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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Hakuouki Jurenka Special : Saitou Hajime Hen Part 1

+ posted by yukihito as translation on Jul 8, 2010 14:54 | Go to Hakuouki Jurenka

Page 0.

Text 1: Quietly telling the story of his life…

Saitou: I was born left-handed. // Because of that, I could never get a license, no matter where I went.

Text 2: While headed towards battle, knowing that it was a losing fight,

Text 3: Saitou-san sighed as he spoke

Text 4: under the beautiful night sky.

Text 5: He had the same expression as usual on his face,

Text 6: but it seemed to be really lonely…

Page 1.

Text: Leave your transient destiny to the cherry blossoms.

Page 2.

Text: Will it be the sword or dreams that I hold in my hand?

Page 3.

Saitou: I was born left handed. // Because of that, I could never get a license, no matter where I went.

Saitou: As soon as I held a shinai, I was called clumsy and my grip was corrected. // But I could never beat the guys who said that.

Saitou: Well, what is true strength? // A long time ago, that was all I thought about.

Chizuru: A long time ago… // Do you have an answer now?

Page 4.

Saitou: It’s simple. // The one who strikes decisively and wins is the stronger person. // That was what I thought.

Text 1: But…

Text 2: The truth was different…

Page 5.

Text 1: Before the Shinsengumi was formed, I challenged the apprentice of a hatamoto.

[Hatamoto – A samurai employed directly by the Tokugawa Shogunate.]

Text 2: Although I was sure I’d won, I ended being accused of a crime and forced to become a masterless samurai.

Saitou: It was originally a samurai’s job to kill people, / but if he actually kills someone, he’s a criminal. // Is there anything as contradictory as this?

Text 3: The word “swordsman” which appeared in Saitou-san’s conversation was extremely important to him…

Text 4: However, I don’t think there are many people that could share those feelings with him.

Text 5: While he had a rare style of fighting, he was denied by everyone.

Text 6: Saitou-san might be too concerned about “samurai” and “strength”.

Page 6.

Saitou: Then when I become a masterless samurai, I escaped to Kyoto where I finally // found a way to make use of my sword.

Saitou: The Shinsengumi are very similar to my image of samurai. // I thought that I’d finally met people I could talk to. // Until now, the blade I have kept on sharpening hasn’t been any use in this corrupt world.

Page 7.

Saitou: But this sword // is proof that I’ve kept on winning.

Text: Saitou-san…

Box: Now time starts to go back a little…

Page 8.

Box 1: In the third year of Keio, power was restored to the emperor and the shogunate disappeared. / The Satsuma clan, who were supportive of overthrowing the shogunate, all gathered together when they heard this.

[Third year of Keio – 1867]

Box 2: The Shinsengumi, who kept order in Kyoto, had been observing the Satsuma clan and got involved in a dispute with them.

Shinsengumi: We’re back!

Chizuru: Ah, welcome back!

Harada: As usual, Kyoto’s winter chills me right to the bone.

Nagakura: Jeez…getting asked to lead the troops so early in the New Year…! // I haven’t even had time to eat zouni yet!

[Zouni – A New Year dish, rice cakes cooked with vegetables]

Inoue: Hahaha…you’re always saying things like that, Nagakura-kun!

In panel text: But going to sleep at New Year’s after eating rice cakes is the best!

Chizuru: How are things outside?

Saitou: There weren’t many problems just now.

Chizuru: I see…

Box 3: I don’t know what will happen from now on…

Page 9.

Box: But I’d prefer it if we could have a peaceful time on this special day…

In panel text:
Ah, the zouni is ready, Nagakura-san!
Really?! That’s great, Chizuru-chan!
It’s Edo style though.
No problem!

Nagakura: What?! / It’s not like an earthquake happened all of a sudden! // What’s going on?!

Page 10.

Box: The roaring sound that echoed because of the ground breaking / was caused by the cannons that the Satsuma clan had set up at Ryuuunji next door.

Chizuru: Kyaaaa!

Hijikata: It seems that the building is being quite badly damaged.

Chizuru: Hijikata-san!

Hijikata: I’ve left the command of the main army to Kondou-san. // Now we’ll attack…

Harada: Now you’re talking!

Nagakura: We’ve got to try! // Sacchou had better watch out!

Page 11.

Hijikata: Gen-san, I’ll leave protecting this place to you. // I’ll be leading the troops to attack the stronghold.

Inoue: Ah, leave it to me, Toshi-san!

Box: Then…

Text 1: The troops lead by Hijikata-san, Nagakura-san and Harada-san head to the Gokouguu, where the Satsuma stronghold is.

Text 2: Saitou-san went to Ryuuunji to try and stop the gunfire.

Text: And I…

Saitou: You stay here.

Chizuru: Ah…

Saitou: We can’t guarantee that you’ll stay alive this time.

Page 12.

Chizuru: All I could do was pray for everyone’s safety…

Box 1: I wonder how long it’s been since then…

Box 2: The Satsuma army eventually attacked the magistrate’s office too.

Box 3: None of the units could be called back, and those who had stayed behind were unable to protect this place…

Chizuru: I’ll go and send a message!

Inoue: It’s too dangerous for you to go to the stronghold. // I want you to go to Ryuuunji, where Saitou-kun is and tell him to return immediately.

Page 13.

Inoue: You’ll leave through the back entrance / while we distract the Satsuma forces.

Text 1: I’ve got to hurry…

Text 2: to where Saitou-san is…!

Man: As you are human…

Page 14.

Man: I’m surprised that there is someone able to fight me. / It’s impressive. // But a human is human after all. // So this is your limit then?

Chizuru: Saitou-san!

Page 15.

Chizuru: Something bad happened! Satsuma’s army is at the Fushimi magistrate’s office!

Saitou: What?

Chizuru: Stop attacking Ryuuunji and return to the magistrate’s office! // Leave here for now…if you don’t hurry… // Inoue-san and Yamazaki-san will…

Page 16.

Man: Well… / Out of consideration for your strength, I’ll leave now. // But be careful. // Kazama wants that girl.

Man: Kazama is much stronger than me. // It’s impossible for a human to protect her. // I don’t recommend working together with her.

Page 17.

Saitou: I went up against an unarmed opponent…

Chizuru: Eh…

Saitou: It’s nothing. We’ll return to the magistrate’s office with everyone. // We don’t have much time.

Chizuru: O-Okay!

Text 1: After that, we hurried

Text 2: to everyone, who had been waiting for Saitou-san’s help.

Text 3: But…

Chikage: Where are you hurrying to?

Page 18.

Chikage: Long time, no see. / You’re still with those weak guys?

Chizuru: Why now?! // Y-You’re…

Saitou: Stay back.

Chizuru: B-But…

Saitou: Just stay back.

Page 19.

Chikage: Oh? You’re thinking of fighting with me? Hehehe…very well… // I couldn’t wait to kill a rare female demon, so I came to take her away though…

Chikage: To think that // a weak human would challenge me to a fight. What a fool.

Page 20.

Chikage: You’ll regret pointing your sword at a demon // when you’re in hell!

Page 21.

Chikage: Behind you.

Chizuru: He’s gone?!

Saitou: Uh…

Page 22.

Chikage: I’m behind you // again.

sfx bubble: uhhh

Chizuru: Saitou-san!!

Page 23.

Chikage: Well, well. // What a foolish and fragile creature. // What’s the matter? You look like you’re in pain. // Do you hate me?

Page 24.

Chizuru: Saitou-san!! // Please don’t stand up again! / I’ll // just have to go with him!

Page 25.

Chizuru: That way, you’ll be saved…!

Chikage: Well, well. // The female demon is trying to help you. // How about you be obedient and accept what she says?

Chikage: If you run away from here and keep quiet, no one will know…

Saitou: Even if no one is looking, / I don’t intend to give in to you!

Saitou: If I ran away from here, I’d be betraying what’s important in my heart. // This girl and my subordinates…I’ll use my hands and my sword…

Page 26.

Saitou: to protect them.

Chikage: Hahaha! // Protect? With your beat up body? // Very well then!

Page 27.

Chikage: What’s so important? Your insignificant pride? Your worthless honour?

Chizuru: No…please… // Stop… // Stop it already!

Page 28.

Chikage: Cutting up a motionless body is more boring than I imagined.

Page 29.

Chikage: Saitou, / can you beat me? Can you protect // what’s important to you? // Very well…

Page 30.

Chikage: I’ll give you one chance.

Chizuru: That’s… // Ochimizu…?!

Page 31.

Chikage: What will you do? // Will you drink that, become a false demon and fight me? // Or… // Will you die with the pride of a human in your heart?

Page 32.

Chizuru: You can’t! // Saitou-san!

Page 33.

sfx bubble: uh

sfx bubble: guh

sfx bubble: uh / ah

sfx bubble: ah

Page 34.

Box: Everything is to protect what’s important!

Chizuru: Saitou-san!

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#1. by DelGrecco ()
Posted on Jul 14, 2010
Glad to see the summer hasn't kept you from projects, it's always fun to see more of your wonderful work. Congratulations! I however have slowed to a crawl this summer :)
#2. by yukihito ()
Posted on Jul 20, 2010
No, it hasn't! I've been working hard to catch up because I had no internet for almost two months. Well, it's better to go and enjoy your summer, so don't worry about getting back to projects ^^ Thank you for commenting~

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