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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Soul Eater 90

chapter 90: moon

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Sep 18, 2011 16:03 | Go to Soul Eater

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madness is on the moon\\
chapter 90: moon\\
side text: maka is searching for krona with her soul perception…\\
you grew inpatient and enlarged your search range too much\\ you should narrow your range down and then search for her…\\
no matter how much your soul perception is strong, it is impossible to pinpoint a single person with it\\
I found the kishin and yet…\\
You were drawn to him by the reaction you found in the madness\\ probably it was only a coincidence\\
I know that!!\\
Let’s call it a day\\ from tomorrow onward we will choose a point a do a careful search around it\\
I will find her, I swear\\
we wanted to find krona and medusa’s next moves by analysing they previous movements but\\ it is like they stopped moving since the incident in Russia \\
krona’s search…\\
it is not like we can let maka and the others take the full responsibility for that but…\\ we cannot do nothing for them…\\
I cannot find any idea\\
A will huh…\\
Even if they told us to write a will because we will participate to the kishin’s purge\\ we don’t have anyone in particular to which leave our testament…\\
black star\\
do you want to participate to the kishin purge as well, right?\\
sure, their mission will stand out a lot more\\ but even if we think about it with all our brain power we don’t have any choice\\ we have to properly complete the mission they entrusted to us\\
our enemy is the kishin… I wonder if we have chances of victory…\\
to be honest the world continues to be filled with madness… and a defensive fight is more advantageous, they don’t have any good reason to leave the moon\\
so it’s means that we have no other choice but to attack them…\\
shinigami-sama cannot leave death city because his soul is bound here… so kid’s awakening is essential for our victory…\\
the death scythes is charge of east asia, western asia and africa have arrived\\
death scythe is charge of west asia, jin garan\\
death scythe in charge of Africa Ding Diinga\\
it seems that all the death scythes are gathered here\\
as soon as the preparations are done we will sortie\\
in the meant time you should meet with the people you want to say goodbye\\
shinbunsen’s dungeon\\
it is quite noisy\\ could it be that something is happening outside?\\
the traces of the snake that medusa put in my body disappeared…\\
she is dead\\
this is an abuse of authority\\ to call me with a public announce is embarrassing so stop doing that\\
sorry, sorry\\ I wanted to meet you no matter what\\
papa, you will go to the moon too right?\\
I’m quite busy, it is the first foreign mission in a lot of time\\
Plus it is important\\
It seems that both liz-chan and patty-chan are writing a will\\
…\\ I see…\\
I’m sorry that we put you in a difficult position with this thing about crona’s search\\ I thought that you would not come\\
not really\\ plus the search ended for today\\
so, do you want\\ something from me?\\
there is probably no need for a father and a daughter to meet in a moment like this but… probably I was a little rude now\\
there is something I want to give you before going to the moon\\
a will…?\\
a ring?\\
probably you don’t want to receive it but\\ this is the wedding from the marriage between me and your mother\\ your mother sent it back after our divorce\\
when we married your I was young and totally broke\\ so this is a cheap ring I brought on street stand from an old lady…\\
according to that old lady, there is a charm engraved on the back side of the ring that purifies from madness and misfortune\\
this a thing I brought for you who is born thanks to us and is doing this dangerous work as well…\\
your mother is strong enough to not fall prey to madness, so she probably doesn’t need it…\\
probably she already noticed that right now we are surrounded by madness\\
and because of that she made sure to send back her ring\\ hahahaha…\\
you know, when I knew that you mother was pregnant\\ I thought that it would be a good thing if my child was a boy\\
a girl like her father would have been an inexhaustible source of worries right?\\
are you kidding me?\\
but I’m glad that it was you maka\\
you grew and become so strong\\
crona is a poor child\\ save her…\\
I’m the worst father ever but\\ she is a poor child that was raised by medusa\\
santa maria novella’s church\\
the place where we met crona for the first time\\ me and Stein should have stopped her there…\\
why did I forget about that…?\\
thanks papa\\
I will absolutely find crona\\
Now that I think about it, she resembles her mother in her straightforwardness
santa maria novella’s church\\
that child was here yesterday too\\
why is she mumbling all alone there?\\
the kishin…\\
the kishin is mine…\\
that’s right…\\
I know…\\
You are still… by my side\\
I have to do it\\
the place where everything between us began\\
santa maria novella’s church\\
I found her\\
I know the reason why she is there\\
This is the last request of help from her\\
I will take supreme command in this operation\\
Give a mission as squad leader to every death scythe \\
Fufufu\\ the moon huh…\\
He is enjoying it just like he found a place to die\\
you two, prepare for the mission as well!\\
shinbunsen’s central information office long sword meister hoshi akane\\
shinbunsen’s central information office, long demon sword marei saizumoa\\
shinbunsen reparation technician kaapentar gen\\
for the first time we equipped the “eternal spring” with a great number of magic tools\\ the preparation of the cutting edge magic airship are in order\\
thanks for your hard work, gen-san\\
the engine works well too!\\
go get them!\\
big black text: well then, to the moon\\

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#1. by v1nx ()
Posted on Sep 18, 2011
#2. by aegon-rokudo ()
Posted on Sep 19, 2011
Thanks, to be honest I was sure it was "Novera" not "Novella", my bad

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