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Translations: One Piece 920 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Naruto 555

Chapter 555: contradiction

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Sep 22, 2011 16:44 | Go to Naruto

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w-what is this feeling?\\
another technique from naruto, what the hell is that?\\
t-this is the bijuu sphere, just like the hachibi!!\\
he is capable of holding such sphere made of heavy chakra in his human form! There is no way…\\
inseted text: in a world were the rasen shuriken doesn’t work…\\
inserted text: the bijuu sphere fails…!?\\
chapter 555: contradiction\\
… that he can do something like that…!!\\
just as I thought…\\
why!? What happened!?\\
damn it!!\\
I knew that I was overdoing it…!\\
His chakra cloth disappeared…! He really overdid himself…\\
temari-sama!! The enemy plunged into our formation and there is a great number of causalities!!\\
you have to hurry and retrieve them!! Then bring them to the medical team!! Plus…\\ maintain a certain distance without getting to much close to him!!\\
are you all right!?\\
hey, rubber guy!\\ I want to talk with bee and the hachibi immediately but, how do I contact them!?\\
you have to pass through the communication team\\ then the information unit captain, yamanaka inoichi, will be able to put you in contact with them!\\
… you are lucky\\
I’m a ninja from the communication team\\
Naruto!! Be careful!!\\
he withdrew his three fingers nukite…!\\
he is aiming to make us faint with his punch…!\\
youton gomu dama(lava element: rubber ball)!!\\
you are dodai-dono from the hidden cloud!... what’s happened!?\\
it seems naruto has something to say to bee and the hachibi… put him through with them immediately !
in the meantime the third raikage will be busy pursuing the fake rubber ball!\\
he showed him that he was surrounding me with the rubber ball and in the meantime he pulled me from behind, hiding me in the shade of a rock…\\
even the rubber guy has fast techniques!\\
thanks rubber guy!\\
with this we gained enough time to talk with bee!\\
he will notice this immediately!\\
don’t think that we obtained that much time!!\\
naruto, you have something to discuss with bee-dono and the hachibi but\\
aren’t you near them? Weren’t you supposed to act together!?\\
I’m not near them right now… plus… more importantly put me in contact with them immediately!\\
We don’t have that much time!\\
you let naruto go without you!!\\
hurry up and finish this\\ you are taking too much time!!\\
sometimes I have to pee, even if these weren’t the intentions of the killer bee\\
bee, it is me, naruto!\\
there is something I want to ask to the hachibi… switch with him!!\\
now I’m doing my physiology explication, if you begin to talk I will lose concentration. If you talk in a moment like this, you don’t have consideration…\\
we switched naruto! What’s the matter? You seem in a hurry!\\
hachibi you fought once before with the third raikage right!?\\
yeah… a lot of time ago, that guy was a strong and sturdy human!\\
he even cut down all my tails with a move called one finger nukite…\\
how did you infer that wound on the old raikage’s chest!?\\
… wasn’t it my bijuu sphere?\\
no… I wonder how I did…\\
we used up all our strengths until we collapsed in front of each other while still holding our techniques…\\
I don’t remember much of what happened…\\
… maybe…\\
thanks hachibi!!\\
kagenushin no jutsu!!\\
what!? Isn’t that different from before!?\\
the raikage is coming here… rubber guy, go please\\ there is something I want to try…\\
everyone! You must not interfere right now!!\\
sealing team, do the necessary preparations!\\
I don’t know what he intends to do but, that’s only a simple rasengan…!!\\
He wants to fight with just that!?\\
with his strongest spear I will surely cut down naruto’s arms and legs!\\
maybe I should bring him here while he is half death…\\
Sennin mode’s frog sparring… in this way my perception of danger will be broader and faster!\\
That’s why I will dodge his trust by an air’s breath…\\
and aim flawlessly to his arm!!\\
just as I thought!!\\
I see… so that’s how… he got that wound on his chest…\\
Way to go naruto!!\\
You had a good intuition there…!\\
The hachibi told me that When the he and the third raikage fought\\ they collapsed one in front of each while still holding their moves so…\\
I thought that he suffered that wound when his own move hit his chest \\
It was his shame because it was a wound that he inflicted upon himself\\
He was the ninja that possessed the strongest spear and the strongest shield…\\ surely this is a contradiction\\
So it means that the raikage’s spear was stronger huh…\\
Probably… the ninja with the strongest shield is gaara after all!!\\
Is that all you have got…?\\
Side text: the supreme battle of sand Vs water… gaara Vs the last generation mizukage!!\\
Below text: the absolute defence doesn’t work…!! Next issue, what will be gaara’s strategy!?\\

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