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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Naruto 519

Chapter 519: bijuu sphere

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Dec 5, 2010 20:03 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 519: bijuu sphere
It is the end when a real puppet user is manipulated!\\
I will not lose, neither to you or the one who is manipulating you\\
Because I am the puppet ninja who is manipulating the real sasori\\
Text: kankurou’s speech about the soul’s importance!!\\
... because your technology... and your puppets will never rot\\
The legacy of a puppet master lives on with the performers who use them!\\
That is the real form...\\
Of the art I desired...\\
Don’t say bullshits!\\
Master! Don’t be swayed by these bastards crafty words! Yeah!\\ art is a moment of radiance! Art is a bang!!\\
My soul is in the puppets I created eh...\\
That’s true...\\
What is it?\\
I entrust “father” and “mother” to you...\\
And when your moment arrives entrust them to the next person... those two puppets...\\
I will do that without doubt\\
Ehi! Master-sasori!!\\
This is the sacrifice...\\ what’s the meaning of this? I thought I heard that edo tensei is a technique where the enemy is immortal...\\
Maybe kabuto dissolved the jutsu...?\\
Let me out! You bastard!!\\
Sasori is no more, but it is difficult to image that...\\ on the other hand the annoying one is still around\\
If you think about it, it seems that this edo tensei technique has flaws as well\\
Probably because it is not so simple to tie down a person’s feelings\\
... it seems that we finished here\\
No... it begins from now on!\\
Sai, omoi, zeji! Let’s continue out surprise attack!!\\
Something is wrong?\\
More or less I understood what happened\\
You can go on the frontlines without me\\I will hide and concentrate on my technique\\
This woman... she came so near to our secret base... and kabuto who was aware of that thing...\\
Probably he guided her here on purpose...\\
Damn kabuto... probably since the beginning he was aiming to make me and the ninja alliance destroy each other, but I cannot allow that... I’m the one manipulating here\\
Eeeh... so that room was connected here too\\
And I have to use a hachibi statue again... what a pain!\\
This is the entrance to a different room\\ the last level of the bijuu training! You must not be complaining!\\
Now I will teach you the strongest technique that a jinchuuriki could use all right? Are you ready?\\
Yes!!\\ I must be sure to be able to control that thing!\\
So? First what I must do?\\
Go in bijuu mode!\\
This is the first step\\
Now it’s your turn, quick\\
I wonder if it is not dangerous...\\
I’m little afraid of transforming into bijuu form...\\
You are all right now motherfucker\\ It not like before, drawing only the bijuu chakra will not let you run wild\\
If you say so...\\
Now image yourself as the bijuu!\\
... it doesn’t not work... that’s pity...\\
Probably because you did not really befriend the kyuubi... your bijuu transformation was an utter failure...\\
Now how will you teach him the bijuu sphere?\\
That is the first techniques that a jinchuuriki uses when he transforms into his bijuu\\
Haaaa, I’m tired...\\
Though I used a good quantity of kyuubi chakra, it did not work...\\
And besides... you should teach naruto the risks of this bijuu mode, right?\\
Bee the risks for you and naruto are basically different...\\
Perhaps I should tell him, let me surface\\
Stop that mumbling, now I give you your turn!\\ I retire\\
Oi naruto! I’m the hachibi, not bee\\
Now pay attention to what I’m going to say!\\
Eeeh it is getting complicated now...\\ well... at least you don’t use that stupid rhymes so it is simpler to understand\\
First there are some risks when you are in bijjuu chakra mode\\
There are risks in a mode like that!?\\
Sure!\\ normally while you are using the bijuu chakra mode\\
Up: naruto side\\
Up the gates: kyuubi chakra\\
Above naruto: naruto chakra\\
Near the fox: kyuubi side\\
You own chakra is taken by the fox!\\
Your chakra is temporarily stored in the kyuubi and that’s the reason you can use its chakra\\
It continues to draw you chakra... and if it becomes zero you will be sent in the afterlife\\
Text: zero\\
So Why bee was all right!?\\
Because you only took the kyuubi chakra, it is not like you tamed it\\ In the past was the same thing between me and bee, he only took my chakra\\
plus it is better that you don’t use kagebushin in bijuu chakra mode\\
the absorption rate of your chakra will be multiplied by the number of your bushins... it will be drained at once and you will die\\
Hehe but I have a lot of chakra that can I can “send” or something to the kyuubi...\\
You fool!!\\
Don’t underestimate the power of the kyuubi, it will intensely draw your chakra!!\\
It will take time for your chakra to regenerate by itself!\\
Be careful! If you waste your chakra on the battle field\\ you could die at any moment!\\
In origin me and bee negotiated on the quantity on chakra we could exchange\\ but the kyuubi probably would not do the same\\
There is also a limit in kyuubi chakra’s that you can drain during the fight\\
It is... a big risk...\\
And on top of that I cannot do the strongest technique of a jinchuuriki...\\
Well... you should give up on the bijuu sphere\\ It is better for you if you improve your special techniques further...\\
Bijuu sphere?\\
What kind of technique is that?\\
Simply I shape manipulate my chakra gather it in my mouth and compress it...\\
and then I fire it\\
That thing eh...\\
For example it has a similar sensation as puking...\\
I will try to do that in this mode!!\\
Is this the sensation!?\\
If you are not in your bijuu form it is useless\\ anyway the explanation is over... I will make bee take over...\\
We have no choice... we give up\\
We have no choice but to try your best move in bijuu chakra mode...\\
I cannot do the rasengan without a kagebushin, so this mode is not suited for it\\ I need two pairs of hands to do that. One who does the chakra emission, rotation and compression and the other that does the chakra shape manipulation...\\
Fell your bijuu’s chakra as your arms and feet\\
And you will see that it can fit\\
I see...\\
This way more o less?\\
You can do it well\\
First be ready to do your best move\\
Text: rasengan!!\\
That’s it!!\\
That technique! It is just like the bijuu sphere. You motherfucker!!\\
Text: rotation, pressure, containment and shape manipulation...\\
Ehi... naruto... that technique...\\ Who the hell taught you that?\\
Eh...!? Well...\\
Ero sennin...\\
I mean! Jiraya-sensei... the one who created it was the fourth hokage though!\\
The fourth hokage...!!\\
What a coincidence... this is fate! A miracle\\
The rasengan! You do the bijuu sphere in that very way! They are similar\\
It is a move made using the bijuu sphere as reference!\\ that is rasengan!!\\
It is like the bijuu sphere was entrusted to you!! You are lucky\\
To do the bijuu transformation is simple but...\\ to do shape manipulation in human form is difficult and I cannot do that, but!\\
Adding rotation and increase stability is the way to do that!!\\
But how can I say...\\ It doesn’t look like a normal rasengan...\\
Bijuu chakra is formed by the plus black chakra and the minus white chakra... that balance!\\
If when in the compression you mix the white/black chakra with a ratio of 2 parts every 8 parts it will become a sphere!\\
Let’s try it!!\\
Text in white: toward naruto’s new technique...!!\\
Text: next week color spread! Toward the completion of the new technique...!!\\

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