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Soul Eater 76


+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Sep 4, 2010 07:57 | Go to Soul Eater

-> RTS Page for Soul Eater 76

Two great rivals, an unavoidable fight
I am a meister\\

When I am alone I can do nothing\\

That’s why\\

With soul\\

With him I decided to become stronger\\


Maka: I’m sorry soul, because\\

Because I said nothing\\

Giriko: Finally it seems that the engine began to work…\\

800 year...\\

For 800 years I waited for Aracne\\

Giriko: I cannot wait anymore...\\

Soul: The chain is coming back\\

Ehi! What’s up?\\

Maka: He is strong…\\
Different from Aracne, a more direct strength\\

???: What a good for nothing meister, you are not even able to swing a mop\\

Maka: Damn!\\
I have not to think this useless things!\\

Maka: aaah\\

Soul: Maka! What are you doing? Do not think to fight alone\\
Meister and weapon are one\\
Let’s show with our power\\

Maka: but, how? \\
Our strength is not enough to fight a adversary like him head-on\\

Soul: oi oni\\
Prepare yourself\\

Oni: ooo…\\

Soul: by defeating aracne I became a Deathscyte\\

Soul: Let’s use the power of the “spider queen”\\
Maka please… perceive his soul wavelength\\

Maka: Yes!
Do you want to do something from inside of me?\\

Soul: in simple word “Noise cancelling”\\

Soul: With the piano, I will play giriko’s wavelength \\

In that way I will knock and stop his engine\\

Right arrow: Giriko’sengine\\
Left arrow: Soul’s piano\\

Let’s stop this noisy engine\\

Giriko: Ehi! What’s up? Don’t space out!\\

Soul: Perfect...\\
hear… Giriko’s wavelength\\

Giriko: Uh? What is this sound?\\

Soul: Adagio of the soul\\

Maka, now!\\

Maka: yes\\

Maka: Demon hunt\\
Maka: die!\\

Soul: Finally \\
Maka: With soul’s power and my soul perception we can defeat even Giriko\\

When a demonic weapon and a meister fight together\\
You are not alone\\

Let’s go to the next chapter\\
Giriko: I am also not alone…\\

Soul: maka!\\

Maka: when…? there was another?\\

Giriko: This is the sloth chapter... probably this gave me an hand, I have not to worry of the soul perception\\

The previous body that you destroyed was a golem! That body is no good! Sometimes I play with it too much and now is ruined\\


I have obtained this body to kill you\\

I left my memory in my genes and entrusted them to that body\\

I used the “brew” for growing the completed embryo\\

It grew this big\\

I don’t like to have become a woman, because it is the only thing that I did not choose\\

You were happy that you defeated the golem isn’t it?\\

Did you think that you killed me, isn’t it?\\

Human beings explode easily isn’t it?\\

How… how is it possible?\\

When Aracne died she exploded too\\

Giriko: eh?\\

Really? This is good!\\

I am the flexible woman after all\\

Silver hair\\

Probably you will die with an explosion…\\

Seventh: chapter greed\\

Liz: hoi index Kid is probably in the next chapter\\

Index: indeed, outdeed\\

Liz: Bring us there, please\\

Index: I can guide you no far\\

For the rest will be him to decide... without your old member permission you cannot advance further...\\

Index: this is the greed chapter\\

What do you desire?\\

B*S: “Strength”\\

Strength to defeat the enemies \\

Strength to protect friends\\

B*S: Strength to save Kid\\

Tsubaki: This is...\\

Index: It seems that a written invitation for a different chapter has arrived\\

Someone: urgh\\

Kilik: This... this is madness?\\

B*S: You wait here\\

This time I will go alone\\

What are you saying, we can let go Black star alone is it?\\

Only one person will go for this “date”\\

And the one called is that guy\\

Tsubaki: That can’t be…\\

B*S: Don’t worry I will surely be back\\

Tsubaki: bu… but\\

B*S: Liz, Patty I’m going to take kiddo and bring him back with me\\

Liz: Hey wait a minute…\\

B*S: I will see you soon, and I will bring kid as present\\

Kilik: oi!\\

Tsubaki: Black star!\\

B*S: For now is ok to fall like this?\\

b*S: Kid!\\

B*S: Geez, the other time kurona and now you\\

I must be lucky\\

I have no other choice\\

I will bring you back even if I have to drag you along\\

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