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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Naruto 531

Chapter 531: asuma team, reunion!

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Mar 12, 2011 19:11 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 531

Text: a meeting born because of war… Asuma team reunion!\\
Chapter 531: asuma team, reunion!\\
We mentally prepared ourselves before coming here…\\
That’s why… you should prepare too\\
Chouji…. Shikamaru… ino…\\
You really became splendid ninjas…\\
… thanks to you…!\\
You saved us…\\
We were late…!\\
Be careful…\\the enemy… uses poison..\\
We have our masks with us\\ Even poison will not pass through them, they were developed to be used against ninja!\\
We need the antidote\\ let’s bring the counter attack team members to the place where the medic squad is! \\
I don’t need your assistance in this!\\ Don’t come near me unless you want to die\\
Mifune… Why are you with the ninjas?\\
That is not a thing one would expect from someone like you that still enforces the old fashioned ways of samurais…\\
To think that samurais that don’t have a lord to serve anymore would become shinobi…\\
Are you really samurais?\\
It is not like we are shinobi now\\ There is only one thing that we served since the ancient times, that is…\\
Peace you say…!?\\
I act under the beliefs that I am serving peace!\\
I did not pretend to be death! Listen now kankurou!\\
More importantly hanzou is able to manipulate the poisonous salamander!\\ We fought a lot in the past!\\
That’s why I will tell you the ingredients for the antidote!\\
Plus remember that the salamander creates the poison inside its body, but it takes 5 minutes to do that!\\
That fucking old witch… she is telling too much unnecessary things!\\
Ibuse hide for now!!\\
Let’s go\\
It’s coming!\\
It’s hard…!!\\
You dodged it well this time\\ Pretend to be neutral because you serve peace is equal to being ready to flee\\
Don’t give me that look…\\ In the past I also tried to aim for peace by myself and to unify the 5 great countries and with them the whole ninja world\\
But I immediately understood that there is no such a thing\\
Fight fight fight\\ …The only thing that remains after that is death!\\
Serve peace?\\... eh… A samurai like you probably would already knows this!\\
A lot of samurais and schools already became part of the shinobi world\\
The role of the samurai is already finished\\ and that role was taken by shinobi capable of using powerful techniques with no loyalty toward peace and that could be deployed by using money\\
But if that ninja would die only because of natural selection, nothing would remain\\
Just like happened to me\\
For me it is not like that, it’s not a matter of life and death\\ I don’t care if my life will be erased for the sake of peace!\\
What makes me move are my beliefs!\\ …you twisted your beliefs!\\
According to the samurai moral code, a person is like a sword\\
Because people will left something behind just like this sword kurosawa\\
Do not group together people and swords\\ are you saying that you found something a mass of iron!?\\
Samurai even commit seppuku* but…\\
*TLN: not sure if you know what seppuku is, basically it is suicide, but it is that special kind of ritual suicide that Japanese(and especially samurai) do in the case they are dishonoured ect\\
Why didn’t the samurais tried to erase they own life?\\
I already told you… because My beliefs are still there\\
In that case I will erase samurai once and for all!\\
I will not let you use your ninjitsu\\
the master of the drawing sword techniques, just as the rumours say…\\
“ninja techniques don’t work on mifune” if I remember well… you don’t give even the chance to form seals…\\plus\\
Just like you did with this sickle and chain weapon before…\\ your style… you fight even without looking at your enemy\\
A lot of time ago, when I did not even made a name for myself\\
One time I fought against you… maybe you don’t remember that\\
Hoo…\\if that so, why are you still alive?\\
My sword was smashed by your chained sickle and my head was hit but…\\
In a way or another my life was saved\\
I see… you are the samurai of that time… so you did not die\\ well that’s mean that this time I will kill you\\
Sorry to disappoint you but you are not able to do that now\\ From the moment our swords crossed I understood why someone strong like you could be killed\\
What are you trying to say!?\\
To think that a ninja of your level did not notice something like that\\
What incredible guy… to be able to do this to me…\\
Did you forgot my face?\\
You are yakihiko from akatsuki…!!\\
You should be dead…!\\
What’s happening!?\\
You joined hands with danzou and betrayed us\\ Someone like you that only thinks about protecting himself is nothing more than garbage\\
In my own way I admired you\\ but you are changed…\\
Who the hell are you!?\\ Why do you have so much power…!?\\
So You are not even able to understand… the reason why you lost to me…\\
Disappear hanzou\\
What the hell was he saying that time…!?\\
What is the thing I cannot see with my own eyes!?\\
Eat my poison and die!\\
I had enough of your bullshit!\\
Iai kiri!!!(drawing slash)\\
A sword that continues to be polished becomes an excellent sword and it is passed down from one generation to another!\\
The ones who follow they beliefs and continue to polish themselves and to train their bodies \\ become heroes and their deeds are left behind in this world!\\
Why this time I was the one to be cut!?\\
There isn’t even one spot on the blade… were you too much fast for me!?\\
Those who twist their beliefs stop to train their bodies… in the moves of someone like you who stopped to polish himself there is no sharpness!\\ because of that your sword was soiled by blood and became dull*\\
And cowards* like you don’t leave anything behind!\\
People are like swords\\
*TLN: in both cases he uses the adjective “namakura” that means “dull” when it refers to swords and “coward” when it refers to a person. I hope that the sense in English is clear even though I decided to translate this literally\\
Text: mifune, his beliefs are in his sword!!\\

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#1. by paiqueen ()
Posted on Mar 13, 2011
Thank you for the translation.

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