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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Soul Eater 88

Chapter 88: The Hunt

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jul 14, 2011 10:08 | Go to Soul Eater

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Proof by max mahito
Shiscepa village\\
There’s still time for prey to come?\\
I think that it is almost here\\
Hey, why people from shinbunsen are here?\\
It’s a little far from your school, but…\\
Is this related, in some way or the other, to the hunt?\\
Yeah…this is…\\

Chapter 88: The Hunt\\

Tsubaki…\\ are you making me fly?\\
Hum… rather than fly…\\
I would say that…I stretched?\\
Who cares about the details!!\\
I always ruled on the earth, but I finally got the sky in my hands!!!\\
As always, he spouts such nonsense…\\
Sorry to keep you waiting\\

Hemingu, village’s young hunter\\
I was performing the purification and so I ended up late\\
Eihab, the Magical Tank\\
Sorry about that, but he is still a novice, so he needs your help\\
I will do it alone\\
Every year a Meister used my to ride me and we did the hunt, but… a Meister alone is more suited for the job\\
Is it ok if we corner the prey in the sky?\\
Yes!\\ If we get one of them, this village will prosper for an entire year\\
I am counting on you\\

Black star, Tsubaki-chan\\
The time has come already?\\
Prepare yourself\\
Today, we have to just corner the prey, quite a simple job\\
Plus, today it will be impossible for us, to do our flying training\\
Yeah, also, I doubt that that you’re “flying” there now!!\\
He’s right! We’re not really flying, Black Star\\
Don’t say such things to me\\ Sometimes I wonder if you like me or not\\
Eh?\\what’s wrong, Maka?\\

Something is wrong in this sky…\\
It is noisy\\
That little girl from the city sure is lovely\\
You old pervert,\\ stop complaining and let’s go\\
If we too could fly in the sky, the hunt would have been much more simpler\\
You lazy brat, I was not complaining, let’s go\\
Do your best! It’s starting\\

Let’s go, old man\\

The sky is really noisy…is this an omen of prey approaching?\\
… Yeah, I think so\\
The clouds are getting thick\\
It’s the sign that the prey is coming\\
Katakana: Hooeeeeeeeeee\\

Urgh…\\it is sucking us in\\
It’s coming!!\\

What the… it is bigger than I imagined…\\
Is this the sky whale!?\\
We have to corner a big thing like this to a place, where it is easy to fire at him from the earth… what should we do for that, now…?\\
Anyway, let’s purse him\\

First of all, shall we hit him with a shot, forcing him to go down?\\
Did you even follow the briefing?\\
This hunt is a tradition of this village, so we cannot directly interfere!\\
It is useless! The clouds are much too thick!! I cannot see it\\
Don’t follow it with your eyes!! You have to feel it!!\\

Something which is that big shouldn’t fly so well. I’m the only big shot who is able to fly\\
Usually…sky whales fly at a higher altitude than this, but it seems that at this time of the year, when there is the Ebb Tide, they descend to this altitude\\

Hey!! This is his spouting\\
This is…\\
Just like I thought… when I was on the surface, I did not realize it, but…\\
At higher altitudes, the concentration of madness is higher…\\
What’s the meaning of this…?

Lost island\\
Where do you intend to take me?\\ I came here only to know the location of The Kishin\\
You know his location, right?\\
Even I don’t know it…\\No…\\
It would be more correct to say\\
That, I still don’t know his location\\
We are that kind of existence\\
Probably, that idiot can discern this kind of difference too\\
We don’t have any time to spare\\
You know his location, but you cannot tell it to us, right?\\

Don’t be impatient\\
You already know the answer\\
What are you talking about…\\
Your precious friends will find that answer\\
This world is already collapsing\\
In this magnetic field, a mere hour of that incident repeats itself for eternity\\
Look at this flower\\

For someone like you, who honours order, this flower and this world that repeats itself without nothing going amiss is very comfortable, right?\\
In this world, there is no fecundity; it is a world equal to the nothingness. In the book of Eibon, I saw that the irregularity of unbalanced things themselves is the true order\\
I see\\ in that case, you should know if the Shinigami is the main cause of the madness or not\\
Because you are not incomplete anymore, but a full-fledged Shinigami\\

Maka! I don’t know what you perceive right now, but leave it for later!!\\ I will say this clearly, without you and Soul we cannot do this!\\
Yeah\\ I know that\\
When I heard about this mission, I realized something\\
What are you talking about, Soul?\\
It is the sound!!\\

The sky whale is sensitive to the sound\\
By using the sound to our advantage, we can corner it\\
Let’s go!!\\

Whale: Boooooo\\
Urgh!! It bounced back\\

Let’s try with several of them!!\\
Sfx: Poon\\
What are they doing?\\
They are fighting with supersonic waves, so we cannot hear them\\
They are not here yet\\
Believe in them,\\
Be sure to be ready to shoot it anytime\\

It’s here!!\\

Let’s go~!!\\
Bring it down with a single shot!\\ Pierce its heart!\\
Don’t make the prey suffer!\\



It is going down!!\\
This way, the village will prosper for another year to come!!\\
No, it is not going to prosper\\

Because I will destroy it!!\\
Stop it, Black Star!\\ Maka-chan, Soul-kun, stop him!!\\
The feeling that I had up there…\\
The Kishin…\\
It was an easy mission!!\\
The only thing you did was to attack the village\\
Maybe we should send a written apology…\\
What’s the matter, Marie-sensei?\\
Calm down and listen\\

at that moment, she told us that*\\
TLN: that ass!!!\\
Crona was added to the Shinigami’s list and us, the Spartoi, received the order to execute her*\\
TLN: Crona’s gender is unknown but I think she is a girl so I used a female pronoun when I referred to her\\

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