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Translations: One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128 , Gintama 565 by kewl0210

Whistle! 118


+ posted by Zwivix as translation on Oct 16, 2007 16:41 | Go to Whistle!

-> RTS Page for Whistle! 118

Proof-reading RAWS here
Chapter A Night With the Demon (No Pain, No Gain)

--Page 1--

Stage.118 A Night With the Demon / (No Pain, No Gain)

--Page 2--

[sFX: *skrrrk*]

[sFX: *chk*]

[sFX: *chk*]

Sho: Er...

Sho: Tsubasa?

Tsubasa[Thought]: Raise your hand.

Tsubasa: What?

Sho: Duct Tape... what are we going to do?

Tsubasa: Play tag.

Sho: Tag?

--Page 3--

Sho: What does duct tape have to do with playing tag?

[sFX: *jolt*]

Tsubasa: Last two!

[sFX: *chk // chk*]

Tsubasa: "Proof is stronger than argument." // When we start you'll understand.

Tsubasa: Are you ready guys?

Naoki: Yup.

--Page 4--

Tsubasa: The rules are simple. You stay inside the square and try to get away from us. / At the same time you peel off the duct tape stuck to each cone in the corners.

Tsubasa: If all the duct tape is peeled off you, you lose. // On the other hand...

Tsubasa: If you peel off all the duct tape from the corners, you win. // There are two pieces of tape on each corner, but we'll add any pieces we take off you.

--Page 5--

Tsubasa: By the time the game is over you'll have the answer that is troubling you right now.

Sho: Tsubasa.

Tsubasa: By the way the loser treats the winner to a meal, okay?!

Sho: Whaaat? If I lose, I have to treat four of you?

Tsubasa: All four of us eat like pigs, so good luck.

Tsubasa: Go!

--Page 6--

[sFX: *Knock /Knock*]

[sFX: *Clink*]

Tatsuya: Is Sho here?

Taki: Haven't seen him.

Teppei: Nope.

Teppei: Come to think of it, he wasn't at dinner either.

Tatsuya: Okay, sorry to bug you.

Tatsuya[Thought]: Knowing him, he's practicing somewhere.

[sFX: *Clank*]

Akira: Mr. Special is actually worried about someone else other than himself?

--Page 7--

Tatsuya: Akira.

Akira: There are alot of people competing for the midfiled positions. // You're above all that, huh?

Tatsuya: It's not like that.

Akira: I won't EVER lose to you!

Tatsuya: I was thinking the same thing.

--Page 8--

[sFX: *Creak*]

[sFX: *Skrip*]

Sho: Ah.

[sFX: *rip*]

Naoki: Three.

[sFX: *swap*]

Naoki: What are you going to do? // Your done for.

--Page 9--

Sho: Arrgh!

[sFX: *rattle*]

Eishi: I won.

[sFX: *tsk*]

Yuto: Missed one.

Eishi: Kazuma?

Yuto: Watching videos.

Yuto: You know, his so called "image" training.


Kazuma: Hey, I can do that!


Yuto: It's supposed to fire him up by watching amazing plays. / He's naive about that sort of stuff.

--Page 10--

[sFX: *Zoink*]

Select player: I'd understand if they were practicing... // ...But why are they screwing around?

Yuto: What's up?

Select player: They're playing tag.

Yuto: Tag?

[sFX: *Vooosh*]

--Page 11--

Tsubasa: Too easy!

[sFX: *Fwiish*]

Tsubasa: Two more to go!

[sFX: *grin*]

Tsubasa: Think about the difference in our size. / If you evade me the same way you do to Masaki and the others... // You'll be done for soon. // Yeah, like that.

--Page 12--

[sFX: *Voosh*]

Gosuke: !

[sFX: *Voosh*]

[sFX: *riiip*]

--Page 13--

Sho: Got it!

[sFX: *smak*]

[sFX: *slump*]

Tsubasa[Thought]: Becasue he's getting tired, he's isn't over working anymore. // His center of gravity is lower.

--Page 14--

Eishi[Thought]: ...

Select player: Why are the so serious about a stupid game?

Select player: Tomorrow we have the white vs. red match... / Maybe they've already given up.

Eishi: They say eye snot laughs at nose snot.

[sFX: *loom*]

Takashi: What's up? Calling your girlfriend?

--Page 15--

Takashi: What are you serious? // They're foreigners.

Ryoichi: Give it back!

Takashi: Which one are you after? The older or younger one?


[sFX: *tapp*]

[sFX: *snag*]

[sFX: *clonk*]

Daichi: Have you seen Sho?

Ryoichi: Thanks! Sho....

Takashi: ...You

Ryoichi: He's outside with the Hiba guys.

[sFX: *Hmp*]

Takashi: !

--Page 16--

Daichi: Bring your complaints to the field.

Takashi: How fun // I get to destroy you in public!

Akira: That's fine.

Coach: We'll go with Saionji's rules for the red vs. white match.

Akira: Thank you very much.

Coach: Well, I've pretty much picked all the select players.

--Page 17--

Coach: All thats left is to make the final decisions... // ...During the white vs. red match tomorrow. That about it.

--Page 18--

[Page]: Teppei,Takashi, Kazuma, Sho, Ryoichi

Sho: I got them all!

Tsubasa: Good job!

Tsubasa: We lost.

Tsubasa[Thought]: Now show me what you've got during the red vs. white match tomorrow, Sho.

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#1. by Patoz (Registered User)
Posted on Oct 16, 2007
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Posted on Oct 17, 2007
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Posted on Oct 19, 2007
Cool! Thanks zwiv! :amuse

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