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Soul Eater 97

Chapter 97: battle on the moon(part 7)

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on May 4, 2012 10:22 | Go to Soul Eater

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Chapter 97: battle on the moon(part 7)
just: the order will collapse\\
stein: Justin…\\
stein: you didn’t understand anything until the very end… someone like you, who was always alone, was crushed by the order and fell into madness…\\
stein: because you weren’t able to imagine anything beyond that order , plus…\\
stein: even if order would collapse, that would not bring to the world I desire\\
kid: did the professor defeat Justin!?\\
guy: kid!\
kid: what is it?\\
near the guy: haa\\haa\\
guy: you have to go back to the magic airship immediately\\
guy: shinigami-sama ordered you to return\\
kid: what the hell are you talking about!? Are you saying that I have to leave the war in such a situation!?\\ I cannot obey to that order, no matter the reason behind it!\\
stein: What’s happening?\\
kid: my father commanded me to return to the airship\\
stein: with this timing? It must be related to that negotiation…\\
guy: shinigami-sama is waiting, hurry\\
stein: and we cannot leave the injured like this on the battlefield either…\\
stein: you have to obey to the orders from shinigami-sama! And bring back the injured soldiers with you\\
kid: Professor stein, even you!\\
stein: I will hold this front together with the death scythes while you are away! You can come back here after you followed shinigami-sama’s orders! The death scythes powers are not just for show\\
kid: it is not like I don’t trust you and the death scythes, but this war is a fight for the order…. A shinigami like me cannot fall back!!\\
stein: you are right, you are special kid\\
stein: there is something that only someone like you can do\\ and that normal people like us could never do\\
kid: impossible…\\
stein: this is not the time to hesitate\\
mary: stein?\\
stein: “izuna”’s use is at its limit\\ I leave kid and the injured soldiers to you\\
stein: hurry up\\ otherwise the clowns will revive again!!\\
mary: but\\
stein: I’m alright\\
mary: understood, let’s go, kid\\
kid: we will return shortly\\
azusa: death the kid has returned\\
kid: what is it, father?\\
shi: I’m glad to see that you are still in one piece, kid\\
kid: let’s go over the formality and get to the point\\
shi: first I want you to calm down and listen to me\\
shi: we from shibunsen began to negotiate with a certain power behind the scene before beginning this war\\
kid: a certain power…?\\
shi: the witches\\
kid: the witches you say?\\
kid: the witches are our enemies since forever…\\ what did you have to negotiate with them…?\\
shi: shinbunsen had to send all its death scythes… a great deal of battle potential to the moon in order to defeat the kishin\\
shi: if something happens on the earth’s surface while they are up there, we will be in trouble…\\ and the biggest threat for us are the witches\\
kid: so the objective of that negotiation was to put the witches in check…\\
shi: yes…\\ the one that made the kishin revive and create the current predicament was the infamous witch medusa, but the witches never consented to her actions…\\ because the kishin madness is a threat for them as well\\
shi: that’s why it wasn’t difficult to negotiate an armistice for the time concerning the battle on the moon\\
kid: So why did you call me?\\
kid: didn’t the negotiations go well?\\
shi: azusa informed me about your situation up there…\\
shi: the madness is not stopping…\\ depending on the negotiation we will carry out from now on, probably we will be able block the limitless multiplication of the clowns\\
kid: could it be that the one able to perform such a thing are…\\
shi: yeah, the witches\\
shi: the most hated kind of magic for shinbunsen…\\ because of that magic a lot of witches were able to infiltrate into shinbunsen…\\
kid: soul protector!!\\
shi: the soul protector is a magic that totally shut off the emission toward the outside of the witches’ evil soul wavelength\\ the clowns’ limitless multiplication is caused by the kishin madness wavelength\\
shi: if we are able to use such magic well, we should be able to cut the their link to the kishin’s madness and stop their multiplication\\
kid: and we need the witches collaboration for that…\\
shi: but the witches set an absolute condition before beginning the negotiation . That a shinigami would go directly in their world where the negotiation will be carried out \\
shi: I cannot leave this death city\\ that’s why I want to you to go to the witches’ world\\
kid: but… now I’m on the moon\\
shi: the witches know that as well…\\
shi: it seems they are imposing an unreasonable demand just to pester us…\\ but we don’t have any other choice but to comply to their request…\\
shi: in the current situation, even if you go to the moon, you will not able to stop the clown’s limitless multiplication\\
shi: you have to come back for now, kid\\
kid: are there any other ways…?\\
azusa: what is the current status?
guy: the accommodations for the injured and the corpses are completed\\ we will prepare to depart!\\
kid: there are too many clowns out there, we will be shoot down!\\
mary: it is alright\\ don’t worry\\
kid: impossible…\\
kid could it be…\\
mary: death scythes are not just for show\\
spi: well then… they are coming\\
spi: for a moment you made we worry because I thought you fell into madness\\
stein: really?\\
stein: I will not fall into madness\\ because of you senpai, mary and all my students in shibunsen…\\
stein: but fundamentally I won’t change…\\ I will spend my life while being irritating and depressing together with you\\
spi: geez, I just wanted you to thank me\\ I helped you more than my own daughter\\
spi: that’s right, you should have a family!\\ in that way your madness and the rest will go away\\
stein: I don’t want to hear about family by someone like you that failed at that, senpai\\
spi: urgh…\\
spi: now that you mention it I don’t like order that much as well\\
stein: that’s why you are a death scythe\\
box: witch world\\
girl: mabaa-sama a negotiation request came from shibunsen\\
mabaa: nyamu\\
box: shinbunsen prison block\\
eru: gekori\\
eru: if you use the soul protector on the clown you can stop their limitless multiplication because you can isolate them from the kishin’s madness wavelength\\
eru: that’s what I told to the person from shibunsen that came here to ask me about it\\
eru: well in theory there should be no mistakes\\ but it is not a magic you can perform by just gathering one or two witches…\\
free: eruka, can you hear me?\\
free: it is me, free\\
eru: free!?\\
eru: why are you here!?\\
free: I came here to help you!\\ the last time I was captured and put into jail, you were the one who helped me!!\\
free: did you think that I would leave behind my benefactor?\\ no!! no way!!\\
eru: but\\ how did you get here!?\\
free: did you forget? If you use soul protector\\ this becomes a really simple task\\
eru: it cannot be that simple, even if you used the soul protector(if it true, that’s way too simple)\\ this is shibunsen after all\\
free: I don’t care about that\\
free: hurry up and let’s go out of here!!\\
eru: free\\
eru: you were caught too\\
free: yeah!! While I was coming here to help you!!\\
guy: he is big and he stands out too much, maybe he is joking, right?\\
guy2: I wonder…\\
free: but it seems the se me free\\ maybe they caught the wrong person!!\\
tez: now that everyone is here, we can go where shinigami-sama is\\
free: they say that wolfs and monkeys don’t get a long well\\ I don’t feel confortable around him\\
eru: who cares you stupid dog\\
box: italia\\
ox: we will go then\\ because we don’t have any method to get to the moon…\\
kim: I don’t know well what happening but it seems that I have to go back to shibunsen…\\
maka: yeah\\
kiri: we will find some kind of transportation on shinbusen and heading to the moon as well\\
b*s: ok, I will be waiting for you\\
tsubaki: wait a minute\\
soul: sorry to have kept you waiting\\
soul: everyone, put this on\\
kiri: what is this…?\\
tsubaki: it is something we brought in that stand while maka was contacting the shinigami\\
soul I was thinking that my hair looked gloomy without an hairband, so tsubaki…\\
tsubaki: we will separate from now on right? so we should wear some matching clothes…\\
tsubaki: so our hearts will be one even if we are apart!!\\
tsubaki: right?\\
B*S: hey, there is something drawn on soul’s hairband\\
Soul: eh? I drew it just a little while ago\\
Kiri: that’s unfair draw the same thing on our hairbands too\\
Kim: let me see\\
Soul: oh?\\ I wonder what kind of things someone poor in arts like you maka can draw\\
Maka: draw it!!\\
Soul: o…\\ok\\
B*S: can we draw stars on them too?\\
Soul: eh?\\ yeag…\\
B*S: tsubaki, he said that it was ok\\
Tsubaki: yes\\
kim eh!?\\ are you sure Jacqueline?\\
kim: isn’t that a little strange?\\
jac: … I like it\\
?: havard is drawing zig-zags\\
??: I’m not good with curves\\
soul: kilik and the others are gone, shouldn’t we go as well?\\
b*S: yeah!\\
tsubaki: wait!\\
b*S: again?\\ what is it this time…?\\
tsubaki: maka-chan\\ let’s do it ok?\\
maka: yeah\\
sfx: jiiii\\
maka: the orders to execute Crona was issued… because of what happened in this mission we cannot forgive crona for the deeds she committed against the order\\ but after meeting her I understood that I cannot kill her\\
maka: In that case I cannot carry on my shoulders this spartoi symbol\\
maka: that’s why…\\
soul: that’s…\\
tsubaki: I talked about with maka-chan and brought it with me\\
tsubaki: there are yours as well\\
soul: I see\\
maka: perfect!! Let’s go!! Where is the moon!?\\
maka: that way!!\\
inserted text: maka and the others finally go to the moon!!\\

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