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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Soul Eater 89

chapter 89: there is someone to admire

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Aug 11, 2011 21:33 | Go to Soul Eater

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Reread once, don't use unless you do a proofread
side: the order to deal with chrona was given to the spartoi\\
chapter 89: there is someone to admire\\
soul: he told us to deal with chrona…\\
kim: shinigami-sama is too much cruel\\ no matter what happened he ordered maka and the others to kill chrona…\\
maka: but what I really hate is that in a place unknown to me they decided that chrona should be killed\\ with our own hands…\\
maka: I’m still not able to understand… what I should do but…\\
kid: sorry… I just got back\\
liz: we heard what happened\\
kim: kid\\ you are a shinigami too right?\\
kim: in that case go to talk to the shinigami-sama\\ It is too cruel to ask to maka and the others to dispose of chrona\\ plus to ask to kill her when she could be still manipulated by Medusa… this decision was too hasty\\
kid: what chrona did is unforgivable\\
kid: the death scythe Tsar and his meister Feodor’s murder…\\
kid: and the incident were a immense black sphere swallowed up an entire city with all its dwellers\\
kid: chrona’s disposal is inevitable\\
b*s: hey did you come here to say that boring things eh!?\\
kid: listen to what other people have to say to the end\\
kid: but\\ I want to say that doesn’t exist something like absolute “order”\\
kid: this should be right, eibon…\\
ox: but… even among the members of spartoi gathered here…\\ not only their nationality is different but also their race and obviously everyone has his respective values\\ the sole thing that ties together such different human beings is “order” right?\\
ox: sometimes even a cool-headed and rational guy like me can be favourable to human kindness\\ but only because he still abides to that “order”\\
ox: If even the symbol of that “order” that is a shinigami like you doesn’t abide to the “order”\\
ox: humanity will be broken apart\\
kid: but there are even people that doesn’t accept this order to kill Chrona\\
kid: I think that my father ordered the spartoi to deal with Chrona because he is asking us how we should confront someone not tied to the “order” like her*\\ no matter how low it will go we don’t have other choice and both us and the “order” has to go forward\\
TLN: just a reminder: as chrona sex is indefinite but I consider her a woman\\
Liz: he became really splendid\\
Kid: For that reason we have to search for chrona\\
Maka: I must be the first to meet chrona before anyone else\\
maka: soul could you help me please?\\
solu: maka\\
maka: we will search her with my soul perception at full range…\\
maka: my spirit will surround the whole world\\
maka: with soul’s piano I will be connected with the world…\\
maka: his soul…\\ my soul…\\
maka: everyone’s soul…\\
maka: chrona…\\
maka: follow the madness…\\
maka: I will find you\\ through the whole world\\
in all the places: here?\\
the moon!?\\
soul: what’s wrong maka…\\ did you find her?\\
maka: I found him…\\
maka: the kishin…\\
tezca: there is the possibility that the kishin is on the moon\\
shini: are you sure about that?\\
tezca: when I was searching Justin’s soul\\ I’m sure that I felt a little reaction come from the moon\\
tezca: My physical body was destroyed by him but\\ only my soul was reflected in the mirror and I came here to communicate you this\\
maka: shinigami-sama\\
maka: I found the place where the kinshin, asura, is hiding\\
shini: maka-chan’s soul perception reached even the moon and found the kishin huh…\\
marie: that’s a great feat maka-chan\\
maka: no… I was searching Chrona and by chance…\\ and during the whale hunt I felt that the density of the madness in the high atmosphere was particular thick and then…\\
sid: now we are almost sure that the kishin lurks on the moon\\
nygus: what do we do now?\\
spirit: MY DAUGTHER, maka finally found him\\
spirit: even if MY DAUGTHER found the place where the kishin is, as her father I cannot leave this alone for MY DAUGTHER’s sake\\
stein: let’s organize the team that will suppress the kishin\\
stein: for first let’s call all the death scythes\\
kid: I…\\
stein: I want kid to abandon spartoi’s missions and join to the kishin suppression\\
stein: What do you think, shinigami-sama?\\
Shini: that’s right, if we will fight on the moon it we can be sure that it will become a mid air battle…\\
Shini: kid’s skateboard techniques are needed there plus…\\
shini: this is a battle to regain the “order”\\
kid: maka, soul\\
kid: those are the orders…\\sorry\\
kid: my father cannot go to the moon\\ I have to go to this fight as a shinigami\\
kid: this is irresponsible but maka… you should be the one who has to stop chrona\\ I leave her to you\\
maka: ok… I understand\\
your operation is more dangerous than ours\\ don’t die on us ok?\\
kid: haha\\ black star would hold a grudge against me if I do that\\
kid: there is no doubt that right now he is the strongest in shinbunsen\\
kid: that’s frustrating…\\
kid: in the past black star had this kind of feelings as well\\
kid: but I will not stop here!\\ I will surpass him again!\\
soul: kid…\\
kid: don’t mention to black star what I said here\\ he would become cocky\\
soul: yeah\\ I know that\\
kid: let’s do that with the left hand too\\
soul: geez…\\ you never change\\
spirit: that’s irritating\\
shini: yeah probably\\
shini: but you know, it is not quite like that\\
shini: kid is a fabulous shinigami already\\ when kid will become a complete shinigami there will be no problems even if I will not be able to move\\
shini: but lately kid’s eyes have become cold\\
shini that’s the thing that irritates me\\
spirit: when kid will become a true shinigami he will understand\\
shini: whatever what he will choose probably I will not see his smiling face ever again…\\
I want to teach\\
I want to instruct\\
I want to inform\\
I want to teach\\
I want to give guidance\\
I want to educate\\
I want to show\\
I want to introduce\\
I want to initiate\\
I want to instruct\\
I want to guide\\
I want to explain\\
I want to point\\
I want to enlighten\\
Index: anyway\\
Index: I want to teach\\
Index: The BREW is under my control\\
index: I will obtain the kishin’s madness and eibon-sama’s knowledge will expand\\
noa: brat!! Be sure to follow me!\\
kanji: rage\\
lapdog: yes!\\ I will follow after noa-sama flapping wings!\\
noa: I cannot hear you\\
lapdog: yes!\\ I will follow after noa-sama flapping wings!\\
soul: are you all right maka?\\
maka: yeah\\ it is just that after I sensed the madness wavelength of the kishin my soul is a little astonished\\
maka: but at the end, we could not find chrona…\\
soul: it would be better if we stop chrona’s search for today\\
Justin: she found me out huh…\\
Side: next chapter’s opening pages in colour!!\\

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