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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Naruto 551

Chapter 551: stop nagato

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Aug 17, 2011 10:22 | Go to Naruto

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chapter 551: stop nagato
naruto: this is…\\
text: nagato’s rinnegan, showing its real power!!\\
naruto: What kind of technique is this!?\\
naruto: a pulling technique…!\\
naruto: a technique that blasts you away…!\\
naruto: summoning technique…\\
naruto: a technique that adsorbs ninjutsu\\
naruto: it seems that you can use all pain’s techniques!\\
naruto: I don’t know this technique!?\\
naruto: rasengan\\
naruto: that’s…! That’s right!\\
naruto: I saw him absorb a ninjutsu just a moment ago!\\ I’m a real idiot!!\\
naruto: Nagato! What is this technique?\\ tell me please!\\
naruto: It is useless! he is totally manipulated…\\
nagato: Nakara path!\\
naruto: this is… I’ sure…\\ pain’s technique that made people return to life!!\\
naruto: What do you want to do with that!?\\
kabuto: even if I suck his soul with the human path and kill him once…\\
babuto: with the nakara path I can hide his soul and body and then bring him back to life before me…\\
kabuto: this is a way for me to obtain the two jinchuuriki without madara finding me out…\\
kabuto: well then… I think that there was someone else left…\\
naruto: … and this thing looks like when I soul was pulled off!\\
naruto: I feel my power fade and I have a bad feeling about this!!\\
nagato: ashura path!!\\
bee: kuah!!\\
bee: did he summon some kind of mechanical thing!?\\
naruto: nugugu…\\
bee: to think that you had so many moves, you use all the kinds of techniques\\
bee: naruto, remember the time when you pulled out the kyuubi’s chakra!!\\
naruto: kuah!\\
kabuto: that’s right…\\
kabuto: I can still catch them with that…\\
nagato: chibaku tensei!\\
naruto: you saved us there! Thanks itachi!\\
bee: what are those technique he is using!?\\ isn’t he too much strong, that fucking bastard!?\\
naruto: It’s called the six path of pain…\\ he has the power of the rikudou sennin that’s why he is so strong!!\\
naruto: plus this time he is not manipulating death bodies but he is the real thing\\ so it’s movement and power are on a total different level!!\\
itachi: he is coming…\\
itachi: that black sphere… it has a substantial gravity power\\
bee: what is that!?\\
naruto: uwaah!\\
naruto: I was caught once in this technique!\\ it is really dangerous!!\\
naruto: if we get caught in this too, we are finished\\
itachi: hey… naruto\\
naruto: what!?\\
itachi: if you get caught and you are finished, why are you still alive?\\
bee: ahahahaha, in that case this is an easy win!\\
naruto: this is not the right time to laugh!!\\ why do you think you have the time to play around in a situation like this!?\\
naruto: if we get caught we will not able to get away!\\ we will be pinned down with an incredible strength!!\\
naruto: the last time I was barely able to escape thanks to the kyuubi going berserk…!\\
itachi: we don’t have any time to spare\\ we have to analyse this with calm\\
itachi: it seems that the black sphere that nagato threw a moment ago is the centre of the technique\\
itachi: probably we just need to destroy it\\
itachi: each one of us has to attack that sphere with his strongest long range technique at the same time!\\
naruto: in this kind of situation I cannot aim at the centre!\\
itachi: it will hit even if you don’t aim\\ we will manage by using this strong gravity against the centre itself\\
itachi: no matter what kind of technique is, it must have a weak point!\\
bee: ok!!\\
naruto: right!!\\
naruto: ok me too!!\\
itachi: yasakano gamatama\\
naruto: futon rasenshukiken no jutsu\\
bee: bijuu sphere!!\\
nagato: sorry about that… itachi…\\
itachi: you returned to normal huh…\\
itachi: it was the Totsuka no Tsurugi… you will be immediately sealed… do you have something left to say?\\
nagato: naruto…\\
nagato: I will go back to the place were our master is\\ I will see your story from there…\\
nagato: let me say that… you are the last part of a trilogy\\ the first book was jiraiya… and it was a masterpiece…\\
nagato: but usually the second part is a poor work\\ just like me\\
nagato: something that even my master would not approve\\
nagato: the quality of the series will be decided with the third book… the conclusive one!\\
nagato: make a masterpiece that will erase the failure of the previous work… naruto!\\
text: nagato is sealed!! Naruto now can go to the battlefield…!!

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