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Ibitsu 7

The Girl Behind the Door

+ posted by yukihito as translation on Nov 21, 2010 18:30 | Go to Ibitsu

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Text 1: Contents

Text 2: Chapter 7 – The Girl Behind the Door

Text 3: Chapter 8 – The Girl in the Hospital

Text 4: Chapter 9 – The Girl Inside the Memories

Text 5: Chapter 10 – The Mad Girl

Text 6: Chapter 11 – The Girl of Nightmares

Text 7: Chapter 12 – The Imprisoned Girl

Text 8: Chapter 13 – The Rumoured Girl

Text 9: Side Story – The Mysterious Tale of the Editor~Ibitsu: Another Story~



Kazuki: I wonder what's up with Hikari...


Miyama: So will the Lolita come today?

Kazuki: I don't know...

Miyama: Goto would probably hate it if // she came the one time he wasn't here.

Kazuki: Going to his part-time job at a time like this! Some friend he is!

Miyama: Well, things should be okay with just you and me. // You changed the locks, right? She can't come in by herself.


Kazuki: Miyama... // Who do you think the Lolita is?

Miyama: Haven't you got any ideas? / Like an old girlfriend or one of your seniors from high school. // People likely to be stalkers.

Kazuki: I haven't got any ideas! // We've got no information! We're totally lost!

Miyama: Found something!

Kazuki: Found something...?


Text 1: Chapter 7 – The Girl Behind the Door

Computer Screen:
[First Title] Urban Legends
[Second Title] Scary Urban Legends
[Entry 1] Hanako-san
[Entry 2] The Slit-Mouth Woman
[Entry 3] Hikiko-san
[Entry 4] Mysterious Call
[Entry 5] Three Centimetre Lady
[Entry 6] Strange Lolita

[Translator Notes]
*Hanako-san: A girl who died after being bullied, and haunts the toilets of elementary schools.
*The Slit-Mouth Woman: A woman with a slit mouth who wanders around at night, asking people if she is pretty and kills those who say she isn't.
*Hikiko-san: A woman who became a social recluse after being bullied, now attacks schoolchildren in revenge.
* Mysterious Caller: 10 people sit in a circle and call someone sitting next to them. All the calls should connect normally, apart from one, which will be answered by a mysterious person. If the person who made the call can't answer the question asked, the mysterious person will steal one of their body parts.
*Three Centimetre Lady: An old woman that murders people by tearing their bodies apart with a needle.

Screen Close-up: Strange Lolita

Kazuki: Lolita!!

Miyama: Some high school student said that the Lolita was an urban legend. // So I thought there might be some information on the internet.


Computer Screen:
Strange Lolita
At midnight, a girl dressed in Lolita clothing appears at a dump site and asks "Do you have a younger sister?" If you answer, the Lolita will come and be your young sister.

Miyama: It doesn't matter whether you answer "I have" or "I don't have"... // She'll definitely come to be your younger sister...

Kazuki: Isn't there anything else written there?!

Miyama: Don't get so worked up...

Computer Screen:
Discussion of Frightening Experiences

Miyama: How about / checking this out?


Miyama: Several years ago, in I city, there were "incidents of mysterious corpses at dump sites". // One of the victims was a friend of mine...

Miyama: Ah...so there were incidents like that... // I'm sure that...some time after the incidents occurred, it was decided that they were suicides.

Miyama: My friend was talking about strange things a month before he died. // At midnight, // he met a girl at a dump site.


Miyama: When he was about to call out to her, thinking she was feeling unwell, // she asked him a question instead.

Miyama: "Do you have a younger sister?" // That was it. // My friend didn't understand, // so he just said "I don't have one".


Miyama: The next day, she began harassing him. // She'd call a hundred times a day and follow him around...

Miyama: She told him to wash her stuffed toy // and forced her way into his home.

Kazuki: Just like what happened to me...!

Miyama: She forced her way into his home again and again, saying "I'm your sister, so I'll always be with you." // The day after he told me "I said no"...


Miyama: He was hanging // at the dumpsite, dead.

Kazuki: He died...


Miyama: My friend spoke to the police, // but no one had seen the girl. / They didn't take him seriously. // Even now, I don't think it was just suicide.

Kazuki: So the Lolita did something?

Miyama: H-Hey! This...!

Text 1: He burned himself to death.

Text 2: He threw himself in front of a car.


Kazuki: All the guys who said // "I don't have one" are dead!

Miyama: Kazuki...what did you say?

Kazuki: I said that "I have one". // What happens to the guys who say "I have one"?! // What's written there?

Miyama: ...Nothing.

Kazuki: There's nothing about the guys who said "I have one"! // No way... // Then I... // What the hell is gonna happen to me?!


Kazuki: ...A blackout? // Shit! At a time like this...


Miyama: ...She's here?


Kazuki: The Lolita!


Girl: What... // What... // Why? // Why did you change the lock without telling me? // Open up... // Hey, open up...


Phone Screen: Number unavailable

Miyama: What is this...?


Girl: You're there, aren't you? // Open up...

Kazuki: Shit!

Miyama: Stop! // All the victims on the internet died! // If those stories were true, then it wasn't suicide! They must have been murdered!

Miyama: It's dangerous! // Don't open the door!


Girl: Why are you being mean? // Your little sister is here! // Open up! // Open up! // Open up!


[No text]


Girl: Ah... // Ahhhhh...


Girl: When you're too mean to me, // I sometimes do crazy things.

Girl: When that happens, you disappear... // It's happened so many times.

Girl: So don't be mean to me anymore. // Promise me! // Ah...I ended up getting dirty because you were mean to me...


Girl: Such a dirty little sister // cannot see her big brother... // Don't forget your promise.

Miyama: D-Did she leave?


Kazuki: ...She's not there. // It looks like she left already. // Uhh! // W-What is that stuff?!


Miyama: Kazuki. // I don't know whether it will count as information, // but I found this.


Computer Screen:
63 Is that for real?

64 Abyss
I saw the Lolita girl going into
the rundown psychiatric hospital in I City.

65 mansion yokoyama
I saw her too!

Miyama: It's pretty unreliable information... // But what are you gonna do?

Text: My brother has disappeared.

Kazuki: Let's go. // We might / find something if we do!

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