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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Ibitsu Gaiden 6.5

The Corridor of Dolls: Ibitsu~Another Story~

+ posted by yukihito as translation on Oct 19, 2010 21:33 | Go to Ibitsu

I'm finally catching up with this series! It's a year after I translated the first chapter...but better late than never, right? XD



sfx bubbles [2] creak

Yuki: Hey, Kaori...

sfx bubbles [3] creak

Yuki: Doesn't that sound weird?

Kaori: You think so?

sfx bubbles [2] creak

Kaori: Isn't it just the trees?

Yuki: I suppose so...


Yuki: Hey! Can't you guys run properly?!

Yuuji: We were just kidding! Didn't we look like that musclehead coach?

Yuki: Yuuji! Satoshi!

Satoshi: You were scared, right?

Yuki: N-No way! And you didn't look like the coach!

Kaori: Hey, you! / Isn't he more like that?

Yuuji: Tch! Kaori does it way better! // But doing club activities in summer vacation is pretty depressing.

Yuki: Makes you want to do something interesting, right?


Kaori: Alright then! / Let's have a fear test!

Satoshi: Fear test?

Kaori: There's an abandoned building near the freeway that's supposed to be haunted. How about going there?

Yuki: Sounds interesting! Let's go!

Satoshi: Yuki...I thought you hated stuff like that...

Yuki: It's okay! I wanna go!

Satoshi: Alright, then let's go!


Side Story
The Corridor of Dolls: Ibitsu~Another Story~

Sign: No Entry

Yuuji: Whoa...it's pretty creepy.

Yuki: Yeah...seems dangerous...


Yuuji: But... // There really are a lot of couples around here... [They're deadbeats too...]

In panel text: Better not make eye contact...

Satoshi: Hey, there's somewhere we can get in over there!

Yuuji: Huh? This place is a mess. Was there a fire or something?


Yuuji: Whoa! Dead bodies?!

Satoshi: Calm down. // They're just dolls!

Yuuji: Huh? I was scared...

Kaori: This abandoned building...it belonged to a famous doll maker named Mikasai. // See...


Kaori: The story is that Mikasai set fire to himself here.

Satoshi: So the story is true then...


sfx bubbles [2] cough

Yuki: Hey, Satoshi! You're making Kaori cough! // You're smoking again, even though you promised to quit!

Satoshi: Sorry...I wasn't thinking. Don't get so angry, Yuki!

In panel text: Throw away that cigarette.

Yuuji: Come on, don't fight. / Well, what are we gonna do about the fear test?

Yuki: It might be kinda scary, but why don't we split into two groups? // How about we try to reach the top floor and write our names on the wall?

Satoshi: Okay! Then I'll go with Yuki from here!

Kaori: See you on the top floor!


Yuki: T-This is scary...I'm sure a ghost is gonna appear!

Satoshi: If you hate it that much, then why'd you say you'd come?

Yuki: There's actually an urban legend about this place.

Satoshi: What's that?

Yuki: It's called “The Wall of Happiness”. / If a couple write their names of the top floor of an abandoned building, // they'll be happy together forever.


Yuki: Kaori recently broke up with her boyfriend. // She seemed kinda unhappy. // I want her to forget about her old boyfriend.

Yuki: Yuuji doesn't like Kaori, so I thought an urban legend might make it work.

Satoshi: But...being an “old lady matchmaker” at your age?

Yuuji: Great job, Yuki! // Now it's easy for me to confess to Kaori! // And a haunted place // is great for this and that!


Yuuji: W-Whoa!

Kaori: Kyaa!

Yuuji: S-Sorry! // H-Huh? You're not angry?


Kaori: I want you.

Yuuji: N-No way!


Yuki: I wonder if they're getting on okay...

Satoshi: Hey, why don't we... // Hey, we've already been dating for six months. // You should trust me now.

Yuki: I can't do that. You broke your promise and started smoking again. // Anyway, keep a look out for ghosts!

Kaori: KYAAA!

Yuki: W-Was that scream just now Kaori?!

Satoshi: Huh? / Did Yuuji attack her or something?


sfx bubbles [2] shiver

Yuki: Kaori, are you okay?!

Satoshi: H-Hey! What the hell happened?! // Where's Yuuji?!

Kaori: I don't know...I don't know. // But...a dark shadow attacked... // and Yuuji...


Yuki: No way...a ghost...

Satoshi: That's impossible! It must have been one of the deadbeats out front. // I'm gonna go look for him!


Satoshi: Shit! Where did you go, Yuuji?

Yuki: These dolls look like they could move any minute! // Creepy!

Kaori: That because they're “Ultimate Dolls”.


Yuki: What are those?

Kaori: When Mikasai lost his wife in an accident, his personality changed. // At that time, he said this to a friend...

Kaori: “Humans...love...are such short-lived and fragile things...” / “I'll make something that lasts for eternity”.

Kaori: Then he worked here until he committed suicide, // creating “Ultimate Dolls”.

Yuki: Don't talk about that now!


Yuki: Ah... // KYAAA!


Yuki: What is that? What on earth is it?!

Kaori: I-It must be a doll!

Satoshi: What's the matter? // Hey, what is this? // This is the // only room without dolls.

sfx bubbles [2] creak


sfx bubbles: creak


Yuuji: Get away...

Satoshi: That voice... // Yuuji?!


Satoshi: No way...those things... // did that to Yuuji... // This is bad!! // Let's get out of here!


sfx bubbles: creak

Yuki: N-No!!!


Kaori: Yuki! This way!

Yuki: S-Satoshi?!

Satoshi: You guys go ahead!

Sign: Fireproof wall

Satoshi: Shit! It's not gonna close?! // Whoooa!


sfx bubbles [2] creak

Satoshi: Damn it! They're not stopping!


sfx bubbles [2] creak

Satoshi: Looks like they've gone...

Yuki: What is this? Why are those dolls chasing us?!

Satoshi: I don't know! Anyway, we've got to escape somehow!

Kaori: Ouch... // I think I hurt my leg... // I won't be able to run anymore...


Satoshi: I'll go out front and get help, you guys hide here!

Yuki: What are you talking about? That's impossible!

Satoshi: It's okay! I'm a 200 metre runner, so I should be able to shake them off at my speed! // And I want you to trust me!

Yuki: Satoshi...

Satoshi: I promise I'll return and write my name on the wall!


Yuki: Come back safe, Satoshi... // R-Right...Kaori! // Is your leg okay? I should take care of it!

Yuki: Whoa! // What is that?!


Yuki: Ah...names... // I see...this is the room with the “Wall of Happiness”.

Iguchi Ryuuichi
Kanou Kaori

Yuki: K-Kaori's name? // You've been here before, Kaori?

Kaori: I have. // With my old boyfriend.

Yuki: K-Kaori?

Kaori: We both wrote our names on the wall. // So we could be happy together forever.


Kaori: But we didn't become happy. // Even though her boyfriend was accepted right away...

Kaori: Kaori ran away and left him behind! // She resisted while it was happening, and set fire to her boyfriend, who had become a doll! How cruel!

Kaori: But now I'm wearing her skin and have become Kaori! // Ah... // Now that I'm like this, it's no good!


Doll: Hey... // Give me your skin.

Yuki: No!!!!

Doll: Give it to me! // Give it to me!


Doll: Give me // your skin!

Yuki: AHHH!

Doll: I'll become // Yuki next.

Kaori: She set fire to her boyfriend...


Yuki: No!!!

sfx bubble: screech


sfx bubbles [2] screech


sfx bubbles [2] huff

Yuki: I-I'm safe... // Satoshi's lighter saved me...

sfx bubble: bang bang

Satoshi: I'm here! Open up!

Yuki: Satoshi!

Satoshi: I'm back, just like I promised. // Come on, write your name on the wall.


Satoshi: Let's be together forever.


[No text]


Girl: Hey, hey. // That couple // look really close. // Like they became that happy because of the urban legend about that abandoned building.

Girl: Hey, why don't we go too?

Text: Ibitsu 1 – END

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#1. by rajin ()
Posted on Oct 20, 2010
MAN PROVIDE ITS RAW TOO.reading makes translations like stories chapters

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