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Whistle! 117


+ posted by Zwivix as translation on Oct 15, 2007 16:06 | Go to Whistle!

-> RTS Page for Whistle! 117

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Chapter 117- My Unique Weapon

--Page 1--

Takashi: You thin you're gonna pick MY pocket? // Not a chance!

Stage .117 My Unique Weapon

--Page 2--


Sho[Thought]: Ah?!

--Page 3--

Takashi: What?!

--Page 4--

[No Text]

--Page 5--

[No Text]

--Page 6--

[sFX: *Gleam*]

[sFX: *Smack*]

[sFX: Tweee-t]

Coach: Teams No.3 and No.4, Game over!

Sho[Thought]: Maybe...


--Page 7--

Takashi[Thought]: What was that? // Did I lose sight of him for a second?!

Sho: Sorry. Kicking it was about all I could handle.

Daichi: Your selection of shots is too simple Sho!

Takashi[Thought]: It was dumb lick. Just dumb luck.

Sho: ...

Coach: Next groups in.

--Page 8--

Tatsuya: Too bad about that last shot.

Sho: Yeah...

Tatsuya: On the last attack... // ...He went around Takashi like it was nothing.

Sho[Thought]: If what I just did was effective... // ...and if I can use it at will...

Sho[Thought]: ...It might be the only weapon... // ...that works agasisnt the forwards. // My small size is my strenght.

--Page 9--


Takashi:This training camp is desgined to sepeate us, do you understand? // We're fighting to see if we can survive or not.


Sho[Thought]: This mini-game will show... // ... if the only weapon in my arsenal...

Sho[Thought]: ...Is good enought to defeat all the forwards here.

--Page 10--

Sho[Thought]: Seji is good at everything. // He can feel the flow of the action // ... and influence every part of the game.

[sFX: *Fump*]

Sho[Thought]: He relies on technique not power.

Sho[Thought]: On the other hand, Takashi is all about power. // He has the same imposing size as Ryoichi.

Sho[Thought]: And he also usese his height and strenght...

--Page 11--

Sho[Thought]: ...To control his enemies. // nobody can beat him on high balls.

Sho[Thought]: Ryoichi's shot has a devastating power.

Sho[Thought]: And he also has an amazing touch.

Sho[Thought]: He's a physical player that playes the post brightly.

--Page 12--

Sho[Thought]: Kazuma...

Sho[Thought]: ...Is fast and accurate.

Sho[Thought]: He can easily make a one shot pass.

--Page 13--

Sho[Thought]: His legs are springs... // And he always wants to shot at the goal.

[sFX: *Clunk*]

[sFX: *Skiiiter*]

[sFX: *Whooosh*]

--Page 14--

Sho[Thought]: Shitara is a master at picking up loose balls. // He's skinny and weak, but he has incredible agility and is cunning.

[sFX: *Foosh*]

Sho[Thought]: He's always hungry for a shot at the goal.

Sho[Thought]: He's like me.

Sho[Thought]: In terms of technique, Teppei is inferior to the other forwards...


Sho[Thought]: ...But as for speed, he's the best in the camp.

--Page 15--

Sho[Thought]: He's dangerous in the counterattacks. // Teppei is just flat out Fast!

Sho[Thought]: Well I at each one of the carefully...

Sho[Thought]: I see how they know their own talents... // And they take full advatage of them on the field.

--Page 16--

Sho: Why shouldn't I?

Sho: This is different from soccer in school, where there are alot of different players. // The select team has alot of big players. I should be able to use my size as an adavatage...

Gosuke: Huh?!

[sFX: *Fwiiish*]

[sFX; *Clonk*]

--Page 17--

Gosuke: ?

Gosuke[Thought]: It was wierd. It looked like he vansiehd for a second.

[sFX: * Tewee-T*]

Coach: Change!

Sho[Thought]: I should be able to do it.

Coach: All right guys!

Coach: Tomorrow is the last day of the training camp.

Coach: We'll have a red. vs. white match. // This will determine the final memebers of the select team.

--Page 18--

Coach: Keep that in minds... / ...And show us... // ...Everything you got!

Coach: That is all.

Akira: Dismissed!

Everyone: Thank you!

Select player: So tomorrow at last...

[sFX: *Chatter*]

Select player: Lets get some extra practice done.

[sFx: *Chatter*]

Select Player: Are you guys nervous as I am?

Tatsuya[Thought]: Huh? Where's Sho?

Sho[Thought]: I know it should work, but I dont have it mastered yet.

[sFX: *tonk*]

[sFX: *tonk*]

Sho[Thought]: I haven't practiced it enough.

Sho[Thought]: How do I...

Tsubasa: There you are!

Sho: !

Sho: Tsubasa!

Tsubasa: Why don't you playe with us Sho?

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#1. by hatsuharupeace (MH Senpai)
Posted on Oct 16, 2007
#2. by Velvet_Rain_Dropz (Intl Translator)
Posted on Oct 16, 2007
Cool Zwiv! :amuse Good job! Thank u very much for your trans! :amuse
#3. by Patoz (Registered User)
Posted on Oct 16, 2007

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