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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Soul Eater 81

salvage 10

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Dec 19, 2010 16:09 | Go to Soul Eater

-> RTS Page for Soul Eater 81

Chapter 81: Salvage
I shall live as a shinigami\\
Text: the sorcerer Noa summoned a titanic horror dragon!!\\
The graves on his back increased!?\\
The possessions, the favour, the desire... I will become the new ruler after I put my hands on everything\\
I will become a god\\
There is one who calls himself the new ruler...\\
Try to understand which, between your power and his, is the more appropriate...\\
Probably you are the shinigami that will carry the next era on his shoulders\\
I’m a shinigami\\
Your ideas as ruler are wrong, noa!!\\
All in this world you say? When you say “all” you intend everything right?\\ It is not different from My perfect symmetry\\
In this “all” where is aesthetics? There is not beautifulness in a aesthetics without integrity!!\\
Like I thought the right world is the balance, a beautiful balance based on symmetry\\
You are not appropriate to be a new ruler!!\\
He is really god...\\ Human begins cannot understand what he is saying...*\\
*TLN: well you now maka, he is saying a pile of nonsensical bullshits\\
I will show you the way to control a beautiful world\\
Well if you survive first\\
Kiz... patty\\Thanks for stick up with me all this time\\
And from on I will rely on you too\\
What the deal with all this formality...\\
She is right\\
And everyone...\\
You power is necessary\\
To defeat that big one\\
Sensei look at us please\\
Here we go\\
He is big…\\
Thanks maka…\\
No matter how much I’m wounded I still can protect a pet cat\\
Liz, patty\\
Soul resonance\\
Execution mode activated\\
Wavelength circuit connection...\\
All clear\\
Soul resonance stabilization noise 2,8%\\
This wavelength is...!?\\
From now on this is necessary to me\\
Coffin construction\\
First and second sanzu line connected\\
Begin rotation\\
“seven lasers” charge complete\\
Text: I cannot rely on my father’s seven lasers every time\\
Release coffins\\
Text: the special move of the beginning and of the end!!\\
Kanji: father’s seven lights\\
Katakana: parent’s seven lasers\\
This is the end Noa\\
Hahahaha, this light an all\\
It’s mine\\
Take it, it is the light of god\\
Noa’s waveleght is no more...\\
Noa is dead eh...\\
It seems that we rescued kid...\\
And crushed noa\\
Welcome home kid\\
The copy of the book of eibon is disappearing...\\
It... can’t be... noa-sama\\
This book...!\\
This book is... this book of eibon is noa-sama’s\\
You bastards\\
I will never forgive you!!\\
In that book there is brew too\\
If we follow him with those wounds we could be defeated\\
are you all right, shinigami-sama...\\
It seems that kid connected 2 of his lines\\
So it seems\\
Regarding that discussion it seems that justin-kun went to the location were the kishin is...\\
I wonder where he is...\\
It seems that kishin-sama is here\\
Oh god...\\
Side text: the spartoi defeated the sorcerer noa... Next enemy the kishin!!\\

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#1. by Mido-ban ()
Posted on Dec 19, 2010
thx! salvage part 10 or salvage last part ?
#2. by aegon-rokudo ()
Posted on Dec 19, 2010
it says part ten

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