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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Buyuden 1

chapter 1: take isamu and kaname moka

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Apr 28, 2011 17:49 | Go to Buyuden

-> RTS Page for Buyuden 1

This monday I had free time and naruto was not out, so I translated this. I will translate this manga when I want to translate something and there is nothing new to translate, so the releases will be slow.

Plus I don't have the raws of chapters 2 and 3, so if someone has them, please contact me.

I remind you that when you credit me, credit my home page here on mangahelpers directly: http://mangahelpers.com/t/aegon-rokudo

god is unfair\\
in this world there are probably only gifted people and ungifted people\\
obviously I belong to the first kind of people\\
text: in a ordinary school… the story of extraordinary boy\\
text: the name of this boy that shows this arrogant behavior is...\\
and the majority of this mass of trash belongs to the second kind\\
box: take isamu\ sixth year of elementary school\\
the florid and boring modern japan…\\
a legendary boxer,\\
now will born in this very country...\\
white text in red: he lives a good life and yet... he cannot satisfy his thirst
chapter 1: take isamu and kaname moka\\
y-you are late take-kun...!!\\
I told you that there was a test in the first hour, right!?\\ Hurry and go to your seat!\\
yes, I'm sorry\\
oh? Sensei, you changed you perfume\\
could it be that you changed the man you were dating as well?
h-hurry to your seat and begin the test!\\
You have only 10 minutes left!!\\
SFX:din dong
ok, begin to gather the tests from the rear\\
he... he answered to everything...!\\
ta daaan!\\
wow incredible! That the newest smartphone right!?\\
take-kun, let me see it!\\
look it can do this too\\
how do you play to this game!?\\
you can play it if you want\\
let me play to it too!\\
too simple...\\
to get along with people of this level is too much simple*\\
TLN: literally: “I can do it before breakfast” I don't know if this is a common saying in English
yamazaki: school proficiency D, P.E. C, family C, appearance C\\
kitajima: school proficiency B, P.E. D, family B, appearance D\\
arakawa: schol proficiency C, P.E. B, family D, appearance C\\
their personal abilities differ but in synthesis they are garbage not exceeding the C level\\
they are ungifted people that I will never meet again in my whole life if I go in some famous private institute\\
because of my parents wanted me to study society, they made me go to a public elementary school\\
I enjoyed it in the first years...\\
after I understood that it was a normal thing to be the best in everything when you are in a group of such low level people,\\
I'm passing these days without thrill in boredom\\
this kind of life will continue for another 6 months huh...\\
I'm sorry!\\
thank you a bunch!\\
hey arakawa, who is that girl?\\
there was someone like her in our school?\\
she is kaname mochi-chan of section 4\\
she transferred from kansai this spring\\ Didn't you know that isamu?\\
I see...\\
and then...\\
kaname moka huh...\\
good, she is quite cute\\
until now there wasn't a girl who suited me,\\ I will become a young man soon, so this is a good time to acquire some romantic experience\\
see you then\\
see you, bye bye\\
ok let's go!\\
someone like me who was given more than 30 chocolates on valentine day*...\\
*TLN: to those who never read a shojo manga: in japan they have the custom to give chocolate on valentine day of two types: one type that is a way to say thank to that person and another to express you romantic feeling for him, surely he refers to the second type\\

must not be worried of being rejected in his first confession*!\\
tln: literally "to be said "I'm sorry(gomen na sai)" in his first confession" that is the sentence you use in japan to turn someone down(I should stop watching shoujo anime right?)

do you want something?\\you are the one who picked up the ball this afternoon, take-kun of class 2 right?\\
your house is not in this direction\\
not bad...\\
you noticed me even though I was stalking you\\
wow, you admitted that directly\\
you were really stalking me, then\\
I was only waiting for the moment you were alone, it's not like I am a stalker or something\\
you are quite a stalker!\\
kaname-san... have you ever been together with a man?\\
if it is so, why don't you try it with me once?\\ we should associate with each other as we are both highly gifted individuals\\
it cannot be...\\
well... if you want, you can give me the answer even tomorrow!\\
she must be flustered to be abruptly confessed by such a good looking boy from her school...\\
it's ok\\
people will look at us if we do it here, so let's go to that park over there!\\
hey hey, is this for real...?\\
I thought that there weren't girls who fell for me but...\\
to think that she would be so daring after I asked her out...\\ elementary school students grow really fast lately \\
this place should be ok\\ take-kun are you sure you want do it while you are dressed like that?\\
eh? she wants to do it here!!\\
you can come even without gloves*\\
TLN: here she says “unarmed” but I thought she was referring to the fact he doesn’t have gloves\\
don't worry, even if I look like this I’m quite strong!\\
well let's go!\\
eh... what is that...?\\
something is not right?\\
ok let's begin!!\\
uwaa wait a minute!!\\
why lovers should punch each other?\\
wh-what are you talking about?\\ Why should I… with you... I don't have such interests!!\\
is it your hobby to hit guys that does not interest you!?\\
y-you said you wanted this!!\\why don't you “fight” with me...!!\\
why don't you try it with me once?\\
ah... I see you hear "fight with me"...\\
instead of "try it with me", I understand now...\\
hey wait!! What kind ears do you have?\\
you have a bad pronunciation!\\
impossible, you heard it wrong!!\\
yes, I'm doing it since I was little\\
I thought that you knew that and you were so confident in your abilities that you came to challenge me\\
I see...\even so how did you heard that?\\
what a pity... I was so happy because I thought I could make my first boxing friend with my same age...\\
that right! Take-kun do you want to try boxing!?\\
in this town... there isn't even a gym where you can practice boxing, it is boring to do it alone!\\
come on! do it!\\
see you, my house is that way\\
d-do you want to associate with me, right!?\\
ok, if we have the same hobby, I’m sure we can be together!\\as friend I mean\\
it seems I miscalculated a lot of things here...\\
I don't have interest in combat spots, plus I don't like vulgar girls like you\\
sorry about that\\
w-what the hell is that!!\\ sorry to be vulgar you idiot!!\\
I wonder what was wrong with me, she is really bad\\
her appearance and P.E should be A but I have the impression that her school proficiency is D and her family is E... oh god\\
this is bad, they are delinquents from Nogi middle school...\\
ah sorry about that!\\
hey wait a fucking minute!\\
eh... m-me?\\
I'm fucking sure about that, are you trying to get away, little brat!?\\
what do you want to do about this!?\\
it hurts, ah look, there is even blood\\
uwaa he totally seems a low level scum... he is in fault too: he wasn't looking ahead of him because he was busy with his cell phone but...\\
ah, uhm...\\
I think this is enough to pardon me\\
this should be enough to pay you a band aid, right?\\
I see you are some kind of healing monk...\\
now leave me alone, garbage!\\
I was joking you fool\\
did you really think that only this money were enough to settle this, ah?\\Give me more of it!\\
uwaa, who the hell is this guy? are you the son of some important family!?\\ even tough he is in elementary school he has a 10000 yen bill with him!\\ I will confiscate this!\\
ah, those are the money for buying my videogames...\\
shut the fuck up!\\
hey you idiot, don't hit him, I was doing it with gentleness\\
This guy pisses me off\\
did you not notice that?\\
He has the same eyes of those who look down upon us\\
that's enough, this is getting bad, let's go\\
this cannot be true... why this useless human beings...\\
why I experienced this from the hands of these trash-like middle school students...?\\
say cheese!\\
ok with this we have clear proofs\\
the police will come after knowing that Nogi middle school students blackmail an elementary school student, as well as committing crimes such as theft, violence and physical injury\\
ahaha, a young girl speaking kansai dialect that acts high and mighty\\
but you cannot take someone’s picture without permission\\
why don't you let me borrow that cell phone for a minute?\\
are you stupid? first give that boy his money back and then apologize to him! Then, if he forgives you, we can begin to talk about the data I have\\
I'm not in the mood for that you little brat!\\
you bitch!\\
to attack a elementary school student is an absurd thing to do\\
well that’s doesn't’ matter now, because I got the money back... for the time being remember that a sixth grade girl played with you, and you could not lay a single finger on her!\\
...! w-when did she...!\\
can you run?\\
let's go!\\
hey wait!!\\
fuck, were did they go?\\
that way!\\
it is all right now\\
are you hurt somewhere?\\
I see, good to hear that\\
here take it\\it is dangerous for a elementary school student like you to walk around with all this money\\
you did something unnecessary...\\
I was settling everything peacefully with that money and yet... you came and aggravated the situation...!\\
next time I meet them, giving them money will not be enough to settle the matter!!\\
what the hell is that!!? I give you back the money they took and instead of thanking me you get mad\\ I cannot believe this guy!!\\ you are a big idiot\\
shut up!!\\
ah... I will thank you!!\\
I will thank you and say that you were really cool!!\\
... but I wanted you to ignore me!!\\
Not only they tried to extort me money, but I was also saved by a girl of my same age, you cannot possibly understand how I fell humiliated as a man!!\\
I don't know what are you talking about\\
get lost\\you are annoying and…\\
hey, young man, I'm sorry that a girl bumped you but, could you let me go out with my car?\\
text: his pride in pieces. Next chapter, an unexpected situation?

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#1. by magicbulletgirl ()
Posted on Apr 29, 2011
Thanks for this! I'll take a crack at it ^^ *oh long chapters~*
#2. by Savi ()
Posted on Apr 29, 2011
Thanks for the translation! I pretty disappointed from the first chapter, I expected more than this from the creator of Major. But I will keep following in case it will improve.
#3. by aegon-rokudo ()
Posted on Apr 29, 2011
To be honest I like a lot the interactions between the two protagonists. In major the female component was not that strong(well for what I saw anyway).
#4. by MG.enix ()
Posted on May 5, 2011
thanks, I'm working on the chapter ^^

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