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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Ibitsu 2

The Trespassing Girl

+ posted by yukihito as translation on Oct 19, 2010 20:50 | Go to Ibitsu

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Hikari: Wow~~~!!! // That's unusual! Your room is still clean! // I'm impressed!

Kazuki: Still clean...? You came just the other day, right?

Hikari: I did, but you always make another mess right away!


Kazuki: Hey, what's that? Food?

Hikari: Unfortunately, it's makeup!

Kazuki: Huh...you're no use.

Hikari: I wonder if you should be saying that... // Tada! Mom gave me this // and told us to get some food together!

Kazuki: Alright~! I was short on food money this month!

Hikari: I thought you might be, so I asked mom for some ♥

Kazuki: Whoa! Great job, sis!

sfx bubbles: tap


Hikari: Bro! Why are you looking at the trash dump? That's gross~

Kazuki: Gross...? Hey...


Text: Chapter 2 – The Trespassing Girl


Girl: Brother... // Brother... // Bro... // Brother... // Brother... // Brother... // Brother... // Brother... // Brother...

Dog: Woof! // Grrr... // Woof! // Woof! // Woof! // Woof! // Whimper...


Building Sign: Design College

Kazuki: What are you doing, Gotou?!

Gotou: Ah...umm...I thought you // might be able to get over that bad experience?

Kazuki: Liar.


Gotou: Gyaa! Her head! // I went to the trouble of buying that in Akiba!

Miyama: So what happened to the crazy lolita?

Kazuki: She was looking through my trash, // so I set her straight and got her to leave! // She wasn't around this morning, so I don't think she'll come again!

Miyama: I see. That's great!

Gotou: But there's got to be another explanation for why you look so relaxed! // I bet you watched that DVD I gave you!

Kazuki: Huh?

Gotou: It was good, right? It's one of my recommendations!

Kazuki: Oh, that. I threw it out.

Gotou: What~~~?! You!! Rejecting a guy's friendship!


Sign: Rubbish Collection Day

Kazuki: Mmm...

sfx bubble: click


sfx bubbles: creak

Kazuki: Ah...Hikari? // Oh well...you missed the last train again, huh?


Kazuki: There are clean sheets on the table, lay them out yourself and go to sleep...

sfx bubbles [2] rustle

sfx bubble: munch

sfx bubble: crunch

sfx bubble: munch

sfx bubbles [3] crunch

Kazuki: She's eating something she got from a convenience store...?

sfx bubbles: crunch

Kazuki: That's a weird noise. What's she eating?

sfx bubbles: slurp

Kazuki: Hey! Eat a little more quietly!


Girl: Ah...

sfx bubbles [2] sniff

sfx bubbles [7] sniff

Kazuki: What's she doing?!

sfx bubbles [2] bzzz

Kazuki: Who'd be calling at this time? // Yes...hello...

Hikari: Hiya, bro? // Hmm? Can you hear me?

Kazuki: A call from Hikari? No way!


Kazuki: Then who's in my room?!

Hikari: Hello?

Text: There's no one here...was I half-asleep?


Kazuki: Whoa! Damn, I'm gonna be late! // Shit! I wasn't able to sleep after that! // What's this?

Kazuki: Hikari has a weird way of using makeup. // Is that popular with high schoolers now? // Anyway, she should have gotten rid of it!

sfx bubble: rustle


Kazuki: I'm not gonna have enough money unless I cook for myself today... // Going to the supermarket is kinda embarrassing...

Kazuki: Ah!! // Whoa! // Uh oh, it's my landlady! // Ahh!

Landlady: Oh! Well, if it isn't Kazuki-kun!


Kazuki: Ah...hello. Good evening...

In panel text: I'm sure she was just over there...

Landlady: I just happen to have something to tell you! // I'm going to have trouble if you don't hurry up and sort it out!

Kazuki: What a pain~ She's gonna bother me about my room again.

Landlady: Make sure you return it! // The key!

Kazuki: The key?

Landlady: Three days ago, your younger sister forgot hers, so I lent her my master key.

Kazuki: Eh...really? I'll ask her now.

Landlady: Oh, you didn't know about it? I suppose it can't be helped then.


Hikari: Hello! What's the matter, bro?

Kazuki: I just wanted to ask something. // Did you borrow a key from the landlady when you cleaned up three days ago?

Hikari: Eh? I didn't borrow the key.

Kazuki: Huh? Really?

Hikari: I didn't come to clean your room three days ago anyway.

Text: What does this mean?!

Kazuki: What are you talking about? Three days ago... // My room was clean because...


Hikari: I cleaned your room two weeks ago.

Text 1: No way...she was the one who cleaned my room?!

Text 2: No...that's not possible...

Hikari: Hello? Can you hear me? Bro? // I'm going to your house now! / I left the makeup I bought the other day there!


Kazuki: Makeup? // Didn't you throw that away?

Hikari: What are you talking about? I wouldn't throw it away before even using it.

Kazuki: ...Before using it?

Text: Even though the lipstick looked like it had been used...

sfx bubbles: crunch


Text 1: No way...

Text 2: I thought I was just half asleep...

Text 3: But that really happened...?!

Text 4: The person I thought was eating something...

Kazuki: Someone... // came into my room without permission...!


Text 1: It was her!

Kazuki: Hello, Hikari? Can you hear me?

Landlady: Hey! What about the key?! // What did your careless sister say?!

Landlady: Hey! I'm still talking! // I haven't seen my dog Sunny since yesterday! // Catch him if you see him!

Text 2: It's got to

Text 3: be her!


Kazuki: That lolita // sneaked into my room and did it! // Don't go near my apartment! Got it, Hikari?

Hikari: Huh?


Hikari: I'm already in front of your apartment.

Kazuki: Is there a strange girl nearby?!

Hikari: Girl? // Ah, is your girlfriend coming or something?

sfx bubbles: tap

In panel text: Then all the more reason to see her.


Kazuki: It's not like that! She might be dangerous! // Don't go to my apartment! Go home today!

Hikari: It's okay. I'll go right home after I get my makeup. // I'm right in front of your door now, and coming again would just be annoying ♥ // Oh?

Kazuki: What? // What's the matter, Hikari?!

Hikari: There's a noise coming from inside.

Text: No way...that lolita!!!


Hikari: Hehehe...well, I'm going in!

Kazuki: Stop! Don't go, Hikari! // Hikari! Hikari!

sfx bubble: bzz

Kazuki: She hung up?!

sfx bubbles [2] beeeep

sfx bubbles [2] beep

Phone: The number you have dialled is currently...

Kazuki: This is ridiculous! Why can't I get through?!


Kazuki: Damn it!! // Hikari!!

Hikari: I'm coming in!


Hikari: Oh? // Weird...it's pitch black. No one's here then?

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