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Naruto 539

Chapter 539: bloody night…!

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on May 21, 2011 17:11 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 539

Wow I'm getting faster... I made this with an averange of 500 words per hour, plus 40 minutes to reread everything 2 times. I hope you like it, I think I did a good work!

Chapter 539: bloody night…!!\\
Text: naruto’s declaration to the kyuubi!! “I will erase hatred”!!\\
You are residing inside my body\\
So give me your chakra as rent!\\
Another try!!\\
Eh… it seems that this little man\\ is opposing me\\
You know kyuubi… there is another thing\\
I’m thinking that one day I will found the way to erase the hatred inside you!!!\\
You made me suffer a lot but…\\
I know that if you are not controlled by hatred you can be a good guy!\\
Are you stupid!? I am the kyuubi!!\\
I have not fallen so low that a little man can change me\\ I’m a mass of hatred!!\\
That’s ok!\\
I‘m not a little man!\\ and it is worthy to do that for you!\\
see you\\
hey! Neji are you all right?\\
yeah… I’m good\\
don’t overdo it… we can rely on my nose to detect the enemy, not just on your eyes\\
leave this place to me and go for a little while to the medial quarters\\
the coordinates should be right in the centre of all division’s rear\\
how much did you know about akatsuki?\\
I thought I knew more that you but…\\
Eh… in the end both of us were ninja used by someone…\\
Thanks to these too much powerful eyes that we have… and this time too… we are moving because of the orders of the one using this technique\\
Pein… you power of the six paths, the rinnegan and my mangekyou sharingan…\\ It can be said that with the power of our eyes we can do almost anything…\\
he intends to use the power of my genjutsu with this timing\\
Itachi… you really were part of the akatsuki\\ because you are a ninja that was immersed in the darkness\\
hey! Hurry, this way too!\\
it hurts!\\
give 2000 millilitres of physiological saline solution!\\
you two over there, you are medical jounin, come here and help me\\ Now I will perform the regeneration treatment!! Hurry\\
stop there please! Now on our perception type shinobi will confirm your chakra before let you enter in the head quarters!\\
before that we cannot let you enter…!\\
yeah… I understand… make it quick please…\\
next one, please\\
for the moment I have treated the external wounds\\
For the time being go rest please\\
so…\\ the next medical rounds goes from tent 5 of sector F… to tent 3 of sector G huh…\\
do you need something?\\ you are not able to stand the pain…?\\
t-this terrible!!\\
toyosa, takemaru and hino were killed!!\\
Someone assassinated them!!\\
What’s happening here?\\
It seems an enemy spy infiltrated here…\\
It seems that they are aiming only for jouning level medical ninja\\
But how?\\
To enter here you have to pass through a strict chakra examination to confirm your real identity\\
Obviously a technique of the level of the henge no jutsu is useless…\\... I’m sure that you cannot enter here if you are not a member of the shinobi alliance\\
There is also a high possibility that a member of the alliance is being manipulated by someone thanks to a technique…\\ a very high level technique\\
What’s happed here?\\
I see… if there are only ninja from the alliance here, it would be difficult to find the culprit\\I cannot tell who he is…\\ Anyone standing here in this moment…\\
can be the culprit\\... it means that doubt will make mistrust born and cause disorders\\
that’s the enemy’s aim…\\
medical ninjas are the vital point to build our tactics\\
It is impossible to consider fighting against the immortals from the edo tensei without a back up\\
This way, if we are paralyzed\\ we will have a disadvantage when the war will resume at dawn\\
I will find the culprit\\
Leave that to these eyes of mine!\\
anyway it is not like we can abandon those who are heavily injured, no matter what happens… continue the medial treatment\\
just be careful… especially medical jonins!\\
the medical examination rounds time will be soon\\
w-where did we met the first time…\\
ah! No... its not like I’m suspecting you\\ I would never do that…! It is just… you know\\
You are suspecting me!\\
it is just you… don’t scare me like that\\
leaving that aside, where is haruno sakura!?\\
something happened?\\
there is someone who worries me a little\\ I was tailing him but now I have lost sight of him!\\
after thinking about it, I have the feeling that he was wandering around sakura!\\
sakura is in tent number 3!\\
a suspicious guy… can you describe him?\\
well… if I remember well…\\
he resembled me\\
ah it is you…\\ Your wound still hurts?\\
ah… no… I’m all right\\t-the truth is… from the moment you treated me…\\
I cannot stop… thinking about you\\
… this is…?\\
a… a love letter\\
next… time I go to war there is no guarantee that I will come back alive…\\
thanks…\\ but… I have another person I like… so\\
… I see… just as I thought…\\ that’s…\\
text: a ninja with killing intent approaches… neji why did you do that!?\\

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#1. by bigdarios ()
Posted on May 21, 2011
would you like to translate naruto for us? if you are interested you can send an mp to me ^^
#2. by salemxx ()
Posted on May 22, 2011
bro, thanks for the chapter ^^

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