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Translations: One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128 , Gintama 565 by kewl0210

Naruto 591

Chapter 591: risk

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jun 27, 2012 11:41 | Go to Naruto

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Proofread and translation check by geg

Chapter 591: risk\\
inserted text: itachi’s feelings are left behind to sasuke...\\
inserted text: …a farewell in the light...\\
sasu: I...\\
chio: it seems that I can finally die...\\
mizu: what’s that light?\\ what is going on!?\\
tsuchi: susano-o disappeared... and on top of that, the trash that forms around the edo tensei body is furiously swirling around him.\\
tsuchi: there’s no doubt about it...\\
madara: it seems edo tensei was released.\\
rai: what!!?\\
tsu: we are still searching for kabuto... it happened too fast.\\ not only did someone find him but they stopped the technique... who the hell could have...\\
tsuchi: it doesn’t matter...\\ whoever he is, he’s a hero who protected the shinobi world!\\
tsuchi: it looks like the heavens haven’t abandoned us yet!\\
madara: it seems you have some skilled shinobi on your side as well.\\
madara: It can’t be helped...\\
sfx: gu\\
dan: just as I thought, I can move my body by my own will.\\
sfx: pa\\
dan: you can dissolve the barrier, chouza... it is all right now.\\
chouza: so it seems.\\
chouza: everyone, we don’t need the barrier anymore!\\
ninja: yes sir!\\
dan: chouza... I’m sorry.\\
sfx: suu\\suu\\
chouza: those seals... the spirit transformation technique, right?\\
chouza: I understand... please go as fast as possible on tsunade-sama’s side!\\
dan: …I never thought that this technique that killed a great number of shinobi... would be useful for something like this.\\
dan: reika no jutsu!! (spirit transformation technique)
dan: just as I thought.\\
dan: even the ascending soul left after the release of edo tensei can be controlled by the spirit transformation technique.\\
chouza: but you don’t have a lot of time left.\\ you’d better hurry.\\
dan: yes...\\
dan: see you chouza... and thank you for everything.\\
ninja: i-incredible... he is flying around... as a ghost...\\
ninja: what is the spirit transformation technique...?\\
chouza: it is a technique that turns you into a vengeful spirit, and allows you to cross the distance between you and your opponent and possess and kill them...\\
chouza: normally, that is...\\
tsuchi: he intends to attack us before he fully vanishes!\\
tsuchi: be careful!!\\
madara: katon ryuuen houka no jutsu!!(fire release flame dragon howl)\\
mizu: suiton...\\
mizu: no... I will not make it in time!\\
tsu: guh!\\
mizu: hokage-sama!!\\\\
tsu: I’m all right!!\\
sfx: suuu\\
tsu: the strength of a hundred technique has disappeared!\\
sfx: suu\\
tsu: but... we won...\\
sfx: *jump*\\
tsuchi: oh no-\\
rai: what was that...!?\\
tsuchi: I thought she had completely lost consciousness...\\
tsu: I couldn’t move anymore... so why!?\\
dan: long time no see... it’s me tsunade.\\
dan: dan.\\
tsu: dan...! why are you here!?\\
dan: edo tensei was released... and then I come here flying using the spirit transformation technique.\\
dan: anyway, it was a close one!\\
tsu: dan...\\
dan: you never change... tsunade...\\
tsu: dan...\\ I... always wanted to...\\
dan: there’s no time... we don’t have the time to be sentimental.\\
dan: I have to go now.\\
dan: I want to protect my village and my comrades because I love them.\\
dan: I want to be the one to protect them all... Becoming Hokage is my dream.\\
tsu: dan! since the day you died I always ran away from my feelings for you.\\ but now I have changed!\\
tsu: and now one more time we can talk about your regrets...\\ and the things you wanted to do!\\
tsu: I became hokage! but...\\
dan: thank you, tsunade... you accomplished more than enough of the things I wanted to do.
dan: I make you feel nothing but painful emotions.\\ …I’m sorry...\\
dan: I will wait for you on the other side.\\ but please take your time in going there.\\
sfx: su\\
dan: because you are my dream in the flesh...\\
dan: I was able to protect you at the very end...\\ maybe being brought back by edo tensei isn’t all bad…\\
sfx: suu\\
sfx: suu\\
madara: it seems that your vitality has returned...\\
mada: did you get some chakra?\\
tsu: I met one of my old acquaintances.\\
mizu: madara’s chakra was on the verge of leaving his body, but now it is firmly clinging to it...\\ it came back...?\\
rai: why!?\\ why doesn’t he disappear!?\\
rai: …edo tensei should be released!\\
madara: there is just one risk that comes with this technique.\\
madara: if the person called from the impure world knows the seals...\\ he can cancel the edo tensei summoning contract.\\
madara: if that happens, it is the absolute worst-case scenario.\\ an immortal body... infinite chakra... and he can no longer be controlled or suppressed.\\
tsuchi: impossible...\\
madara: you should tell the one who used this technique...\\
madara: that he shouldn’t use a forbidden technique so carelessly.\\
near him: release!!\\
inserted text: a turning point and then, despair...!!\\

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