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Naruto 520

Chapter 520: the secrets of edo tensei

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Dec 11, 2010 17:48 | Go to Naruto

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Editors and proof readers if you change something about the translation in your scans let me now, it could be useful to improve my flow

Chapter 520: the secrets of edo tensei\\
What’s naruto’s new technique born from kyuubi’s chrakra?\\
The strong resolution\\ to stop the world’s fall!!\\
Text: an impossible training for the new technique!!\\
It’s not going smoothly\\ black was 95%, while white was 5%! It sounds simple but it is quite difficult\\
You are suddenly talking about positive and negative black/white chakra, no matter what you say I cannot understand that!\\ I’m one of those types who learns through their bodies!\\
And this rasengan is heavy, I don’t support it with both hands it suddenly goes wild...\\
I ‘m not really good with those meticulous things!\\
This bijuu rasengan!!\\
I will try it! And try! And try! Till I don’t get it perfect!\\
In human form it is a reckless things... this is hard like mixing water with oil\\
Let’s rest a bit, your hands are suffering from the technique recoil\\
I told you that I ‘m not good with meticulous things!\\
I will try to merge my chakra with the 8/2 ratio as you told me, look and tell me when it is good!\\
If I feel that, I will be able to remember!\\
You are a stubborn one... roger\\
Follow what I told you\\
That woman... it seems that she still lives\\
This woman is compatible with orochimaru-sama’s cursed seal and she has a part of orochimaru-sama’s chakra in her body\\
I still cannot kill her\\
You cannot do that... dispose of her now\\
This woman is seeing the exact location and the entrance of our hideout\\
It is necessary to adsorb and collect orochimaru-sama chakra while she is still alive...\\
You could say that orochimaru-sama’s body is my own\\ It is absolute step to improve my the self-confidence in my power\\
In that case the power of edo tensei to tie souls will also improve\\
That is one reason, another important thing is... this technique uses bodies of living human beings\\ that’s why this woman is still living\\
The more you increase my fighting power, the more I’m indebted with you right?\\
Am I wrong?\\
Today’s friend is tomorrow enemy... maybe...\\ there is also the case that it will become inconvenient for me that you become too much powerful \\
It seems that you still do not believe in me...\\ What do you want from me?\\
Edo tensei... Prove to me here that It really needs to use a living body\\
Explain to me everything about that technique!\\
And also the way to stop it\\
If I say no...?\\
Putting aside all the things that you desired for your entire life, the only thing that you will desire...\\
Will be your own life!\\
It is bad for me fight a rinnegan user at the moment...\\
And I still have my trump card... there’s no need to hurry...\\
It is good for me...\\ but there are not sacrifices here...\\
I already told you that I cannot use this woman\\
Those two are...\\
Danzou’s dogs\\ They are under the effect of a genjutsu created by my sharingan, since the time I caught them\\
no mercy eh...\\
now the preparation for the technique are completed...\\
Now use edo tensei with this guy who is still alive to resurrect the one I have just killed\\
For first I will tell you this... edo tensei is classified as a summoning technique...\\
The soul of the dead person is summoned from the other world, the pure world(joudo), into our world... the impure world(Edo*)...\\
*TLN: edo tensei means: impure world resurrection\\
To that aim you first need a part of person you want to resurrect\\ a fixed amount of his body flesh
A part of the body that brings information about the individual person DNA\\
If you don’t have that, you cannot summon that person\\ furthermore the persons who don’t have their souls in the pure world... that is the persons which souls were sealed into another place cannot be resurrected\\
Formerly orochimaru-sama tried to resurrect the fourth hokage but failed...\\ because the shinigami already had his soul after the fourth used the sealing technique of the dead demon seal\\
And during konoha’s destruction... the third hokage, hiruzen used the same sealing technique\\
And brought the first and the second hokage souls along with him...\\
In short... you cannot use the edo tensei to resurrect the past hokages, right?\\
I made numerous summons but...\\ It was a real pain to gather the DNA of every of them...\\
In simple words it is like searching for death bodies...\\ they rot and it is difficult to understand the identity of the corpse\\
I also made several failures\\
This is the ceremony for the technique eh...\\
By doing so the living person becomes the vessel for the dead person’s soul\\ by doing so edo tensei is completed\\
You can say that this is the greatest and the strongest technique in the whole shinobi world!\\
The second hokage ideated it and orochimaru-sama completed it, this is the greatest legacy that they left in this world!\\
Th... this is!?\\
With this tag I control their personality, and if I give them orders\\ the revived person will have all his original abilities, will not die and will become a pawn that will abide to my orders alone\\
Naturally it can reproduce rare abilities like the six paths’ rinnegan and itachi’s sharingan\\
But... I could not find uchiha shisui death body anywhere and jiraya body is lost on the seabed where the water pressure prevents the recovery\\
Thought Danzou’s right eye and the six paths of pain should still have their DNA with them...\\
Don’t be carried away...\\
Well putting g that aside...\\ I have enough pawn right now...\\
With only this it seems a convenient technique...\\ Probably there are some type of risks in that...\\
Without aburame muta’s information we were making a mistake in our search of the enemy...\\ the main bodt of the enemy army is arriving underground!\\
Spread the perception range further underground!\\ They intend to passing through the main regiment and come here! Are they aiming to take the alliance regiment from behind?\\
Dig up the earth surface using the doton!\\
Contact kitsuchi immediately!!\\
Intelligence team, we will report this to kitsuchi immediately\\
Text: Intelligence team first squad\\
New information!\\
Enemy, approximately 20’000 units, coordinates 25 and 30 underground!\\
Finally they are here!!!\\
Text: Second Combat regiment captain: kitsuchi\\
Keep going!!\\ zaji fire the signal!!\\
A red signal\\
It’s the surprise attack team... let’s go!\\
Are you all right zabusa-san?\\
It seems that it was meaningless to use this technique, haku\\
Edo tensei... it used the dead and doesn’t let them die...\\ It makes me puke...\\
The most magnificent thing about this technique is...\\
It has no risk for the caster!\\
Text: Akatsuki versus shinobi alliance the real battle begins!!\\

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