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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Naruto 515

the great war, begins!

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Nov 9, 2010 18:55 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 515

Text: naruto is returning to the ninja alliance…!!\\
I... I cannot believe it\\
Yeah... I never thought that the tsuchikage was a so incredible person...\\ to be able to raise this turtle island and make it move...!!\\
Damn it I feel the burden of it on my hips again...!\\
Are you ok old mite?\\ It was better to go on the sea... and you even raised this island so high in the sky...\\
Don’t say bullshits akatsuchi, do you want to be detected by that big snake again?\\
It comes, for the first time since they were born\\”war”!!\\
Naruto 515: the great war, begins!\\
The sky and the earth changed place again\\ what the hell is happening on this island?\\ yamato-taichou that went out to assess the situation has not returned yet...\\ it is possible that because of the earthquake the rock ceiling trapped him or something...?\\
Text: naruto began to feel that something is amiss...\\
He is investigating in detail so you don’t have to worry\\
The mission here is already finished!\\ Now let’s return to konoha and wait for sasuke!\\
There is a promise between us!\\
Not ready yet?\\
Believe... in madara\\ when you will regain your sight it will seem like another world... It will be interesting!!\\
This can’t be...\\
The white snake that entered here a little while ago... that’s kabuto’s chakra... so this is where he has his secret base\\
I let the insects search the zone! They show that there are several living bodies underground\\ Tokuma it is underground!! Toward four o’clock! If you use your byakugan you can probably see them!!\\
This.... this is... what incredible number...!\\
What in the world there is down there?\\
Why I’m not permitted to go out even if the animals left!!?\\
The confused boy naruto, will be hurt in no time!\\I will manage your training because you can’t manage to control your bijuu chakra\\ after my training you will feel your bijuu chakra like a one of yours limbs\\ you will confuse it for one of your legs or arms\\
Use your bijuu chakra\\ and pile up the stones\\ and balance them with your bijuu chakra\\
Nice bee!\\
Try it\\
Yeah!\\I will do it with my bijuu chakra!!\\
I have to pile up this stones in a way that they don’t crumble...\\
Ok! Let’s try it!\\
Don’t be reckless\\ for now you are able to control it, but you cannot control it meticulously\\
The rock was reduced to pieces... even catch them is difficult?\\
Damn it!\\ I will do it again!!\\this time softly...\\good...!\\
You brought us here\\
That was close... it was the fault of this island that swayed...\\ so it seems that we have arrived...\\
Ouch! my hips!\\
You overdid again!\\
Thank you for your hard work, what is the current situation?\\
The hachibi and the kyubi are ok\\the only thing is that the kyubi caretaker, a mokuton user, was abducted\\
So... the enemy has further intelligence on us...!!\\
Anyway let’s speak in detail inside\\
Well... Before that we should extract intelligence by yamato\\ but I want to keep him alive\\ I want to make the zetsus even more powerful\\
If I use the jutsu of rinnegan human realm I can easily exact information from him but... he will die\\ we should let him live in order to make the zetsus stronger?\\
Poison eh... in this way he will suppress the mokuton jutsus\\ damn kabuto, he researched the first hokage, hashirama’s cells quite well\\
It is a medicine that suppress hashirama’s powers...\\ don’t worry, I will not use it on your zetsus\\
You have quite investigated my intentions... orochimaru\\
Damn!! In this way I cannot even prepare...!!\\in this way... damn it! I’m sorry everybody...!!\\
Even if you don’t use your rinnegan, using my truth serum and your sharingan, we will obtain enough information\\ if we know the enemy... we can select and attack our most hated opponent through their weak point\\
That is a message from konoha!\\It must be new information!!\\
The x mark has confirmed the enemies’ hideout... it is a placed called “mountains’ graveyard”*!\\
*TLNote: Probably here is better to use the Japanese name to underline it: “sangaku no hakaba” or “hakaba mountains”\\
If you want to get there by land, you have to go through the hot spring country and the mist country*\\
*TLNOTE: do not confuse it with the mist hidden village in the water country\\
We have to evacuate two countries!\\
According to the information from the infiltrated reconnaissance platoon, the enemy has an army approximately 100000 elements...\\ considering the movements of a great regiment, even if they send a little portion of them from the sea route we will in a bad situation if we are surrounded\\
In this situation the first that moves will decide the war!\\
First we will gather the surprise attack unit!\\ then the gathered battle regiment will form groups and confirm every military formation!!\\
In the same way carry the ninja medical tool to the rear support medical teams!\\shikaku you re-check the information with the intelligence team!\\
Contact the perception team and Ao. They must be quick!\\
tsuchikage we made this will you and the others were away\\ take it\\
ooh! You already did that?\\
Oh... this is quite the shinobi alliance forehead protector!\\
I made the design... you that in the past competed among yourself, now are a single thing\\That is shinobi!\\futhermore now the shinobi and the samurai will join forces!\\ finally the time arrived!!\\
Text: surprise attack team: kankorou\\
I am kankurou the one in charge of the surprise attack team\\
Kankurou-san eh... which nickname should I give him...?\\
... will we be all right...? if a young fellow like him as captain... p-perhaps...\\
Rear Support medial team captain: shizure\\
I’m the one who was assigned to command this team. My name is shigure!\\ Pleased to meet you all!\\ by the way this pig is not here for food!\\
Text: Intelligence team captain: yamanaka inoichi\\
It was quite rough aoba...\\
You are inoichi-san! I’m tenga\\I heard a lot of rumours about you!\\
Haaa. The war\\
It is your first time?\\
As soon as this team is completed don’t lose focus on the on the war flow that changes in a great way\\
Text: Perception team captain: ao\\
Text: Battle regiment commander gaara\\
Now... gaara-kun you are the commander of this regiment...\\ if you calm down you can say a few words\\
Text: battle regiment first group\\
Now which is our commander?\\
That man called darui\\
Text: battle regiment second group\\
I feel a little nervous...\\
Eh, in a thing like war you have to maintain your composure!\\
What the hell! The captain is my old man!\\
Text: battle regiment third group\\
Are you all right gai-sensei!!\\
We are still not in war but, what the hell are you doing!?\\
Text: battle regiment first group captain: darui\\
Text: battle regiment second group captain:kitsuchi\\
Finally! With kurotsuchi I have a great advantage, good!!!\\
Text: battle regiment third group captain: hatake kakashi\\
Text: battle regiment forth group\\
Now I don’t have any choice but to stuff myself with food!!\\
Gaara is both out captain and the commander of all the regiment\\ he is only a representative but in substance you are the captain of the fourth regiment get an hold of yourself!\\
What a pain... I was assigned here... damn\\
Text: battle regiment fourth group captain: gaara\\
Text: battle regiment special operation\\
I will make a name for myself in this war and become a hokage or something like that!\\
You fool... don’t underestimate wars!\\
If you avoid action to only stand out\\
You are right shino...\\
Text: battle regiment special operation captain: mifune\\
First the ex...\\
Member of akatsuki...\\
Then the ex-jinchuuriki members\\
Furthermore all the ex five kages...\\
All the kinds of masters that had a name for themselves\\
Let’s go, it is time for war!!\\
Text: the unstoppable fight between the five great countries and akatsuki!! The fourth great ninja war begins!!!\\

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