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Whistle! 30


+ posted by Zwivix as translation on Oct 6, 2007 17:25 | Go to Whistle!

-> RTS Page for Whistle! 30

This is the last translation from this part of the series since now Josui 9 will start translating from Vol 14, so if someone needs help getting the first 13 volumes please PM me.
Chapter 30- Born Again Josui Soccer Team Begins!!

--Page 1--


Born Again

Josui Socccer Team Begins!!

The Host,Ko, is in business

--Page 2--

[sFX: Chatter]

[sFX: Chatter]

Josui Junior High School

Josui Student: So, where do you want to go?

Sho: Shige

Sho: What if we joined a school club?

Shigeki: Don't bother me. I'm trying to sleep.

[sFX: Zzzz]

[sFX: Zzzz]

Shigeki: I thought you were on vacation.

Sho[Thought]: No, I was letting my ankle heal.

Sho: Do you think I'm ready to play?

Shigeki: Sigh...

[sFX: Whiip]

Shigeki: Why do you always ask my advice? Do what you want.

Sho: Ah!

Sho: Well, I know we're almost the same age.

Sho: But I feel you're more grown up than me. Like you're smarter.
That's why.

--Page 3--

Shigeki: Maybe I am, but you're pretty sharp.

[sFX: Yawwnnnn]

[sFX: Fump]

Sho: Huh?

Sho: What do you mean?

Teacher[side]: Hey, Sato, about time you did something with your hair.

Shigeki[side]: Nah, this is the way it is naturally.

Shigeki: Well, if you want to think I'm smarter go right ahead.

[sFX: Fwip]

Yuki: ...

Tatsuya: Eighth grader Sho. He's taken time off due to his injury.

Tatsuya: Sho, let me introduce our new team members.

--Page 4--

Sho: So many?

[sFX: Ooooooohh]

Josui Player: Wow. Sho's the one who scored both points.

Josui Player: He's so small. Surprising, huh?

Tatsuya: Each of you, introduce yourself.

Josui Player: Seventh grader, Shigeru Yoshida. I have no experience but I want to join. Your game against Musashinomori was inspirational.

Josui Player: Same grade and I'm...

Tatsuya: We've got 19 new members...fourteen seventh graders and five eighth graders. Um. I just remembered.

Tatsuya: There's one more eighth grader.

[sFX: Pat]

Tatsuya: Here he is.

[sFX: Pat]

Sho: Daichi!

[sFX: Gab]

Everyone: Daichi "The Crusher" Fuwa!!!

[sFX: Gab]

[sFX: Gab]

Sho: Huh?

Sho[Thought]: Crusher?

Yusuke: You don't know? Right. You transferred here.

--Page 5--

Yusuke: Josui never had both a genius and problem kid like him before. He destroyed the pride of many poor students.


Daichi: I'll kill myself!

Josui Student: He flunked.

Daichi: I win!

Josui Student: I lost!

Josui Student[Thought]: Stop!

Teacher: Don't lecture me!

Josui Student[Thought]: Whoa!

Daichi: Ha Ha Ha!!


Yusuke: Thus, he got the nickname, crusher.

Sho[Thought]: Whoa. I didn't know he was so incredible.

Sho[Thought]: But he doesn't seem so scary.

Yusuke and Masato[Thought]: Why's he here?

Daichi: I'm Daichi Fuwa from class 2-C.

Daichi: The reason I want to join is...

Daichi: ...I want to know why this guy's smiling. Just that.

[sFX: Whiiip]

Daichi: I don't know how to play, but I know I'll beat him right away. Thats is my plan.

Josui Player: What did you do to him?

Sho: I don't know.

Daichi: He pushed me down the river.

Josui Player: What? That's so dangerous.

Sho: Hold on...I didn't mean to.

--Page 6--

Masato: But why?

Sho[Thought]: To get more friends.

Daichi: So, this way?

Sho[Thought]: We're getting lots of new team members, and...

Sho[Thought]: Josui Junior High's soccer team is really looking good.

Sho[Thought]: And I've...

Sho[Thought]: ...Got to work hard,too.

Tatsuya: Another thing...

Tatsuya: Yuki...

--Page 7--

Tatsuya: She wants to be our manager.

Yuki: Yuki Kojima class 2-B.

Masato[Thought]: Whoa.Cute.

Yuki: I am so pleased to be here.

[sFX: Bow]

Shigeki[Thought]: She's young, but she could still be good.

Yuko: Achoooo

Yuko: ?

Sho[Thought]: Whoa!

Sho[Thought]: Such long a doll.

[sFX: Wink]

--Page 8--

[sFX: Lub]


Shigeki: Hey,hey.

Shigeki: Are you blushing!

Shigeki: So you're a guy after all, huh?

Sho: C'mon. Stop it.

Masato: I didn't know Yuki liked soccer. If we knew, we would've asked her to become our manager a lot sooner.

Masato[side]: Tatsuya, you're in the same class with her right?

Tatsuya: So what if she's in my class.

Masato: Right. All you care about is soccer.

Tatsuya: Knock it off.

Yuki: It's all right. I've never let anyone know how much I love soccer.

Yuki: I didn't want anyone to think it was just to meet guys.

Yuki: But after the Musashinomori match, I knew I had to help. I mayb not be allowed to play, but I can be your manager.

--Page 9--

Yuki: I love the game...

Yuki: ...And I'd do anything to be part of it.

Yuki: I promise as manager to do my best.

Yuki: That's why...

[sFX: Grinn]

Yuki: ...To help you win, I want to be your manager.

Masato[Thought]: Ah,finally "Whistle!" has some charm.

[sFX: Krunch]

Yusuke[Thought]: I'm so glad I didn't quit.

[sFX: Skritch]

Hiroyuki[Thought]: What're you writing?

Tatsuya: Enough silliness. It's time to warm up.

--Page 10--

Sho[Thought]: Kojima huh...?

Sho[Thought]: What she said...

Sho[Thought]: It's more like she wants to play than manage us.

Yuki: Everyone drink water.

Yusuke: Thank you, manager.

Yuki: Take it.

Masato: Wow. Taste's great.

Yuki: I added some lemon and honey.

Yuki: I thought you'd like it for a change.

Yusuke: Thanks.

Masato[Thought]: Girls are more caring than guys.

--Page 11--

Yuki: Fight

[sFX: Whooshh]

Shigeki: Oh geez. Guys can be such dopes.

Masato: Becasue of her, they're practicing so much harder. Guess you're right.

--Page 12--

Masato: Some people though never change.

Sho: Huff

Sho: Huff

Yuki[side]: Here.

Josui Player[side]: Thanks.

Tatsuya: Everyone listen up.

--Page 13--

Tatsuya: If they'll le us, I'm setting up a retreat here at school for some heavy-duty practice.

Tatsuya: Other teams are requesting to play with us so practice is going to be tough.

Josui Player: Ooochh

[sFX: Yuck]

Josui Player: It's gonna be hard.

Yoshihoko: Captain, it sounds like a good idea, but... ...I've got private classes.

Tatsuya: If you have other obligations, I'll let you go home... ...But you should participate. It's how we nurture team play.

Tatsuya: Plus, it's more important now since we have more players.

Tatsuya: We don't have much time before the summer season championship. In addition...

--Page 14--

Sho: Work better.

Sho: Work Stronger.

Sho: And next time we'll beat Musashinomori.

--Page 15--

[sFX: Whooooooo]

Sho: Oops.

Tatsuya: We eighth graders have next year, but Katsuro's a ninth grader. He retires this year.

Tatsuya: So the summer championship's our only chance to defeat him.

Shigeki: You!

[sFX: Slap]

Shigeki: What a speech, huh?

Masato: That kind talk makes us want to work harder.

Shigeki: Pretty strong words to say, Masato.

Masato: Hey.

Shigeki: Yeah.

Masato: Knock it off.

--Page 16--

Punk 1: He's joking. How do we work harder than this.

Punk 2: Soccer is so not cool. Who told us soccer was the hot team to join?

Punk 3: Well, I thought there'd be no creepy ninth graders to report to. And right now soccer is in. And playing could make me popular with girls.

Sho: That why...

Sho: ...You joined the soccer team...?

Punk 1: So what's wrong with that?

Punk 1: Aren't you doing the same thing? Squirt!

Sho: !

[sFX: Krunch]

Shigeki: Sho, leave those idiots alone.

Shigeki: Don't bother to talk sense to someone who's never done anything seriously.

--Page 17--

Punk 1: How dare you... ...Talk like that!

Shigeki: Oh? Did I rub you the wrong way?

Shigeki: So you're smart enough to know you've been insulted?

Punk 1: You creep!

Shigeki: Oh, good...a fight.

[sFX: Krak]

[sFX: Krak]

Shigeki: I've got energy just burning for a fight. So c'mon bring it on.

[sFX: Krak]

Punk 1[Thought]: Huhhh

Punk 2[Thought]: Big trouble. He's really strong.

Tatsuya: Knock it off,Shige.

Tatsuya: Don't bother waiting for the official papers...

Tatsuya: Go!!

Punk 3: Blast!

Punk 1: You're not our boss. We quit.

Tatsuya: It's a problem with those guys who just think soccer is cool.

Sho: ...

--Page 18--

[sFX: Ruummblllee]

[sFX: Kreeeekkk]

Punk 3: It's open.

Punk 3: Here! We've found the soccer bals.

Punk 1: Cool.

[sFX: Klik]

[sFX: Klik]

Punk 1: Here's a thank you for...

Punk 1: ...Embarrassing us.

--Page 19--

Punk 1: Who are you?

[sFX: Whoo o shhh]

--Page 20--

[sFX: Whapp]

[sFX: Krnchh]

Punk 3: Ugh.

Punk 1: What...?

[sFX: Skrashh]

Punk 1: What's that for?

Punk 1: Creep!

[sFX: Whoom]

[sFX: Whisshhh]

Punk 1: !

--Page 21--

[sFX: Krakk]

[sFX: Whak]

Punk 1: !

[sFX: Whooom]

Unknown: Jerks like you who intentioally try to damage balls...

Unknown: ...Have no right to play soccer.

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