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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 481

Battle 481: double date


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 481

Battle 481: double date\\
Side text: the college student Freya makes her appearance after a long time… for some reason it seems that she is enjoying a friendly chat on the phone!!\\
inserted text: They overcame a tough fight, and now they return to their peaceful days after a long time…\\
sfx: *stare*\\
uki: the two of them seem quite intimate.\\
izumi: ah, you are ukita-senpai!!\\
izumi: w-what are you talking about!?\\
izumi: I was just bothered by this stain here and I was wiping it off…!\\
uki: they took a break from school for a while, and then they began to get along even better\\
uki: kenichi…\\
uki: you overcome a lot of trial together!\\
uki: but.\\
uki: I think that you shouldn’t hold back when it comes to the person you like!!\\
uki: do your best, as well!!\\
izumi: y-yes!\\
izumi: could it be that he is a good senpai, despite of his looks?\\
ken: ah, hello ukita-san.\\
uki: hey kenichi, fuurinji.\\ did you see takeda anywhere?\\
take: hi, honey!!\\
ken: this time you will not hug us like you always do…!! Guah!!\\
take: let me hug you!\\
??: au.\\
uki: well, he doesn’t hold back, huh…\\
uki: takeda~~ are you alright about that thing we talked about?\\
take: ah, the double date.\\ why not?\\
near ken: guaah! You are putting too much strength in your left arm\\
miu: d-double date~~!!?\\
miu: who who who is the one you are going to have a double date with!!?\\
take: please stop saying “who” like an echo honey~~~\\
miu: ooh~~~ a date with kisara-san, ukita-san and freya-san?\\ that’s what they call the springtime of life~~~\\
take: Freya and I are just there to stir up things between ukita and kisara~~~\\
miu: ufufufu, I wonder if you really can accomplish that~~~\\
in her hands: triangle\\
take: honey, didn’t your personality change a little?\\
kisa: hey guys…\\
uki: h-hey kisara.\\
kisa: about this Sunday…\\ can shiratori come with us as well?\\
shira: kisara-sama\\
uki: whaa!?\\
kisa: she says…\\ that she cannot leave my side or something like that…\\
take: hahaha~~~ life doesn’t go as one expects, isn’t that right, ukita?\\
ken: that sounds good\\
near miu: triangle\\
ken: I should try to have a real date with miu-san as well\\
on the tag: shirahama\\
saori: a lot of time passed since the last time you were home on Sunday, right, kenichi?\\
ken: my masters let me go home from time to time.\\
near mototsugu: a morning with my son here…\\
saori: in that case let’s make a feast tonight for dinner!\\
ken: ah, it is rare for the phone to ring in this house.\\
honoka: now! Uraaaaaah!\\
mototsugu: I told to my subordinates to not call my home today, and yet…\\
near saori: oh my, dear!!\\
ken: I’m going to answer the phone, dad.\\
ken: hello this is shirahama’s residence\\
ryuuto: hey ken-chan.\\
ryuu: they told me…\\
ryuu: that you saved that girl… fuurinji miu from the hands of the demon fist god, is that right?\\
ken: this voice…\\
ken: ryuuto-kun, asamiya ryuuto-kun!!\\
ryuu: you have keen ears…\\
ryuu: so… is miu safe?\\
ken: yes, there are no after effects of junazard’s brainwashing, she is perfectly fine.\\
ryuu: …\\ I see\\
ken: wait, ryuuto!!\\
ken: I want to meet you!!\\
ken: is that ok with you?\\ I want to meet you and then have a proper talk!\\
ken: …\\ ryuuto!!?\\
ryuu: this evening…\\
ryuu: the place…\\
ryuu: that’s right…\\ let’s meet at the aquarium where your father brought us in that time.\\
honoka: kenichi we were in the middle of a battle.\\
honoka: yeah, you are right honoka.\\
ryuu: were you eavesdropping, Atlantis?\\
rimi: rimi just happened to pass by and heard a voice…\\
rimi: could it be that the one on the other side of the phone was…\\
ryuu: yes, shirahama kenichi from ryouzanpaku.\\
ryuu: in other words a secret talk with the enemy. What will you do? Will you tell that to kensei-sama, Atlantis?\\
rimi: no, I won’t!\\
rimi: that’s impossible, Atlantis is ryuuto-sama’s ally, no matter what happens.\\
ryuu: I see\\
rimi: ah!\\
rimi: rimi will push you.\\
ryuu: no,\\
ryuu: it’s fine.\\
ryuu: incredible!!\\
rimi: aaah… rimi would do anything…\\
rimi: to become the strength of this man, and yet…\\
hono: eh~~~~~?\\
hono: but didn’t you say that you would be all the day home today!!?\\
mototsugu: y-yeah he said that!\\
kaori: oh my.\\
kaori: he said that tonight he has a business he must take care of no matter what.\\
ken: sorry.\\
ken: maybe I will be able to make up things with a friend I had a fight some time ago.\\
moto: honoka, dear, stop being childish!!\\
moto: when a man must act for friendship, that has priority over anything!!\\
saori: ah!\\
moto: go!\\ my son!\\
ken: thanks, father.\\
hono: so boring.\\ maybe I should ask nacchi to come here~~~\\
moto: right honoka, bring that man called “nacchi” here sometimes.\\
hono: eh? Can I?\\
moto: yeah, sure.\\
moto: right, Sebastian?\\
near honoka: brother\\
ken: ryuuto-kun!!\\
ken: I don’t see him since the time he helped me on despair island!!\\
ukita: what the hell is this war intelligence group study thing?\\
kaname: it bothered me so I came…\\
thor: me too.\\
niji: from now on, even if you are martial artists, if you don’t begin to row in this sea made of information, you will not be able to attain true victory!\\
niji: I thought about making you catch a glimpse of my shinpaku alliance’s intelligence division as well!\\
??: what poor excuse!!\\
niji: I will not say that I’m able to totally understand the uncivilized brain of martial artists such as yourselves, but…\\
blonde: ah, hey are you still looking at this site? The general commander will scold you!!\\
flag: but I have to vote for it in the rankings at least once a day!\\
niji: shut up!!\\
box: niijjima’s force. The explanation of this power is omitted.\\
flag: sorry.\\
blond: matsui totally fell for an internet idol lately.\\
niji: who told you to use the net for those things!!?\\
uki: this is not my business but, aren’t you a little too strict?\\
take: let’s me see “today I heard that my so so so much loved R-sama must meet a certain person at the aquarium, I’m so excited”\\ what the hell is this? A new porn site?\\
matsui: y-you are wrong, rimi-chan is, rimi-chan is an angel who flew down on the internet!\\
matsui: she is the fairy of the net idol world~~!!\\
uki: rimi.\\
kisa: rimi?\\
niji: rimi?\\
niji: move!!\\
uki: isn’t she… Atlantis from yomi!!?\\
inserted text: so the one who holds the keys of yomi after all is rimi, the gothic Lolita girl…!?\\

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#1. by eripho ()
Posted on Jul 6, 2012
Thanks, but page 12 is missing...
#2. by aegon-rokudo ()
Posted on Jul 6, 2012

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