bubble: clatter

Heisuke: Chizuru… / What is it?

Chizuru: Sorry… // I was wondering how you were.

Heisuke: I don’t even have scars. / It bothers me because I get attacks sometimes though…

Chizuru: Ah… // I’m sorry. / It’s because you protected me…


Heisuke: What are you talking about? // It was my choice to drink the Ochimizu and protect you.

Heisuke: Even though I thought it was my decision to follow Itou-san… / I wonder what it really was… // I’m always regretting things and getting lost…

Chizuru: Heisuke-kun?

Heisuke: [Hey!] It’s time for you to sleep now!

Chizuru: W-Wait… / We don’t get to see each other much, so just a little longer…


Heisuke: I can’t do anything about that. / I’ve become a monster, so we live at different times.

Chizuru: Goodnight…

Text 1: Time passed by…

Text 2: The Shinsengumi became the target of the new governmental army…

Text 3: and we moved to Aizu.

Chizuru: Heisuke-kun…I wonder what he wants to talk about. // Excuse me.


Heisuke: Sorry for calling you out so late.

Chizuru: H-Heisuke-kun?! / W-W-W-What…

Heisuke: Wha…you’re getting too excited… // Hijikata-san said these clothes would be better if we’re using guns…

Chizuru: [Ahhh!] His hair completely changed too! He’s like a different person!


In panel text: Ah…

Chizuru: Eh… // Guns…?

Heisuke: Yeah.

In panel text: My neck feels cool…

Heisuke: I’m going to the north by myself.

Hijikata: It won’t be any good if this gets out… // We can’t send anyone from the main army. / The only one who can go is you, who is believed to be dead…

Heisuke: I understand.


Heisuke: I thought I’d leave without saying anything, // but I wanted to tell you after all…

Chizuru: No… / It’s too dangerous for you to go alone in your condition. // Right! I’ll go too! / If it’s just me, then I can even convince Hijikata-san somehow…

Heisuke: You can’t. // This is a job for someone that’s already dead.


Chizuru: What are you saying…? / You’re alive like this…

Heisuke: Am I? / I avoid the sunlight. I spend everyday living in fear of attacks and disappearing… // I don’t really know whether I’m dead or alive anymore.

Heisuke: As you know, anyone who uses this medicine turns to dust. // I feel like that time is nearing. / It wouldn’t be strange if I disappeared.


Heisuke: I’m already dead anyway… // I might as well leave this world with a bang and take some enemies with me…

Text 1: So he’s going to the North alone? Going to face the fear of attacks and disappearing by himself… Fighting by himself…

Text 2: Will he be satisfied dying like that? Seriously…


[No text]


Chizuru: ~~~~ // I… / I was… // happy. // Happy you were alive, even if you were Rasetsu. / Even though we’re together / like this…

Text: I don’t think I can understand how much Heisuke-kun is suffering.


Text: But…

Chizuru: Saying something like that / and trying to die is just cruel!

Chizuru: I won’t give up. / I’ll go with you. // And when we get back, I’ll find a way to get your body back to normal.

Heisuke: Even though you don’t know if there is one…


Heisuke: You say you’ll go and look for one, / but my legs might turn to dust soon.

Chizuru: Then… / I’ll support you.

Heisuke: Even if it becomes within your reach, my arms might crumble and disappear right away…

Chizuru: Then I’ll stretch out my hand instead of you!


Chizuru: I’ll find a way to keep you alive… // No… / A way for me to live together with you... // I want to find it, no matter what!

Heisuke: I… // I can’t become positive right away even if you say that. / I can’t think there is a way to save my body.


Heisuke: But I think I can believe in you, the one who believes that. // Even if I don’t know when my body will disappear. // I’ll try to live a little longer for you.


Heisuke: If I’m with you, then it doesn’t matter if I’m Rasetsu, // I can believe there’ll be a time when I’m able to smile like I did in the past. // Let’s go!

Box 1: Headed towards their future…

Box 2: End

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