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Act 1

+ posted by Yuuko-san as translation on May 31, 2009 06:05 | Go to CUT X OUT

-> RTS Page for CUT X OUT 1

Page 6

"it came"

Page 7

_____ person

Page 8

for a couple of years now I have been very lazy
*zone out*
I zoned out everday
my friend's girlfriend introduced her friend
"I'm going to go home..."
*there won't be any trains to catch soon*
*we went to watch a movie* (tl note: its on the bottom)
"want to come to my place?"

Page 9

We did it
straight after we met
after that
when we met we did it
and did it and did it and did it
"ohh this is easy..." (tl rant: ahem...don't smoke while you're getting a blow job :p)
and only did it

Page 10

"thats weird my period hasn't came...?"
"is that true? you..."
"...do you....."
"I want to ask something"
"do you have any intention of merrying me?" (tl rant: oh lol I bet she isn't even pregnent)

Page 11

"is it okay? umm....that its me"
"...more like this"
"it can't be helped"
I didn't really care
"it came......"

Page 12

"it came...my period
it seems it was just late *eventhough I didn't have it for 3mths*"
"what should we do..."
"what do you mean?"
"you can...cancel the ingagement"

Page 13

"it's okay it's okay"
"let's go"
it's too bothersome!! (tl rant: hahaha....I want to meet somebody like that..so lazy)

Page 14

"Kumiko and Kohei-kun are getting merried"
"thats nice"
"how about us?"
"what do you mean"

Page 15

I will hug you and kiss you a lot

"Kumiko Kumiko Kumiko!!"

Page 16

"He was mean"
"Kumiko isn't here"
*she went out drinking...*
"oh Kohei-kun"
"did you really think about merriege?"
"if you were really thinking that we can't see each other anymore and don't call me
...my family is a very respectful house
my sister merried a well known Doctor do you understand we are that kind of house hold"
"I'm the eldest son so obviously they are expecting me to merry somebody higher ranking.so obviuosly it has to be higher
"My family would never approve of a girl that has peirced ears"

Page 17

"He kept saying I was just he's whore!!"
"everybody thought she was but"
*whore is kinda....*
"poor Chika-chan"
*here coffee*
"you are so cute though"
"I envy Kumiko"
"She is merring a kind person"
"also good at making coffee"
*sip* *sip*
"I want one I want one"
"about that"
"I'm kinda in a Merrige blue right now"

Page 18

"you two aren't doing well?"
"ah no thats not it"
"its just..."
"guys have merrige blues to huh"
"don't come and look..."
"Chika-chan is really cute" (tl rant: omg she's a pet...!!!)
*pat pat*

Page 19

*smooch* (tl rant: omg that sounds stupid ;_;)
"Chika-chan is so cute...."
*Kumiko will come home*
"I'm home Kohei open the door!!"

Page 20

"Welcome home Kumiko<3 <3"
"thank you Kohei<3 <3"
Box with cat: [[Explanation]
Kumiko loses stuff easily, and when she drinks, she gets worse. She thought she lost her keys so she asked Kouhei to watch the house for her. But actually, she didn't take her keys.]
Side note: This is something a manga artist shouldn't do...
"I was so lonely at home"
*in the closet*
*grab* <-- (they are hugging)
"oh I'm sorry"
"was somebody here? *there's a cup*"
"I was drinking by myself"
"because Kumiko wasn't here!!"
"kohei, you..."
"you two are completely in love"
"or should I say Lovesick couple"

Page 21

"I should come out and.."
"Kouhei tried to cheat on you with me!"
*I can't believe this! I'm breaking off our engagement!*
"Maybe she'll beat him up too..."
*yes yes*
"I won't do that.
Someone to watch over me, someone who will be gentle with me,
"Kumiko, you reek of alcohol..."
"Oh my, really?!
I drank lots before I came here. <3
I'll go take a shower~ <3"
And, someone who's wonderful and cool!!
Someone like that
*sliding slowly*
"Kumiko's in the bath, so now's the time...*go home...*"
is who I'm looking for!!
"Wah! Please wake up!"

Page 22

He is my friend
He hasn't had a girlfriend for 2years
and that record is still growing
I'm not he's girlfriend

Page 23

"Where you just crying?"
"who knows....
it doesn't matter"
"go to sleep"

Page 24

so warm
"I thought you were going out with him"
"everybody says that"
"but we're not"
"this person doesn't like me even a bit"
"really...so you like him"
"one sided loves...
are nice"
"it's not...."

Page 25

they aren't nice at all
"I dreamd the same dream again"
"hey make me coffee"
"make it"
"so cold...."

Page 26

"*okay*I'm going to work"
"eh....its a saturday and you're working?"
"because I'm busy"
"let's play"
"let's go somewhere"
"I have work"
"don't cry"

Page 27

"you're lying!!"
"I'm not lying *baka*"
"see ya"
wait a sec"

Page 28

"like this"
"why do you do that"
"'cause its funny"
"squeeze me"
"see squeeze"
"do you hate me!?"

Page 29

"what do you mean hate"
"you say such funny things"
good bye"
That day
"so cold...."
was the coldest day in winter

Page 30

"I will stay and work on the 24th"
"eh is that okay Sakurai-san"
"I don't have anything in"
"particular on the 24th..."
Christmas at work
"oh okay Itou-san is on a work trip"
"so Itou-san isn't here
of course"
Its a small Company so there isn't any secrets...

Page 31

"it's easy working by myself"
"I can smoke..."
*and listen to music*
"it's 8 o'clock"
*ring ring*
"ah Sakurai-san?
it's Iwamoto"
"I forgot something so can you open the lock please"
"okay okay"
"ohh I'm sorry"

Page 32

"...what did you forget? your girlfriends present?"
"today I went out drinking *it was more like one night stand*" (tl rant: doesn't sound right)
"but they were alll fugly
I nearly barfed" (tl note: is that how you spell it?)
"...and what are you doing now?"
*on the table....*
"setting it up<3"
"how about the thing you forgot...?"
"ah that was a lie"

Page 33

"at Christmas"
"we eat Chicken and drink changpain and eat cake"
"we have that law in Japan!" (tl rant: since when?)
"didn't know that was a law"
"yup yup"
"ummm and"
"you have to have sex too" (tl rant: really how fun)
"ohh thats a law too...?"

Page 34

"wow not really a sexy underwear!!"
"shut up this wasn't in my plan!!"
"well it's good these are" (tl note: I'm sorry)
"" (tl note I wonder what zupu is in english>.>)
"....Yuki-san your really wet..."
"can I put it in now? I want to put it in"
"eh....you can..."

Page 35

"sorry I was really fast just then"
"Yuki-san was really good timing!!"
"what do you mean timing...."
"eh...but it felt good..."
"um...it has been a long time "
"is Itou-san a ______?" (tl note: didn't know what inpo was >.<)
"no he's not like that but"
"he's short"

~to be continued~

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