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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Naruto 542

chapter 542: the secret of the strongest tag!!

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jun 11, 2011 21:04 | Go to Naruto

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Wow this time around Hissoburaiken did not translate naruto, did he retire?
text: understand each other with fists! That’s means to be brothers!!\\
let’s go bee\\
by pumping fist alone, the plan is clear\\ ok! Brother!\\
eat as much as you like!\\ we have to go soon so regain your strength!\\
ok! Brother!\\
this time’s mission consists in recover a scroll…\\ hey isn’t that…!?\\
ok? Brother?\\
chapter 542: the secret of the strongest tag!!\\
text: the untold story of the raikage and killer bee …!!\\
he is asleep huh…\\
… be has a good potential as a shinobi\\ but I cannot guarantee for his potential as a rapper\\
haha… you are right\\
bee: zzz\\zzz\\
probably he will become my successor\\
the upper echelon already told you that, right?\\
no… they still…\\
my father and my uncle both failed\\ probably I will fail too…\\
now listen to me as my cousin…\\
but you were able to hold down the hachibi until now…\\
I know that, but now listen!\\
Only someone who became a jinchuuriki can understand this\\... the change in the eyes of the people you knew during your life…\\
No… I came to understand that probably they wanted to treat me in a normal way but it is different\\
Without even looking back… I can see the path that I have walked\\
I am heading alone in a dark place while I’m scared…\\
Will I be able to control the hachibi or not?\\ I continue to walk while I feel death near me…\\
I was so much taken by these things that I continued to think about them every single day and now I’m unable to understand who I really am\\
I feel like I have a hole in my heart…\\
The bijuu will run wild after breaching through my weakened heart\\
if you only think about is you terror of death …\\
you will want to die…\\
…but… you are a great person, you have sense for ninja techniques, power, lineage and even human virtues!\\
yeah, that’s why it was reasonable to choose me as hachibi’s jinchuuriki\\
but to a jinchuuriki all those things are not necessary…\\
and then what they need?\\
something that fills up that hole in their heart!\\
something… What could it be?\\
anything!!\\ if he finds such a thing… I have the feeling that he can become really powerful\\
you have to make bee find that thing…\\
another failure… this time 8 persons were sacrificed when it went wild…\\
the hachibi has more tails in comparison with the nibi, so it is more difficult to deal with\\
I wonder how many times this tragedy will repeat…\\
Next jinchuuriki will probably be…\\you know, that boy…\\
to have name of the hachibi is so intense! That’s why I offer you incense!\\
It seems that he is not good as well…\\
t-this brat… how dare you to do that to my comrades…\\
you bastard.. don’t underestimate us!!\\
let’s go bee\\
ok brother\\
bee!?... This brat is bee!?\\
… that means…! Are you the A and B team!?\\
well I suppose you know our special move too, right?\\
d-double lariat!!?\\
bee we are still not able to do my ideal double lariat!\\
until now I just matched my power to yours… You have to put more power in it!\\
I-I know that\\ y-you fucking bastard\\
Why are you referring to your older brother as a “fucking bastard”!!?\\
This is the iron claw!!\\
One day I will surpass you brother\\
And then take it easy from that place\\
First you must put the same amount of power as me in this move!\\
Then you will be the one to match your power to mine!!\\
That’s the ideal thing for me, to preach you a sermon while I look at you from an higher position!\\
Gahahahaha!!\\ to realize such ideal world you have to improve your lariat first!\\
tonight we will do it\\
we will seal the hachibi into bee…\\
anything to fill up that hole!\\
if he finds such a thing… I have the feeling that he can become really powerful\\
you have to make bee find that thing…\\
what is it brother?\\
…eh?... uhm…\\
you will become a jinchuuriki…!\\
you cannot behave like you did until now…\\ because to be a jinchuuriki will only bring hardships to you\\
ah! If it was something like that you should have told me it sooner\\
from now on by nickname will be “rapping octopus”\\
listen well bee… if something happens don’t hide it and come to speak with me!\\
you are…\\
a very special existence to me!\\
we are the strongest tag team that ever existed!\\
even if the hachibi goes wild right now, it would not be strange…\\
we have to keep an eye for him just in case\\
The hachibi is the best of my performances…\\oh yeah!\\
those blonde hairs and the shunshin no jutsu\\ there is no doubt about it he is the yellow flash!! He have no other choice but to run away!\\
I see… so he is…\\
The ninja stopped the kyuubi recovery mission by himself alone!\\
And you are the son of the third raikage “A”, l'enfant terrible of the hidden cloud*\\
*TLN: yeah the fourth hokage is so awesome that he even knows French, you did not know that? Anyway it means “terrible child”\\
According to the rumours you have some fast moves\\
with me an my brother together you are dead, fucking bastard!\\
stay put and leave everything to me!\\
he dodged my fastest move!!!?\\
this is…!!\\
sorry bee!\\
are you all right bee!?\\
he is… the hachibi’s jinchuuriki!?\\
that’s the retreat signal! Minato!!\\ let’s retreat at once!\\
I don’t like this\\
The hachibi is the best thing in my performance…\\
You are really strong\\
Not as the hachibi’s jinchuuriki, but as a ninja… it seems that you have important things with you\\
Huh! He is more talented than me\\
No… I was not talking about that…\\ he already has more important things with him…\\
A you have good relatives… just like me…\\
Anyway next time we will meet we will probably both bear the title of kage…\\
There are important things to your little brother\\
If you don’t notice what is important to him, he will die both as jinchuuriki and as ninja\\
Text: what kind of hint is in minato’s words…?

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#1. by juUnior ()
Posted on Jun 12, 2011
"Wow this time around Hissoburaiken did not translate naruto, did he retire?"
Nah, just sometimes naruhodo does trans for MS xd

Big THX for translation!
#2. by salemxx ()
Posted on Jun 14, 2011

thanks bro ^^

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