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Naruto 523

The legendary seven swordsmen

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jan 16, 2011 14:54 | Go to Naruto

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523: the legendary seven swordsmen\\
Momochi zabusa\\
Ringo ameyuri\\
Kuriarare kushimaru\\
Hoozuki mangetsu\\
Munashi jinbachi\\
Suikazan fuguki\\
Akebino jinin\\
The ones considered the strongest sword users in the bloody hidden mist\\
The seven swordsmen huh...\\
Text: they have to fight a group of powerful shinobi!!\\
Ensui your squad is ready? \\
Box: hidden leaf, nara clan\\
It will take a little more time...\\
Aki of the hidden sand... what about you?\\
We are ready to go!\\
There are only strong ninjas in the ranks of the seven swordsmen!!\\
Choose your objective!!\\
This will be a simultaneous attack!!\\ Let’s buy time!!\\
It seems that it is not here either...\\
You said that you wanted to collect the missing swords of the seven swordsmen...\\ why are you so much concerned?\\
What the...\\ even after you said that you would help me... you are already complaining?\\
No you are the one who always complains\\ and yet you become desperate in everything related to the seven swords...\\
This is not the only thing that I’m willing to do...\\
My dream is to become the leader of the revived seven swordsmen\\
Yeah... right now in the hidden mist, the only remaining member of the seven swordsmen is a brat called choujuurou...\\
For regenerations the seven swords were inherited, but now the only remaining sword is the one called hiramekarei and the others went missing...\\
The great sword samehada is in the hand of the missing nin kisame... the kubi kiri bouchou that I finally obtained, now is missing\\
Officially the seven swordsmen now are almost inexistent.\\
This is no good...\\
No matter how much we attack them, there is no use...\\
What to do... to have them as opponent... and plus the seven swordsmen!\\ If this prolongs too much we will in disadvantage here...!\\
Don’t worry about that!\\ edo tensei can be stopped with techniques that seal their soul or that binds their body\\
Plus, except zabusa they don’t have swords with them, so their power is halved...\\
No... it seems that they came here bringing their swords...\\
Clean kanji: sever\\great\\long\\blunt\\bomb\\electricity\\ twin
They are missing some swords...\\
Plus the fog id too much thick, damn... I cannot see anything...\\ and because of the silent killing there is no sound either... we cannot use our ears!\\
We must get rid of this mist first, otherwise being in a regiment will be a disadvantage\\
Captain-kakashi!\\ the kagemane kageshibari(shadow bidding imitation) is ready!\\
Ensui will gently support my movements with its kabemane no jutsu\\
Yamanaka santa will take my place in my body with the shintenshin(mind to body transmission) no jutsu\\
while you are sensing him, you lead me till the enemy eyesight range with the kagemane... in order to surprise him from behind\\
Santa inside kakashi body\\
Ensui kagemane\\
Santa inside kakashi body\\
The first we will take down will be zabusa!\\
As he sees me santa will release the shintenshin no jutsu and let me return to my body\\
I will joint my shadow with that of zabusa while we are fighting!\\
If I succeed in that, ensui will use the kagemane and the kagenui techniques powers to bind zabusa with all his strength!\\
Box: maki\\
After that Maki will use the nuno shibari (cloth bidding) no jutsu to tie up zabusa body in a way that he cannot move!\\
Let’s go!!\\
Shintenshin no jutsu!!\\
We will protect kakashi-san!!\\
And you know there are also other powerful swords beside those three\\ in the generations of the seven swordsmen beside kisame zabusa and choujuurou there are other masters of swordsmanship\\
For example...\\
The lightning wielder with the higher sharpness\\
The lightning sword “kiba” wield by ringo ameyuri!\\
The defence crusher\\
The blunt sword “kabutowari” wield by akebino jinin!\\
The sword that pierce through anything\\
Sewing all together\\
The long sword “nuibari” wield by Kuriarare kushimaru!\\
The sword that brought the power of explosion to in swordsmanship\\
The exploding sword “shibuki” wield by Munashi jinbachi\\
And then the only one who wielded the great sword samehada equally to hoshigaki kisame\\
Suikazan fuguki!\\
And... the one that was able to master all the seven swords... the one called the as the second advent of the devil, my brother\\
Hoozuki mangetsu!\\
finally there is no one better than be to become the captain of the new generation of the seven swordsmen\\
Stop there... your voice is too much loud\\
... what the hell... to think that I put so much effort to sum it up for you...\\
The sword that you were bringing with you is probably broken...\\
Isn’t better for you to use a new one?\\
You talk without knowing nothing...\\
That sword has some special abilities...\\
The severing sword kubikiri bouchou the sword that does not break...\\ no... I should it’s breaks get repaired\\
It will cut people and continue to drink their blood\\
That sword is made from the iron within the blood!\\
Shintenshin “release”\\
Please! Kakashi-san!\\
Good! He did not notice! I got the first move! Let’s go!\\
Zabusa’s mist concealing technique is the keystone to fight against a great number of opponents...\\
The others will only shield him\\
Haku, it is like he protected zabusa risking his life...\\
Kuku... now he is nothing more than a puppet... probably this war will become an interesting play...\\
Text: the unforgivable ill will!! Zabusa will cut down haku and kakashi together...!!\\

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