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Naruto 588

chapter 588: To Bear the Name of a Kage

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jun 1, 2012 09:17 | Go to Naruto

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Translation check by geg

chapter 588: To Bear the Name of a Kage\\
inserted text: itachi Vs kabuto concluded!!
sfx: clack\\
itachi: Now... all of the dead people brought back by edo tensei will vanish.\\
itachi: and the end of the war will be closer.\\
sasu: then that means... you too...\\
itachi: … I was able to protect my village one more time...\\ as uchiha itachi of the hidden leaf.\\
itachi: I no longer have any attachment to this world.\\
sasu: why!?\\
sasu: why are you doing all this for konoha after what they did to you!!?\\
sasu: I can’t forgive konoha,\\ even if you do!!\\
sasu: you don’t have any attachments to this world!!?\\
sasu: you were the one who made me into what I am now!!\\
around sasu: haa\\haa\\
itachi: I won’t be the one who will change you anymore.\\
itachi: that’s why... stopping this technique is the least I can do...\\
itachi: to be even with naruto, after all the things I entrusted to him.\\
sfx: suu\\
sfx: kui\\
itachi: tell me the seals to stop edo tensei...\\
mizu: kyah!\\
gaara: ugh...\\
mizu: he’s too strong...\\
mizu: what are we supposed to do against this...\\
gaara: you’re right... if things continue like this...\\
tsu: oooooh!!\\
tsu: oraah!!\\
rai: your fighting style has become messy, hokage!\\
rai: even if you cannot die, you will end up exhausted after fighting like that!!\\
tsu: this is a fight where I put my life on the line.\\ I have no other choice!\\
tsu: cough\\
tsu: guh!\\
rai: hokage!!\\
rai: shi-\\
sfx: doza\\
rai: dammit... how could I be defeated... by a mere sharingan genjutsu...!\\
sfx: zuuuuu...\\
sfx: pan\\
sfx: tap\\
rai: ugh...\\
tsuchi: release!\\
rai: thanks tsuchikage...\\
madara: damn you ohnoki...\\
madara: you’re finally starting to show how experienced in battle you are.\\
madara: you were able to stop susano-o with the added weight rock technique... and you were then able to help the raikage...\\
tsuchi: stand up, my fellow kages!!\\
tsuchi: Don’t complain when you’re in a life or death situation!!\\
tsuchi: even if the five kage are defeated,\\
tsuchi: our last words must not give shame to our titles!!\\
tsuchi: naruto is fighting a battle that we entrusted to him!\\
sfx: *get up*\\
sfx: *get up*\\
sfx: suuu\\
tsuchi: and we swore to win this battle here that he entrusted to us!\\
tsuchi: and there is another thing that all the shinobi in this world entrusted to us...\\
tsuchi: don’t waste the title of the five kage they entrusted to us!!!\\
madara: the main problem here is ohnoki, just as I thought...\\
madara: my only choice is to break his spirit.\\
tsuchi: I don’t have much chakra left, so consider this is my last attack!\\
tsuchi: tsunade, more chakra!!\\
tsu: You don’t have to tell me twice!!\\
tsuchi: jinton: genkai hakuri no jutsu!!! (dust release: detachment from the fundamental world)\\
madara: the clones that were using susano-o won’t be able to absorb the jinton in time...\\
sfx: crack\\
madara: I thought I told you that only physical attacks work on me.\\
madara: you probably intended to create a diversion thanks to the jinton that erased my clones, but...\\
madara: there’s sand mixed into the water...\\
gaara: it’s not just sand!\\
mizu: If the sand isn’t enough, we just have to stop you from absorbing the techniques.\\
mizu: and if we do that, your body will become numb and unable to move thanks to the lighting-water dragon bullet <3\\
tsuchi: I’ll use that opening to use my jinton!\\
tsuchi: there will be plenty of time to seal him then!\\
tsuchi: behold! this is the full power of the five kage!!\\
madara: that’s right... they are people who bear the title of kages after all \\
madara: in that case uchiha madara will reward you by showing his full power.\\
madara: you will learn that everything is futile, even the power of the five kage...\\
madara: against susano-o’s perfect form!\\
inserted text: the worst possible misfortune descends upon them!!!\\

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