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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Soul Eater 96

Chapter 96: battle on the moon (6)

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Mar 18, 2012 13:53 | Go to Soul Eater

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Chapter 96: battle on the moon (6)
a heart corrupted by madness, only a black thorny path awaits ahead\\
side text: maka finally arrived to that place…\\
santa maria novella church…\\
I remember…\\
And even now I become frightened…\\
Of my first encounter with crona…\\
I was surprised when I saw her for the first time her soul\\
inside a single body, there were the souls of …\\
the meister and the weapon\\
even now that fact did not change\\
there are still crona and Ragnarok inside of that body…\\
and yet…\\
you are crona, right…?\\
I’m so glad…\\
Crona! I was searching for you for so long!\\
Let’s go back to shibunsen!!\\
Everyone is waiting for us\\
I will not let them do anything to you\\ I will protect you no matter what!!\\
I cannot do that anymore\\
I don’t remember well… what happened…\\ why am I here…\\ your identity… and what you are for me…\\
But…\\ I thought…\\ I would meet you… the person named maka if I waited here…\\
That’s why I came here to meet you\\
this is the last principle I still uphold…\\
the distinction between right and wrong…\\
I was waiting here just to tell maka that…\\
Wait, don’t say such a thing…\\
It is still possible for you to come back… you were able to get along well with soul, black star, kid, tsubaki-chan liz-chan and patty-chan…\\ and even with mary-sensei…\\
Everyone wants you back\\
You don’t understand…\\
I killed my mother…\\
Y-you killed… medusa…\\
Yeah… a being that I can never replace… the only connection I had…\\
I killed her with these hands\\
And I never thought\\
That such a thing would make me feel so free…\\
the gears inside of me are already moving…\\
and that will not change, no matter who I meet\\
farewell… I have to go now\\
order is absolute, order is everything in this world\\
even for animals and insects\\
but I cannot abide to that order, I’m allergic to it\\
I’m not able to connect with anything in this world\\
Now I will go on the moon\\ and obtain the kishin\\
And I will wrap the whole world in that madness\\ and make all the gears in this world go mad\\
It is not like that!!\\ we can still start over!!\\
this is something I decided alone\\
this door…\\ it opens from the inside, right?\\
I cannot abide to the order in this world… that’s the thing I decided since the beginning…\\
eh!? But what about maka-chan!!?\\
wait crona!!\\
don’t get near me!!\\
crona\\ stop!!\\
this wavelength is!?\\
did they find crona?\\
I don’t want to hurt anybody anymore\\
Hey wait!\\ we haven’t finished talking with you!!\\
Come back!!\\
I told you I don’t want to hurt you anymore!\\
Where is she headed to!?\\
The moon!!\\
wait!! The moon is now… the battlefield between shibunsen and the kishin\\
plus the most dangerous criminal crona is heading there… we should inform shibunsen first!!\\
and it is dangerous to pursue crona alone\\
even the one among the spartoi most capable to fight against crona, black star, is not able to catch up with her\\
shu…\\shut up\\
it is this era is not able to catch up with me!!\\
And kirikou’s team is not here!\\ they are not good went it comes to soul perception, so they did not notice the current situation\\
What happened with crona? We have to tell that to shinigami-sama!\\
I will obtain the kishin…\\ And I will wrap the whole world in that madness and make all the gears in this world go mad\\
I will go to the moon as soon as preparations are complete!!\\
Let’s go to help kid!\\
I want to go on the moon in the first place\\
Crona you are such a fool!!\\
I don’t care about your disposal or the order in this world\\ I want to fly to the moon as soon as possible\\
a communication arrived from the death scythe on the surface on the moon, yumi azusa\\
they are fighting against the kishin clown army at the moment… and they are having an hard battle against the enemy soldiers that appear with no end\\
kid connected 2 lines of sanzu, but he didn’t awaken yet…\\
I see…\\
It wouldn’t be so difficult if we had the brew…\\
the spartoi came in contact with crona, but she escaped to the moon…\\ it seems that her objective is the kishin…\\
I’m also worried about that boy called gophel that escaped with both eibon’s book and the brew…\\
It can became a four-way struggle in order to get the kishin\\
Did you order to\\ kim of the spartoi to come back to shibunsen?\\
The negotiations with the fifth force in this war are in order\\
there is no end to them and kid is running out of stamina!\\
ketaketaketa, you can even struggle to the limit\\
but you should take a look around you!\\
what the hell is happening… no matter how many we defeat…\\
will this battle ever end…?\\
near Justin: hahahahahaha\\
this is kishin-sama’s madness\\
stop struggling!! And surrender yourself to madness!!\\
you should give up too!!\\
it is useless! I will not make stein fall into your traps\\
hahaha, what are you talking about!? You are already in my trap\\
that’s right!! The moon!! The moon itself is the enormous trap I lured you into!\\
this moon is like a enormous guillotine \\
it is more and more difficult for you to come back from here now that you have stepped on the moon. Your head is already entrapped in my pillory\\
you should fear the moment when the guillotine will descend from the sky to crush you\\
madness will fall from the moon forever!!\\ the guillotine is aiming at your necks!!\\ the guillotine will fall forever! Guilloti… guillo… guil…\\ bigoh\\
I cannot listen to you forever\\
I will stop you\\
This war will not change even if you kill me!!\\ because you have already lost\\
Anyway stein-san, this is strange, why are you on the shibunsen side?\\ a flat world where everyone thinks the same and the extreme thoughts and extreme people are purged!\\ is it really necessary that they must be lined up in a vertical or diagonal manner? Can’t they be scattered around?\\ do things as much as you like, talk as much as you like, and if someone doesn’t agree you can kill him\\
Isn’t more natural in that way!? Is the shinigami’s order so important!!?\\
Soul resonance!!\\
Shinigami-sama’s order is not that extreme\\
But stein, the madness inside of you doesn’t find place into the shinigami’s order!!\\
I will think about it after I defeat you!\\
then what will you do after eliminating all the things the shinigami calls heresy!?\\
what do you intend to do about the madness inside of you that doesn’t match with the order!!?\\
this is for avenging B-J!!\\
you don’t have to worry… your era is near\\
the order is crumbling right now\\
inserted text: Justin is dead… but the shibunsen is still in an unfavourable situation…\\

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