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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Naruto 578

Chapter 578: a hopeless weak point!!

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Mar 19, 2012 19:06 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 578: a hopeless weak point!!\\
inserted text: the great ninja war finally goes toward its climax!!\\ the three battles that will save this world!!\\
first: masked man VS naruto, bee, kakashi, guy!!\\
second: madara Vs the five kages!!\\
third: kabuto Vs sasuke, itachi!!\\
inserted text: what awaits inside of darkness!!?\\
I’m here!\\
Sfx: jump\\
What the hell are you doing in a place like…\\
Is that… orochimaru!?\\
Kuku… not quite…\\
That voice…\\
to think that the reward from this alliance would appear before my eyes with such timing…\\
I’m lucky…\\
What do you mean? Why the two of you are here…?\\
It is quite a complex situation… I will try to explain it in a simple way…\\
explain it… and in the meantime I will make you stop this edo tensei\\
There are no weak points in this technique… nor risks…\\
Itachi… I’d like to explain that to you but…\\ in any case I don’t think sasuke will stay put if you begin to move…\\
If you get impatient you could not be able to…\\ stop me…\\
Well then… who should I kill next?\\
sfx: juuuu…\\
body regeneration without forming seals… I see, so that’s the real power of the technique you were talking about in the fourth rule…\\ it is the same power as hashirama…\\
I intended to use it to create an opening…\\
Sfx: zuuuu\\
You wanted to kill me with my own technique?\\
Jinton genkai hakuri no jutsu!!(dust element: atomic detachment technique)\\
I will kill you with my own techniques!\\
Did you become senile, oonoki? The rinnegan are able to absorb any kind of technique… ninjutsu doesn’t work on me\\
You should already know that the only way to kill me is to knock me down directly and seal me\\
The last time I grazed your left shoulder with my jinton … it should be enough to stop you\\
Ah that… it was only to show you hashirama’s face\\ in order to decrease you morale\\
… and I raised it instead\\
I have a question…\\
This doesn’t change the fact that you outwitted us with your mokuton clone but\\ in a certain sense you can say that we cornered you to such an extent that you needed to use a clone as a scapegoat…\\
Am I wrong?\\
It is a five against one fight after all…\\
We cannot win even if it is 5 against one!\\
Don’t tell us that it is unfair…\\ because that is our way to acknowledge your strength\\
You are uchiha madara after all\\
I will not say that it is unfair\\ 5 against 1… it is a good number for a little game\\
Tajuu mokuton bunshin no jutsu(multiple wood element clones technique)!!\\
with this we are 5 against one\\ … don't say that it is unfair, you are the five kages after all\\
well then… I have a question\\
what would be better… if that clones are able to use susanoo…\\
or not?\\
… and that’s why there is a war\\
so, you want to defeat itachi again to take revenge for the uchiha clan\\ because I brought him back in this world, right?\\
in other words itachi is a hindrance to the two of us right now \\
… what about working together and defeat itachi?\\ we have the same snake power and the same master…\\
I don’t feel like calling that thing “master”… plus it seems that you don’t the truth\\
I chased itachi here in order to talk with him\\
On which side are you on now?\\
why!?\\ he is the same as orochimaru… in other words he is my enemy!\\
and now he should be your enemy too!\\
… I will explain everything later…\\
but before that we have to defeat him…\\ however don’t kill him\\
if the user of the edo tensei is killed, the technique cannot be released for all eternity\\
first I have to explain you the method I intend to use to make him fall into my tsukuyomi and make him stop this technique\\
and once he is inside my tsukuyomi I will release the technique by manipulating him!\\
you are quite talkative when it comes to the way of defeating me…\\
maybe it will go as smooth as you say, but there is no weak point nor risk in this technique, just as I said…\\
there is a weak point or an opening in a technique, no matter what technique it is\\
and the weak point and the risk of this technique is…\\
sfx: suu…\\
my very existence!\\
…itachi… you always lied to me saying that there would be another time and at the end you died…\\
that’s the reason why this time…\\
I will make you keep your promise!\\
They say that your personality doesn’t change for all your lifetime but… I have already died…\\
So I intend to keep that promise\\
I was left out because I don’t belong to the family, huh…\\
Inserted text: the fated joint battle!!!!\\

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