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New Manga Shout Out: 4/7/14 - 4/13/14

+ posted by c_k in Shout-Outs on Apr 14, 2014 07:07

Welcome to the next New Manga Shout Out. This weekly article introduces you to manga that are new and/or have not been scanlated yet. This week features a man who can cut things with his hands, a useless guy summoning a demon and a literary club members granted powers. Remember, if you like any of the series, favorite them. Don't forget to also thank the various people who feed your manga addiction. ^_^ Translators and Scanlators, please check out these series and see if you can spread some more manga love~

We're still looking for people who know Japanese and want to help write summaries for our manga database and for the shout out. Please PM me if you want to help out. Now onto the series~

BB.Hell (ビービー ドット ヘル)

Demographics: Shounen
Status: 2 Chapters (Ongoing)
Manga Details Page: Here
Translations: None
Scanlations: None

While she's patrolling the ruins of the housing complex where her father died years ago, high-schooler Himeji encounters a young man who claims to be from hell. The man, Yumeji, is apparently part of a new program, which has been started to solve the problem of hell having been filled up. Yumeji is allowed to return to Earth and work for his atonement, and he is given an ability related to his crimes (in his case, he can cut things with his hands). He can atone for his sins in three ways: by rescuing good people, by defeating bad people, or by killing others who have been released from hell. Yumeji is determined, though, that his atonement will be achieved without killing anyone. He'll have plenty of opportunity to work for his atonement alongside the justice-minded Himeji, who is already in a dangerous situation when they first meet!

Thanks go to tethysdust for the summary.


Eikyuu Fumetsu Devil Point (永久不滅デビルポイント)

Demographics: Shounen
Status: One-shot (Complete)
Manga Details Page: Here
Translations: None
Scanlations: None

Nanjou Fusato feels pretty worthless, with no friends, no girlfriend, and (from his perspective) no strengths. One day, he tries to summon a demon using a ritual he found in a book at a weird curio shop. The summoning works, after a fashion, and he soon has a friendly rookie devil companion named Selphie. However, instead of granting his every desire, she can only grant wishes that he has the 'devil points' for, as listed in a handy catalog. When Fusato runs out of devil points, he will die. Will he be able to get out of this tricky situation?

Thanks go to tethysdust for the summary.


Inou Battle wa Nichijoukei no Naka de (異能バトルは日常系のなかで)

Demographics: Shounen
Status: 1 Volume (Ongoing)
Manga Details Page: Here
Translations: None
Scanlations: None

Half a year ago, the four members of a literature club, as well as the elementary school niece of their faculty adviser, were bestowed with supernatural powers. The boy in the club, Ando Jurai, became able to produce black flames. The girls acquired a variety of powerful abilities: Tomoyo could slow, speed, or stop time, Hatoko could control the five elements (earth, water, fire, wind, light), little Chifuyu could create things, and Sayumi could repair objects or heal living things. However, since they gained these powers, nothing has really changed in their everyday life. Why have they been given these powers in the first place? Will the heroic fantasy life they imagined these powers would bring ever actually arrive?

Thanks go to tethysdust for the summary.


Zankou Noise (残光ノイズ)
By: KODAMA Naoko

Demographics: Girl's Love
Status: 1 Volume (Complete)
Manga Details: Here
Translations: None
Scanlations: None

This manga is a collection of yuri romance short stories. Most of the stories take place in school, though one features an idol group. A few stories involve sexual situations, but others are more focused on feelings and tension. The first story features a girl whose secret place to be alone is discovered by a popular girl from school. Other stories include an ambiguous relationship at an all-girl's school, a girl who meets a gorgeous exchange student, and a trip to buy lingerie that ends up in an unexpected situation.

Thanks go to tethysdust for the summary.

Note to all scanlators: If you recently started scanlating a new manga series (with about 5 or less chapters released) and would like your manga to be shouted out in the next New Manga Shout Out, then please PM me. Please include:
  1. The name of the manga series
  2. A summary of the series
  3. Publishing Status (+ Number of Volumes/Chapters)

This is what tethysdust said this week:
There are a few more hell-related manga this week, with B.B.Hell and the Devil Points one-shot. B.B.Hell seems like a potentially interesting shounen battle manga. I was surprised that the Devil Points one didn't allow the main character to earn more DP, though I imagine that would have to be included if it were to be serialized. The Inou Battle one was a little too meta for me, but it would probably be enjoyed by fans of meta manga comedy. Zankou Noise is a collection of pretty short, simple girls' romance stories.

My opinion:
This week features on content about hell again...
BB.Hell - Want an action manga? Then you should check it out. Although the premise is a little generic, it might turn out to be pretty interesting to see how he redeems himself from hell without killing anyone.
Eikyuu Fumetsu Devil Point - Another hell-related manga, but if you don't want to invest too much time in it, then this is the one for you. The art looks decent and it may look a little familiar. It's from the mangaka of Sket Dance (a manga from Jump), so if you're a fan of that, then you may want to check it out~
Inou Battle wa Nichijoukei no Naka de - If you want to read about regular real people getting super powers, then you way want to check it out. It sounds pretty interesting. It was also previously a light novel, so if you're a fan of the light novel, then this is a must read~
Zankou Noise - If you're in the mood for love or just like yuri, then you may want to check out this collection of short stories. It's only one volume long so you won't be wasting too much time if you find it's not to your taste. However, the art looks pretty good~

Translated items that need some love/scanlation:
myao - Circle Game: Chapter 1
persona_1 - Mahou Shoujo Pretty Bell: Chapter 1
Bomber D Rufi - Nejimaki Kagyu: Chapter 1-2
kinlyu - Samurai Flamenco - Another Days: Chapter 1

If you haven't done so already, check out the scanlations of the mangas from previous shout outs which have been recently scanlated: school life comedy Jigoku Koi Sutefu (MH link), school life comedy Tsukiyoda Sadame no Sekai no Sukuikata (MH link), school life comedy Hapi Nabi! (MH link), school life comedy I Shoujo (MH link).

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