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Translations: Bleach 617 by BadKarma , One Piece 777 by cnet128 , Gintama 531 (2)

Naruto 554

Chapter 554: rasen shuriken’s limit…!!

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Sep 18, 2011 18:15 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 554

inserted text: the hero naruto Vs the strongest, the previous generation raikage!!\\
why!? Isn’t that naruto!?\\why is he here!?\\
… this feeling… this is wind element! Is that an evolved version of the rasengan?\\
if that technique hits him we can do it!!\\
Chapter 554: rasen shuriken’s limit…!!\\
that‘s not enough!\\ against the thunder cloth…\\
I already know that those who bear the name of raikage are really fast!\\
he was aiming for this since the beginning…!\\
it did not work!\\
he dodged again!!\\
He must fall in the feint otherwise it will not hit!\\
ok! In the moment he lands…\\
at this range…\\
I will not miss!!\\
what powerful wind element technique!! With this we can do it…!!\\
do it now!! Sealing team, hurry up!!\\
this time we stopped his movements for sure!\\
… sandaime\\... you are frightening strong just as they say…\\
impossible… the rasen shuriken did not work…!\\
a little time ago sandaime-sama’s eyes changed…\\ … he is being completely manipulated…\\
!!\\isn’t that!?\\
get away from raikage-sama!!\\
the earth element user have to prepare a wall immediately!!\\
let’s do it together everyone!!\\
doton: banri doryuu heki(earth element one thousand miles earth flow wall)!!\\
fall back!!\\
come naruto!!\\
youton: gomu heki(lava element, gum wall)!!\\
what was that!?\\
the third raikage’s strongest ninja technique!!\\
the four finger nukite(overarm stroke), the hell trust!\\
he accumulates lightning chakra in his fingertips and then strikes…!\\ trusting moves have a great affinity to lightning element\\
it resembles kakashi-sensei’s raikiri no…\\
sasuke’s chidori…\\
fall back as much as you can now that you have the chance!!\\
no!! we know the precise point where he will come from! We will concentrate all our attacks on that single spot alone!!\\
prepare yourself everyone!!\\
stop!! Listen to what the ninja from the cloud says!!\\
damn it!!\\
those imbeciles…!\\
he changed it in a three finger nukite huh…\\
what the hell is that technique… it is incredibly strong…\\ he defeated several tens of people in a single instant all by himself…!\\
when the hell trust’s fingers decrease its power concentrates itself on a thinner spot*\\
TLN: wait, isn’t that the “kazoe nukite” one of the 108 secret techniques of the elder? Sot he third raikage is one of his disciples!\\
it is the third’s strongest weapon!\\
plus the tough flesh that can endure any technique\\ will become the strongest shield\\
… is he even a human being? That old man I mean\\
they said that he was the only shinobi capable to compete with a bijuu in regards of flesh toughness\\
these raikages… are incredible…\\
what’s wrong!?\\
in that case… what the meaning of this!?\\
come on.. that…\\
that scar on his chest…!\\
if his body is the strongest shield… how did he receive that!?\\
The rasen shuriken did not even leave a scratch and yet!!\\
… that huh…\\
once it happened that the third said to the others to flee while he stopped the hachibi going wild all by himself\\
he received that wound at that occasion…\\
so the hachibi did that, right?\\
he never said a thing about that wound\\
because it was the “shame of his entire lifetime”… it is something that even the forth knows nothing about\\
if we speak about the hachibi…\\
then it is the bijuu sphere!!\\
inserted text: the results of his training are bearing fruit!!?\\
lower text: next chapter, the conclusion of the fight against the last generation raikage!! And what about gaara and the tsuchikage!?\\

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