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Soul Eater Not! 6

chapter 6: how to!

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jun 16, 2011 17:13 | Go to Soul Eater Not!

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Proofread before use

up: soul eater not!\\
chapter 6: how to!\\
what was…\\
that dream…?\\
meme: guuh\\
meme-chan sleepwalked to my bed again…\\
near her in black: ecchi\\
let’s go to the bathroom\\
hello, I’m harudori tsugumi, a 14 years old girl in search of love…\\
after the traitor incident that involved anya-san…\\
it seems that I have nightmares…\\
Two weeks passed since I came here in death city in the state of Nevada…\\
When I am alone like this I begin to wonder\\
why am I here?\\ that’s what I ask to myself\\
maybe is it because of the scenario of this girl dorm that I grew accustomed to?\\ mother, father, my little brother, everyone… are you doing well?\\
could it be that I’m home sick?\\
what am I doing…\\
I have special qualities and I came here to become a full fledged weapon\\
Here in shinbunsen I have to learn the way to control my powers, I cannot live a normal everyday life anymore…\\
Tsugumi: yeah!\\
I have to get an hold of myself\\
I cannot even search for love\\
where are my glasses?\\
ah, tsugumi-san… you were awake\\
meme-san you don’t wear glasses\\
good morning\\
no matter what it is, if I’m with anya-san and meme-chan, I can forget about it\\
I will go to wash my face\\
Have a safe trip\\
What do we have for breakfast today?\\
You have just awaken and you already speak of breakfast?\\
Tsugumi: I did not expected that you were such a glutton\\
I was just asking\\
The school cafeteria is ok for you, right?\\
Ah… that’s right, I’m going to wash my face too\\
Have a safe trip\\
I have to wash my face too!!\\
however a weapon like me did not have a lot of choices\\
so why meister such as anya-san and meme-chan came to shinbunsen?\\
I forgot about that\\
Why should I tell you a thing like that?\\
I…\\I see…\\
An example…\\
If I only had a single example to follow, I would know a hint to survive to this dangerous shinbunsen life, and yet…\\
and things will get more difficult now that that the traitors are aiming at us\\
you came back, huh\\
you collected a certain amount of experimental data\\ well, nothing can be done about that, you are only prototypes after all\\
shaura-sama the preparations are complete\\
I will prove you that I am the best among the gorgons\\
ah? Are you alone?\\
that’s rare\\
ah, akane-kun\\
that’s why anya-san and meme-chan are attending their meister classes and I’m a weapon\\ It is ok for you to not attend classes?\\
yeah, It seems that I don’t need to attend because they are quite basilar lessons\\
akane-kun there is something I want to ask you…\\ do you have a little of time?\\
if they see us like this they will think that we are a couple…\\
well that’s impossible, there is too much difference between me and him…\\
in other words “why a meister would come here in shinbunsen?”, right?\\
yes… you expressly experience a lot of dangerous things…\\
even among the meisters there are a lot of different people, that’s why I think that there is not a single answer to you question but…\\ I think that a lot of people normally come here to get a career\\
a career?\\
shinbunsen is called “the police of the entire world”\\ and there are a lot of people in the political world of every nation that graduated from shinbunsen\\
you are Japanese like me so you should know this too\\ after the great war you must have a degree here in shinbunsen to become the prime minister of japan\\
it is like I’m having a class about our society…\\
the trust you can put in shinbunsen is immense and almost all the countries in this world have affiliations here\\
on the other side shinbunsen itself profits from that\\
if you could buy peace with money, it would be really cheap, right?\\
the pocket money that shinbunsen student like us have… aren’t they a little too much in your opinion?\\
I heard that the way you use your money is all checked by shinbunsen…\\ be careful… even in places like this they measure the disposition of their students\\
Do They even know what we have done to the master’s store the other time?\\
Well told that\\ I think that there are a lot of people that gathered here because they desired authority but\\
A healthy soul resides in a healthy mind and in a healthy body\\ so the majority of people are here because they want to protect the world and become heros, right?\\
You want to become a hero akane-kun?\\
In my case I’m here for the particular condition my family is…\\
In you family you were shinbunsen students for generation…\\ or something like that?\\
no…\\ I was born in a dojo…\\
I think you know judo right?\\
Judo in origin was passed down as a martial art to kill people but\\
In the modern times it became a sport\\
In my dojo right now they still teach moves to kill people because it is a dojo specialized in ancient martial arts\\
Harudori, do you know the “hoshi*” clan?\\
TLN: star clan\\
they are a group of assassins that would kill anyone for money\\
my family is a branch of that hoshi clan\\
normally I wear glasses so people cannot see my eyes well\\
it is a little frightening but also beautiful\\
that hoshi clan was crushed by shinbunsen because they used their power without observing the laws\\
but I think that it is a waste to leave alone these assassination techniques… after I went all the way to learn them…\\
so you came to shinbunsen\\in other words you intend to advance in “EAT” group in the future, right?\\
that’s right\\
I came here in shinbusen to use my techniques for people\\
I really respect you… you could take action thanks to your own ideas…\\ I came here only by chance because I could become a weapon\\ and now I’m worried about the objective I should take while I live here in this school campus…\\
Ah… no… sorry\\
It is not like I came here to discuss about my worries!!\\
I’m sorry…\\
you are cute harudori\\
I-I’m not cute…\\
So… are you trying to aim at “EAT” too, harudori?\\
Eeeh!! T-that’s impossible!\\
If I try to do that I will lose my life\\
I’m not able to take direct damage\\ and I would be afraid if I encounter one of those traitors\\ so it is impossible for me to enter the “EAT”\\
I will protect you\\
If you enter in “EAT” no matter if is the traitors or someone else, I will protect you, harudori\\
Eh… eh…\\no…\\but\\
that’s why you have to be always by my side\\
b-b-by your side?\\
do you want to become my weapon?\\
big katakana: fueeeeeeh!!?\\
inserted text: a sudden confession…!!? Next chapter opening in colour!!\\

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