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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Soul Eater 77


+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Oct 8, 2010 18:13 | Go to Soul Eater

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This boy…\\ he has the blood of the shinigami\\ he wants the extreme perfection\\
This boy...\\he wants the extreme power\\ he wants to become a bushin\\
Finally the showdown...!!\\
Two great rivals face each other...!!\\
What’s happening?\\ I can breathe\\ ohi kid!!\\ I came here through this book to help you, and it wasn’t a easy read...\\ let’s go out of here...\\ it seems that you will not follow me willingly...\\ I hope that I have enough oxygen down here\\
You are eyesore...\\
We are... the ones who administer people lifes and deaths\\ we control the order, we are the absolute existence...\\
You can speak as you please kid\\ don’t cry\\
Yes father\\ what is necessary is balance, right!!\\
I heard that that boy is the son of Shinigami-sama\\
He seems to be a lot talented\\
He is an existence on a difference level from our own\\
Ohi kid!! I don’t know if you are a son of god or something like that but\\ I will surpass god!!\\ I will stand at the top eventually!!\\ understood?\\
Fun\\ what a fool\\fu\\
To surpass god... what a strange fellow\\
Ehhh!? You!! You where laughing now!! Are you making a fool out of me!? The last laughter will be mine!!\\
I’m not joking with you\\ you can come to me whenever you want\\
To me who is in the “nothingness” your existence is eyesore\\ get lost\\
What\\ I was worried\\ even if you lost your mind, it seems that you want to face me seriously\\ “I will surpass god” when I said so everyone made fun of me, and I wanted to give up...\\ but the first person to acknowledge me and to take me seriously was you, so I really began to think that i could surpass god\\
You are hurting my ears\\
Yes...\\ It is like that\\
I have surpassed god!!\\ I am the strongest!!\\
You are disgusting me!!\\
I can breath... I am also capable to stay still in one place... but to move well in the water is a little...\\ difficult, just as I thought\\
Well\\ What about this then?\\
Soul menance!!\\
It is simpler to transmit the soul’s wavelength in the water than in the air\\
Oh!! Incredible!!\\ It is like I shoot beams from my hands\\
But I didn’t come here to fight with kidd, but to bring him back with me...\\
What is... this...\\
Damn you!! Don’t interfere!!\\ Urgh\\ I cannot move\\
I am the one who grant “Power” to those who desire it!\\ What “power” do you desire?\\
The power that I desire...\\
Ah ha… hahahahaha\\
Finally I found it... in this rotten place I finally found the killing intent of these 800 years...\\ I was always waiting, changing body and always waiting...\\ for an impatient man like me it was a path without a goal\\ I could contain myself waiting for arcane\\ and you killed her...\\ there is no better way to let out the killing intent of these 800 years!!\\ make it enjoyable!!\\
I will not finidh this quickly!! I will torment you!! Torment!! It is entertaining!!\\ I will kill you!!\\ but not now\\Restrain!!Restrain!!\\ I must restrain until the moment you are terribly tortured and I’m full of killing intent!!\\It seems that all the veins in my body are going to explode, but even I’m at my limit I must restrain myself!!\\
Don’t you see!? Between my legs now there is a chainsaw!!\\ Now am I a woman!?\\
Are you all right!? Maka...\\
Yes... but it seems that I took too much damage...\\ But before that...\\ that incredible soul wavelength...\\
It is only that, but it feels like he is cutting me\\
We should hit him another time with the “ adagio of the soul”\\
That’s right!! Let’s do it now...\\
I will reduce you to sheds ... I will dismember you and then kill you!!\\
Maka!! Soul perception!!\\
come on!! Stop it!!\\
Uoooo. My ears...\\
You cannot stop me anymore!! No one can stop me anymore!!\\
It’s useless... he is exceeding my piano’s music\\
Witch hunt!!\\
With that attack you cannot stop my killing inted of 800 years...\\
This is bad...\\ I cannot raise my arms... I cannot stand up on my feet... I will be killed...\\
Aaa the body of this 14 years old girl is full of wounds\\ Are you telling me that this damned child killed arcane and devored her... I cannot hold any longer\\
I wonder if now is ok... now I can kill her?\\ It was fun to torture her and I became very fond of her...\\ but I’m at my limit... I enjoyed it enough...\\If I hold back any longer\\ It the fun will disappear and pain will only remain \\ I will kill you... I will kill you... because now It is ok to not hold back...\\
You bastard!! Do not interfere!! I will kill you like I will do with this girl\\ I was thinking to best way to kill the both of you!!\\And I cannot fells my dick’s opinion! Damn it!!\\ How should I kill you...\\ I think that I could enjoy this the most is a choke her...\\ perfect I choose that...\\
oi... something isn’t something wrong with him?\\
this is... his killing intent... the madness... his soul...\\
da-damn it\\ What’s happening...\\
his soul is not capable to bear his killing intent of these 800 years...
aaa!?\\what!?\\ that’s a bullshit\\
even if your body and your soul are new\\ they are too much small to hold your killing intent of these 800 years\\
don’t play with me... damn it... don’t play with me...\\
I’m ok with killing only you...\\ what happens after that doesn’t matter to me...\\ I want to kill you...\\kill you!!\\
The more you think to kill me, the more your soul is ripped by you killing intent... it will explode...\\
That’s it!! The thought, right!?\\ The more I think of it the more it comes to my mind!!\\Guaa\\
This is the sloth chapter...\\ If you want to rest there are chairs through all the room...\\ You should give up to kill me...\\
Sloth?\\ to stop another time?\\ when you killed arcane, I was sleeping like a fool... probably I cannot stop anymore\\ only you...\\ to kill only you is enough...\\ that is right maybe\\ I waited for too long...\\ If a kill you my soul will bear it right...?\\ Don’t tell me that bullshits...\\
After I brought you to this point!?\\ I will kill you!!\\ In one shot!!\\ let me kill you...\\ One time is enough for me...\\
I will kill you...\\I will kill you...\\ I made me grow breats only to arrive to this point\\I will kill you...\\
If you want to do that...\\ you should hurry...!!\\
I will kill you...\\ Shut up\\This is it!!\\
Haha\\ he exploded at the end\\
Text: The end of the one who let madness control him...\\

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