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Translations: Gintama 678 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128
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Soul Eater 98

Chapter 98: witches' trial

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jun 11, 2012 09:15 | Go to Soul Eater

-> RTS Page for Soul Eater 98

Really low quality raw, I'm not sure about some words

Chapter 98: witches' trial
?: the eternal spring is working with a 100% efficiency\\
?: space ship’s engine are all green\\
?: 5 seconds to the departure\\
kid: wait!! Are you leaving here the professor and the others!?\\
?: magic airship, take off!!\\
clown: shoot it down!!\\
white face: no you don’t!!\\
white face: haaaaa!!\\
kid: go down!! Leave me here too!!\\
liz: kid\\
mary: wait! The death scythes remained here so you could go to the witches’ world! Do you intend to waste their efforts!?\\
stein: you will not get in the way!!\\
spi: they are gone now!!\\
girl: we are leaving the enemy’s air space!\\
box: moon, left nasal cavity\\
sid: I feel someone’s presence, no… this wavelength is…\\
box: moon right nasal cavity\\
noa: eh!!\\
noa: someone is here!!\\
clay: hey, what should we do now!!? It is sid-sensei for sure\\
clay: we will get him mad… I cannot think of any good explanation…\\
box: moon, left and right nasal cavity merging point\\
sid: akane… clay…\\why are you here…?\\
sid: eh…? What’s the meaning for this?\\
clay: eeeh, that’s…\\
clay: you know…\\
maka: that’s wrong in so many ways\\
b*s: come on let me ride on that thing too, this is getting troublesome…\\ I opened holes in 2 or 3 houses aready\\
b*s: dammit! Again\\
maka: hang in there, we are still far from the moon and if soul to carries the two of us he will run out of physical strength \\
box: shibusen\\
kid: I’m here!! father!!\\
kid: prepare to send me to the witches ‘world at once!!\\
shi: welcome home, kid!\\
shi: kim and the others just got back\\ now they are taking a shower and will make the preparation once they have finished\\
kid: shower…!?\\
kid: they are so easy-going…\\
box: shibusen female shower room\\
kim: ah, I just came back and now…\\
jack: let’s take our time kid still didn’t come back\\
jack: kid!?\\
kim: why are you entering here!!?\\
kid: we don’t have the time to talk\\
kid: which part of your body didn’t you clean?\\ I will help you!!\\
jack: ah… ah… ah…\\
kid: what!?\\ y-y-you pervert!!!\\
liz: s-sorry this is our fault…\\
patty: kyahahaha\\
kim: I didn’t even showed them to ox, an h-he…\\
shi: those who will go to the witches’world will be kid, kim, eruka, free, risa and arisa\\
shi: you should go there without weapons in order to not defy the witches \\
girls: yes\\
free: the shinigami and a monkey, this is really bad…\\
eru: shut up…\\
eru: about the location of the witches’ world, it is a place that was sealed by maaba-sama’s space magic\\
eru: in order to go to the witches’ world I have to open the gate but this is obviously something that only witches can look at\\
kim: so could you face to the other side!?\\ especially the men!!\\
kim: so\\ there are 4 witches here, who will do that!?\\
eru: obviously we will follow the rule that says that the youngest witch has to do it, right!?\\
kim: but it is a rare occasion to have 4 witches here plus…\\
kim: the three of you would be able to do it without any difficulty, right?\\
risa: not much will change if you do that alone and plus we have our rules so just do it kim-chi\\
kid: I didn’t expect that the witches rules were so strict\\
shi: yeah, right\\
kim: understood…\\ did you hear me? be sure to not turn and look at us!\\ do you understand me kid!?\\
kid: I think I told you that I’m sorry already, so hurry up\\
TLN: the kana spells MAJO that means witch in Japanese\\
Kim: no one would think that this is the only way… to think that to go to the witches’ world you have to form the word “witch” by dancing with your bottom…\\
Kim: mabaa-sama… you taste for this thing is old because of your age…\\
arisa: a “hole” open thanks to the butt dance\\
risa: you should stop saying that thing every time this happens\\
shi: can I go into this as well?\\
kim: it is useless, the witches’ world that is beyond that gate is clearly outside of death city\\ it is not like our world materialized here\\
kid: couldn’t you witches come to the moon to open the gate without making me come back here…?\\
eru: maybe that wouldn’t have worked… the jamming of the madness on the moon is terrible, so it would interfere with mabaa-sama’s space magic, and I think it would be difficult to tune the magic toward the witches’ world channel\\
kid: this is the witches’ world\\
eru: for a shinigami to come to this world… I’m sure something incredible is happening in the world\\
kid: why we can’t find this place even if it is on the earth\\
eru: mabaa-sama’s magic distorted the space around this place so that there wouldn’t be any interferences from the outside\\
eru: let’s say that it is something close to a large scale soul protector that couldn’t be realized without mabaa-sama’s power\\
kid: what the hell is this maaba…\\
kid: nothing will come out of that even if I keep thinking about it\\ you should guide me immediately to the place where we will negotiate\\
kid: it seems that there is no need for that\\
voices: jouma jouma wachisuchi\\
voices: kouma jouma wachisuchi\\
cat: we will begin the witches trial now!\\
ma: nyamu\\
people: kill the shinigami!!\\
people: kill those traitors!!\\
people: burn them to death…\\
cat: silence!!\\
ma: nyamu\\
kid: wait!! We came here to discuss, right!?\\ we are here to negotiate!!\\
kid: we even brought here the criminal that stole mabaa-dono’s eye as a present!\\
free: what!? I knew that I could not trust shibusen!!\\
cat: silence!!\\
ma: nyamu\\
kid: we shouldn’t fight right now, hurry up and release us\\
cat: rejected!\\
risa: w-wait\\ why are you doing this to us!!? Shibusen is the one at fault here!!\\
cat: rejected!\\
cat: read the charges and the judge decision\\
bcat: yes\\
bcat: witch eruka frog for the crime of assisting the witch medusa gorgon, releasing the criminal that stole the magic eye\\ and becoming one of the shibusen pawns after that\\
bcat: you are sentenced to 5 death penalities!!\\
eru: so the calculation I did were right…\\ more or less…\\
free: don’t lose hope, I helped you!!\\ you should thank me\\
eru: yeah yeah, thanks\\
bcat: witch tabasa butterfly, given name Risa, for having supported shibusen and getting along with a death scythe\\ you are sentenced to death\\
bcat: witch taruho firefly, given name arisa, for having supported shibusen and getting along with a death scythe\\ you are sentenced to death\\
arisa: really!? Isn’t this strange!? This cannot be!!\\ this impossible!!\\
guard: be silent\\
arisa: Impossible!! Impossible!!\\
cat: add another 3 death penalties to her sentence\\
bcat: yes\\
bcat: there is no meaning in adding only a death penalties to your punishment as you are immortal werewolf with the demon eye\\ if we add to the 500 death penalties for the left demonic eye you stole to mabaa-sama to the punishment for escaping the prison…\\
bcat: we arrive to 1000 death penalities\\
bcat: witch kimiar dihal, for leaving the witches’s world witout permission and enrolling into the enemy’s school shibusen\\ you are sentenced to death\\
kim: o…\\objection\\
cat: come here if you have an objection\\
kim: I cannot go there it I’m blocked by this heavy rock!!\\
cat: in that case rejected\\
cat: I will announce shinigami kid’s charges and the judge’s decision\\
cat: because you are\\ a shinigami!!\\
ma: nyamu\\
cat: you are sentenced one million times to death!!!\\
kim: serves you well!!\\
witch1: give me his guts!!\\
witch2: just burn him to death\\
witch3: there is a certain experiment I wanted to perform that needs one his eyes as ingredient\\
witch4: this is an historical moment, I’m so excited\\
kid: stop it utter nonsense!!!\\
kim: s-sorry\\ it is true that I’m exaggerating a little about it but…\\
kim: but originally it was your fault.\\
kid: I care remove a seal of this level any time I want\\
kid: and this heavy stone doesn’t have any meaning for me\\
kid: I can erase all the witches who are present here any time I want\\
kid: but there is no meaning for me to do that\\
kid: because now that the order is going in chaos because of the kishin’s madness\\ there is no reason for the shinigami and the witches to fight each other\\
witch: the great enemy of the witches is shinbunsen!!\\
witch2: what the hell are you talking about after killing so many of our comrades!!\\
kid: the same thing is valid for us\\
kid: a lot of people, both meister and weapons, lost the lives against the witches\\
kid: the witches has a destructive instinct\\ they cannot exist together with us!\\
kid: but is that really true?\\
kid: even human beings have a destructive instinct. There are those who have a lot of it, and those who don’t have it at all\\ and there are countless ways to make that destructive instinct appear\\
kid: and this trial!\\ even in the witch’s world there are laws that one has to respect, right?\\
kid: if you would just be incarnation of destruction, you would be not able to abide such an order\\ the conflict that lasted for so many years is not due to a instinctive incompatibility, but it is only the result of the chains of hatred\\
cat: just hatred you say? This hatred is even deeper than hell!!\\
cat: that must be the point of view of the strong one here, shinbunsen!\\ of us witches who were casted out in this closed world, our hated is the same thing as our instinct!!\\
kid: does the young witches here really think the same things that you do…?\\ I don’t think they are trapped in such an emotion like hatred\\
eru: if it is about blowing things up, there are a lot of places where you can do it\\
eru: … but it is not like I want to blow up things so much that I cannot stop myself…\\
arisa: it is cute when you destroy a man heart, right?\\
risa: right\\
kid: kim here is a ill-natured woman who lined up lies in and faked crying so many times order to seduce the men around her but,\\
kim: hey\\
kid: now she is a companion who doesn’t have any problem to show me her bare chest\\
kim: you idiot!! Don’t say such misleading things!! This isn’t the first time you do that!!\\
witch: s-she is so young and yet…\\ she is doing such a cute face\\
witch2: something like that is worth at lest another 50 years of prison, right?\\
withc3: a natural born witch…\\
cat: kimual diehl…\\ your shame doesn’t know any limit… plus you did it wuth a shinigami…\\ did you really fall so low…?\\
kid: lend shinbunsen your power!! I beg you!!\\
kid: right now the order is being altered!! We cannot let it break because of the kishin’s madness!!\\
kid: the power of the witches is needed for the ideal world I’m pursuing!!\\
kid: right now out warriors are fighting on the moon!! In order to protect this world!!\\
kid: you are the only one who can save them!!\\
kid: the witches are strong, clever and beautiful!!\\
kid: lend your power to us, we lack experience, I beg you!!\\
cat: nothing will change even if you lower you head!! Our hatred will not go away with just that!!\\
ma: nyamu!!\\
inserted text: did kid’s will move the witches and mabaa-sama!!?\\

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